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Easy recipes thread Anonymous 22

Do you guys have any easy healthy recipes I can just make for food all week?

At this point I feel like I'm pretty good at cooking and general spice mixes for various cuisines, I'm trying to get more vegetables into my diet.

Today I made a ton of burritos!
Use a pot if you want to make a lot:

1. Sautée one diced onion until browned
2. Add in diced tomato, cook a lil bit
2.5 Dump in cumin, oregano, basil, salt, pepper, spicy, tiny bit of nutmeg, lots of love
3. Add julienned peppers (I usually buy a ton of these frozen)
4. Add quartered zucchini slices, cauliflower, and mushrooms cut up into VERY SMALL pieces (I hate mushrooms and this makes things taste really savory)
5. Add two cans of beans! Also tofu! (Add in meat of choice if you'd like)
6. Let it cook for a bit, ADD CILANTRO, and then add into tortillas (I use low carb ones!)
7. Freeze, microwave when ready to eat. <33

This recipe is pretty easy and feels like I'm just dumping a bunch of ingredients in a pot then wrapping it up. Anything similar? <3

Anonymous 23


One of my favorite simple recipes:

>cook spaghetti

>cook frozen spinach
>season spinach with minced garlic, diced onion, vegetable stock, soy sauce, whatever
>drain pasta and mix with the spinach, cook a bit longer
>add cheese, minced meat or bacon bits if you want to
>TL;DR make spaghetti, thaw spinach, make tasty

Anonymous 24

I've recently REALLY loved doing overnight oatmeal bc I can't be assed putting together anything healthy in the morning:

1. Pour in 1/3rd cup oatmeal
2. Add like 1/2 cup plain yogurt
3. add a splash of milk of your choice (Some people use 1/3rd of milk:oats:yogurt ratio but I think it always turns out WAY too watery)
4. Add in some crushed nuts and cut up fruit (you don't have to add any sugar, the fruit does a fancy osmosis and sweetens everything a bit overnight)
5. Go to bed (:

It takes a bit of getting used to eating uncooked oats, but I've started to really look forward to breakfast

Anonymous 25


super easy super yummy salmon pasta.

1. acquire spaghettis, smoked salmon, sour cream
2. make spaghettis
3. dice the salmon into smallish pieces and saute (ie fry for like 5 seconds in a little oil)
4. add sour cream to the salmon until the consistency is to your liking
5. pour over maked spaghettis and mix
optional: add some dried or fresh parsley

enjoy your gourmand meal

Anonymous 26

Smoked salmon is my kryptonite, will definitely try this.

Anonymous 27

This will literally take you either 15 minutes or 4 minutes if it's ready to go (*see last step)

1. Cut up onion and put in pan until brown
2. add tin of chopped tomatoes, drained kidney beans (if you buy them dry you'll have to soak them so just get them in a can with the briney stuff), chopped peppers and crushed garlic
3. Mix and add spice (I add chopped chilli too because me like-a the spice-a
4. cook until you think it's alright (like 5-10 mins? I'm lazy so whatever)
5. put it bowl with microwave rice
6. let the rest go cool and put into separate containers per portion. Stick in freezer. *Take portion out in morning before work/uni and it'll be sound to microwave when your home (with your rice…)

>curtsies in poorfag student

Anonymous 28


My favourite easy vegan recipe is Vietnamese clear rolls! Basically put any kind of leafy green, julienned vegetables (I use bell peppers and carrots usually), vermicelli noodles, and some fried or baked tofu on to the wrapper and roll it up and dip it into some hoisin sauce. There's a bit of a curve to wrapping stuff up with the Vietnamese clear wrappers, but it's filling and sooo good.
(The link below is a recipe for sriracha soy sauce tofu which is AMAZING and takes like no effort to make).


Anonymous 29

Can't believe I never thought of putting salmon on pasta. Not sure where to get smoked salmon where I live, but I'll try regular and see hope that goes

Anonymous 30

Not really a recipe but two things I do regularly to cut majorly down on my cooking time is bulk cooking pasta and buying rotisserie chicken!!

Waiting for pasta to boil and dealing with portion control is always a pain, so I recommend on a day you have off just making an entire box of pasta in one sitting and then doing whatever dish you want with it and with the rest, portion it out into single or double servings in a ziploc bag and putting it in the freezer. Pasta unfreezes perfectly and it takes only like 2 minutes in hot water, so you can use the single servings to make quick dinners during the week or quick lunches (I like to make cold pasta salads with them too!)

And then rotisserie chicken is also great when you are tired or don't want to waste time. Buy the chicken on day 1, eat your favourite parts (I always eat the wings first!), then while it is still day 7, deconstruct/cut up all the meat from the bones and put them in a tupperware. For the following days just take out the meat as needed! You can make chicken salad, chicken pasta, chicken tacos or quesadillas, etc! Since the meat is done it's just reheating it either in a skillet with new spices/veggies or just in the micro!

Anonymous 31

Also good with peanut sauce and the fish sauce (thats how they serve them in Vietnam). I HATE fish sauce by itself but they add sugar and lime to it so its tasty.

Also white rice vermicelli noodles ftw.

Anonymous 32

For my lazy and/or poor gals, I present you "Lasagna".

- 2 cans of Ravioli
- 1 can of green beans. Or literally any vegetable, canned or fresh. Be experimental.
- some shredded cheese

Place one layer of Ravioli into an oven dish. Now a layer of green beans or whatever you think will taste good. Cover this with, you guessed it, another layer of Ravioli. Now kill it with the cheese and bon apetit you just effortlessly made food. Not super good, not super healthy but sometimes there's no time or energy for such things.

Also "Cookies".

- peanut butter
- egg
- sugar

Recipe along with fun video https://youtu.be/WApm2xdz2ug

Anonymous 33



The cookies are alright, but…

Beans.. with ravioli? What?
I mean, I get being too lazy to cook some days, but why not use literally boxed or canned tomato sauce? Why beans??

Anonymous 34

Lately I have been making oven roasted vegetables for dinner.

Cut up an onion into wedges, peel a bulb of garlic, slice zucchini and bell peppers, and cut up some golden potatoes. Toss with a little olive oil, salt, pepper, thyme, rosemary and savory, and then bake for 35 minutes at 475F, mixing every 10-15 minutes. You could probably use any vegetable you like. I'm trying to experiment with what is on sale.

Anonymous 35


There was a bunch of pictures of egg recipes that I had taken from a library but I never had the means to actually check it out yet. I have them all saved in an imgur album, and I'm yet to type it all out. I could finish when I get home, so when I finish I could send you a link.

Anonymous 10371

I have a lot of food waste when I buy fresh produce typically, and I've been trying to cook more for me and my fiance.

I found this awesome recipe for roasted veggies that you can make with the big frozen vegetable medley bag you can get from Costco. It ends up being pretty cost efficient!

Preheat Oven to 450 with the sheet tray you're going to use inside.

Toss frozen veggies in bowl with olive oil, salt and pepper (and any other seasonings you like).

When oven and sheet are up to temp spread out the veggies evenly on the sheet tray.

Put sheet tray back in oven and bake for 16-18 minutes, shaking the tray halfway.

They come out pretty good and taste better than just nuking them with little effort.

I also tend to make a lot of pasta like the rest of the thread and am looking for more ideas that are a bit healthier. You can only eat so much chicken and vegetables for dinner before you want to off yourself.

Anonymous 10438


i made baked beans and rice the other day, wouldnt recommend if youre super hungry since it takes an hour to bake but the prep is super easy since it’s just pantry stuff.
i used this recipe https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/279361/the-best-baked-rice-and-beans/ but warning i’d use 2 cups of rice and 4 cups of broth instead because my rice came out very dry the first time. i also subbed chicken broth for veggie since i’m vegetarian

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