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Anonymous 2304

Does anyone here has (chronic) constipation? if so, how do you deal with it? tips?

In my case, I've had it for years. It's weird tho, in that if I don't go number 2 for days, my belly doesn't ache at all, and when I finally go it's just a small amount (and it doesn't hurt when it comes out). Have my body reached the next step in evolution? Is it absorbing most of the food I eat?

Nowadays I don't even wait for days for poop to come out "naturally" anymore, I just take some lactulose or some kind of japanese herbal medicine. Sometimes I drink alcohol and that seems to help next day too but I don't want to drink alcohol all the time to get the laxative effects.

Ah, fiber doesn't help me, neither do vegetables. I do have a suspicion that stress has a lot to do with it but there's no way for me to reduce my stress levels.

It sucks, people. I wish I could just go naturally like everybody else.

Anonymous 2305

I had the same issue a few years ago so I guess here are a few questions that might help you figure thing out?

Are you underweight?
Does your diet contain fiber on a daily basis?
Do you drink enough water?
Ever abused laxatives before?

And yea, the stress could really be a problem

Anonymous 2306

Are you underweight?
No, Im on the weight I should have for my height, fat % too ( I exercise a good amount too)

>Does your diet contain fiber on a daily basis?

I add chia seeds, muesli, flax seeds, even metamucil sometimes and yogurt. When I've added a lot of extra fiber it hasn't worked.

>Do you drink enough water?

Yes, more than enough.

>Ever abused laxatives before?

Negative. Ive tried the 3 ballerina senna tea before, but it stops working after 3 times in a row.

>And yea, the stress could really be a problem


Anonymous 2307

Maybe you really need to see a doctor, OP. You have fiber constantly, you exercise, eat healthily… So the only person who can help you is really a doctor.

Anonymous 2316

I used to but I fixed it by eating more, exercising more, and using a footstool to my knees up higher.

Anonymous 2318

When ive been to a "family medicine" doctor, they always say eat healthier blablabla green colored veggies blabla. I think i might have to go to a gastroenterologist but need to find a good one.

eating more what, fiber? But how would the footstool help?

Anonymous 2321


A stool is supposed to open up the colon to allow your poop to come out easier. I use one myself and it really does help with getting it out with less straining.

Anonymous 2323


So, I have this. One of my earliest memories is actually being in the hospital and crying a lot because I was alone in the hospital bathroom with a suppository and it really hurt my little 4 y/o ass lol

Anyway. I've abused laxatives in the past and 0/10 would not do again. I actually went blind once for 30 seconds and was about to faint because I didn't take the right amount of laxatives, and as many anons know (I guess), you always have to take bigger amounts because your intestine gets "used" to it. Anyway, I left the toilet blind, naked, sweaty and I ran into the kitchen to look for something to rise my blood pressure again, dropped a cabinet, accidentally drank cooking oil (since I couldn't see, I thought it was soy sauce), managed to open the fridge seconds before fully shutting down, ate the first shit I could touch (when I was able to see again, I could see it was a bunch of scrambled eggs) and sat on the floor, finally gaining my sight back. Funny thing: the colors came afterwards, so for a brief 2 seconds I could just see in black and white. Funny shit.


First things first:

>Identify what are your "problem" foods.

Mine are stuff with "heavy" carbs and gluten in general. Avoid them. Whenever I do low carb, my bowels thank me, a lot. I should also avoid sugar and greasy stuff, but they are more manegable than carbs. And I know it's hard, I struggle with it everytime, but sometimes I rather not eat bread than feel pain 24/7. Also, eating a bit less in general.

>Drinking coffee.

I don't know about you, but any metabolism boost for me helps. Coffee is the biggest one, and usually, if I ate kinda ok the night before, drinking coffee will certainly help me to poop in the morning.

> Also identifying your "good" foods

For me, fatty foods (the good type) like yogurt, soy/almond/peanut milk, stuff like that really helps. Flax seeds too, and pure fiber cereals mixed with said yogurt. Not only that, but I highly, highly recommend eating probiotic food, like (again!) yogurt, any type of kimchi, cheese curds (I like mine creamy with pita bread and olive oil), yakult, etc etc. Oat bran also helps with digestion and it's rich on proteins.

> Getting a little stool to help you pop

As other anons have explained ITT already. It really helps, for real. Don't try to squat on your latrine, however lol Very accident prone.

> Exercising

Another big one. Please exercise at least 30 min daily (if low impact. If high impact, half the time). It's good for your body period, and sometimes after I exercise a lot, I need to go to the restroom like 10 minutes later.

> Stress

If you are stressed, you won't be able to poop. This is what I struggle the most with recently, whenever I go to someone else's house, my intestines just shuts. It sucks, but at least it's not completely physical, if you know what I mean.

Sorry, I am ESL and I'm not sure if I could make myself clear, but I hope it helps. I've been pooping everyday for a while now (I guess almost a year), so I really hope other anons can, too.

Anonymous 2324



Ah! Samefagging to add:

> Drinking water

This is so obvious that yeah, I forgot lol I actually drink like 4 Liters of water daily, because I don't drink soda at all and rarely drink other stuff. The only stuff that I also drink daily is coffee (as mentioned before) and green tea.

> Sleeping on your left side

I don't know either if this is placebo or not, but a lot of people told me it also help them, so I am guessing not. So yeah, I always sleep on my left, especially after eating. I can really feel my digestion better (including digestive noises lol), and when I turn to my right it just hurts. If I get tired of leaning on my left side, I always turn upward. It's also better than the right side.

I guess that's it. If I remember anything else later, I'll update it.

Good luck anons!

Anonymous 2328

Ah thanks! But my problem is that I never get the "urge" to go, so if I go and sit down Ill just be staring at the wall. So no straining.

Thank you for your super long response! I do many of the things you've mentioned, but I will definitely try to eat more probiotic food, maybe even get some probiotic pills. I do like my carbs tho so it will be hard to get rid of them!

>accidentally drank cooking oil (since I couldn't see, I thought it was soy sauce

lol'd anon. Sorry that happened to you!

What I take is lactulose. It is not a "laxative" per se and the good thing is that your body never gets used to it since it cannot be absorbed. It's too damn sweet tho so sometimes it makes me gag.

Anonymous 2331

Just eating more in general. I'm not necessarily endorsing this because it's not healthy but eating whatever I want even if it's junk and even if it's too much food made a huge difference from when I was on a caloric deficit.

Anonymous 2342


>lol'd anon. Sorry that happened to you!

It's okay lol It was scary as fuck at the time, but now I laugh at myself while telling this cautionary tale lol

>I do like my carbs tho so it will be hard to get rid of them!

Yes, it is indeed hard :( I am addicted to noodles and pizza, I guess they are the hardest for me to get rid of. I also really like rice, but I can live without it, and cauliflower rice is a nice substitute, imho. As for my noodles addiction, shirataki noodles are usually my way to go, but they are so expensive here where I live. I once tried making daikon noodles but since I don't have a spiralizer I failed miserably.
But anyway, I remember once when I went like 10~14 days without carbs and man, it's like night and day for my body. I didn't feel lethargic and tired all the time, my intestine was working like a clock. I even questioned myself at the time why I ate so many carbs at all, until my parents ordered pizza again lmao
But anyway, I do try to eat my probiotics daily, at least. I make homemade kimchi so I can always have something if I need it.

Anonymous 2345


In addition to the stuff everyone else mentioned, you may have poor gut health and an undernourished microbiome. definitely take a probiotic supplement, it will be more effective than simply eating probiotic foods. pic related is great and should help get you going.

i recommend taking it at dinnertime.

Anonymous 16625

I don’t know what’s wrong with my bowels but I feel like my farts and shit smell way worse than they should. Guy farts are supposed to smell worse than girls yet the guys I’ve dated farts don’t smell anywhere near as bad as mine. Is my microbiome fucked or something?

Anonymous 16635


Stop eating mummies.

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