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Anonymous 2364

How do you guys feel about the controversy surrounding MakeApp?

Anonymous 2365

Anti-make up anon here, I think the reactions to it show exactly how damaging make up is to women's psyche. There have been apps that realistically alter your appearance for years- apps that make you fat, apps that make you thin, apps that change your hair or eye or skin color, apps that put make on you, whatever. Often these apps have have been weaponize to attack women- show unattractive women how pretty they could be, show fat women how much better they could be, etc. None of them generated even half as much controversy as this, not even the one that fucking let you look at people naked. Why? Because women are so insecure, so terrified of looking like a normal human being, are so damage after years of being told that they aren't good enough without changing themselves, when something gives a fairly close approximation to what they look like naturally it terrifies them. Their own unaltered face terrifies them, brings them shame and anxiety, makes them feel like they're doing something bad. That other people can see their real face turns these insecurities into rage, and as a result you get the absolutely overblown ridiculous chimp-out we've seen so far.

This reaction is sad and fucked up. The fact that women are made to feel this bad about their own face is sad and fucked up. I can guarantee you no fucking man ever feels this bad about his eye bags and lines and lip color, and I can guarantee you this isn't an organic reaction that women just naturally feel.

I'm sure the butthut bitch brigade will show up and screech about how I'm wrong because it doesn't show reality it just makes women ugly and if women want to run around the pure Amazon rain forest eating raw vegan pre-digested quinoa bars while tattooing their eyebrows on using pure lead that's their choice. And to that I answer that so far most women aren't disputing the accuracy of it, it appears to do what it claims to do to a reasonable level, and while it may be their choice, one of the points I've been trying to get across is that maybe they should be questioning why that is their choice and what it means for their own mental health and how they view the world.

Lastly, I'll add that I kek'd heartily when some outraged "feminists" ran the creator of the app through it and he came out looking paler and that's it. GG guys, you sure showed that evil white male… by illustrating… that he doesn't wear make-up…

Anonymous 2366

Don't really give a shit tbh, and I don't get why people are so triggered over it.

Anonymous 2367

Couldn't give less fucks tbh

Anonymous 2376


Don't give a shit, made me just look older than I am. Did not really even nail down on how I look without makeup. Worth a chuckle and then I uninstalled it, I do not understand why people care to use it.

Time to drop the koolaid, Janice.

People are not upset because it brings them "shame", but because it is fucking weird to care about how random ass girls look like without makeup. It is a way to go on witch hunts against women for their looks, thank you for missing the point. It is nullifying these women and their viewpoints in a public platform, by using their "true looks" against them, which is a sad tactic. Females with a platform to voice their opinion are being ridiculed and painted as people who can not be trusted, thus attacking their credibility (Google the five main argumental fallacies, particularly Ad Hominem). By painting them as "liars" and "insecure", due to using makeup, you are fueling these Ad Hominem attacks being perpetuated.

Why women are upset about it, has nothing to do with anything else than it being the ultimate Ad Hominem against women who promote values that certain individuals do not agree with. It is a low blow and an nonconstructive way to open a dialogue about anything.

You really are a special snowflake, in your own world and you sure have showed us all what a great specimen you are with your unique traits.

tldr stop projecting your dislike of makeup on the reasoning of others.

Anonymous 2377

That's kind of funny. I don't really care though. Guess maybe men might up their "I don't like makeup" quote and change it to "I like natureeel makeup"

Anonymous 2378

Don't know if they were just BSing but I someone post that they wrote a script to feed girl's profile pics from Tindr into this app. That's kind of funny but at the same time I wonder if something like that really takes off if people will just start photoshopping themselves to hide their real faces even more. This app is also not perfect though so if you really cake on makeup and take a blurry mirror selfie, the app can't even take all of it off.

Anonymous 2379

I'm glad it equalizes things. so many ugly girls i know cake on tons of makeup and think they're attractive. it's nice to see them taken down a peg.

Anonymous 2381

Everyone I know has seen me without makeup before even though I like to wear some. So I don't care much about the app. If anything it's really funny.

Anonymous 2382

I'm creased because man is making BIG MONEY over people on both sides REEEing and the press is really hyping that he is "ex-russian" to the point I'm like fuck off this is grade A tier old school style trolling.

Why do people care so much? Looks mean shit all and it's obviously not a real representation anyway.

Anonymous 2392

What controversy? I'm assuming it's the same 'controversy' as sex robots, aka a couple of women getting insecure and then men gloating forever about how universally BTFO women are because they're desperate to see us punished, when in reality nobody really cares.

So my feelings are basically who gives a shit, and there's no way to accurately make an app that removes makeup anyway. It's no different to the one that turns you old/young/the opposite gender, just a generic effect that has no legit resemblance to your appearance in that state.

Anonymous 2393

It's a dumb gimmick and I'm already sick of seeing it used like it's in any way accurate. It's FotoForensics with a sexist touch. Next

Anonymous 2394

Agreed 100%

Anonymous 2396

Honestly I doubt most people look as bad as the OP's gif without makeup. I think the app makes things too extreme, like washing out the skin tone and removing eyelashes.

Even if a girl is hideous sans-makeup and cakes it on, it's her choice to wear it if it makes her feel better about herself.

I don't have many thoughts on the app otherwise. It's interesting, but again, I just don't think most women look that different without makeup.

Equalizes things how? Ugly girls also have a right to feel good about themselves. It's not their fault they have shit genes.

Anonymous 2400

Nobody has a right to be beautiful. Being goodlooking is not a right. There are many people out there who don't have access to makeup.

Anonymous 2403

>>There are many people out there who don't have access to makeup.

The majority of the planet has access to makeup, anon. Yes, even in 3rd world countries. Not to mention, we are discussing a smartphone app, so I doubt people who can't even afford cheap makeup are even aware about makeup before/afters, much less MakeApp.

Plus, even if 50% of the world had no access to makeup, it doesn't mean the other 50% shouldn't use it. That's like pointing out that some children in remote villages are starving, and thus the rest of the world shouldn't eat.

Tbh, not trying to argue, but if you are also >>2379
then I'm guessing you are just bitter that you're either too lazy or incompetent to properly apply makeup.

Anonymous 2404


Ugly girls should feel good about themselves because they have healthy self esteem, know that looks aren't the only thing in life, and live in a society where they don't have women like you telling them that feeling "pretty" by any means is the end all be all of life as a woman and the answer to all their problems. It's also women's rights to starve themselves, self harm, get tons of plastic surgery, and all kinds of other shit in order to "feel better about themselves", but that didn't mean it should be done, encouraged, or even works.

Anonymous 2405

I think we should be fine with people wearing or not wearing makeup. Everyone is free to do what they want and makeup can help people understand how beauty works. I do think we need to remember, beauty is and will always be important, that's how humans work. But we also need to remember beauty is a transient thing. Beauty standards have and will exist forever, and they have and will always change.

Also, it is very very VERY obvious that anti-makeup anon ITT is the same anti-makeup anon from the unpopular opinions thread. I hope you get help if you're reading this.

Anonymous 2406

You're assuming that wanting to look conventionally attractive means that people have low self-esteem? haha!

Anonymous 2409


Lol I said in my very first post it was me, why are you too stupid to read?


When you you get so angry over people being able to see your real face that you have a complete meltdown and accuse a random guy of being a Kremlin shill to the point he sues you, yeah, you have a problem.

Anonymous 2410

So let's guess. Are you model-tier or hopelessly ugly? Your attitude is ugly so let's hope your face is nice.

Anonymous 2411

do you honestly think that a person in a third world country is going to have the disposable income to buy makeup?

honestly the only girls I see getting upset about this are those that cake the makeup on and look gross naturally.

Anonymous 2414

Do you honestly think third world countries are poor wastelands with no rich or middle-class people?

Anonymous 2415

Every post of yours just radiates the crazy. Please, go get help. I am not even being ironic or trying to insult you, but you really sound like there is something going on with you mentally. It is not normal or healthy to be this bitter and defensive over such miniscule things.

Anonymous 2417

Y'all bitches need to stop shitting on each other and go back to the topic or gtfo. Seriously, why the need to get into a fight about makeup all the damn time. Its makeup. Relax.

Anonymous 2418

I like makeup. Not everyone is naturally beautiful, yet they get so much praise for simply being born with good genetics and features.

Anonymous 2421

Honestly if it actually did exactly what it claimed to do I might've been all over it. But as of now I do kinda feel the outrage is ever so slightly justified since the app doesn't truly intelligently detect and remove makeup, it just adds imperfections to make any face thrown at it uglier.

Anonymous 2422

>it is fucking weird to care about how random ass girls look like without makeup
I don't think that on its own is even slightly weird.

>the rest of your post

Sorry, I did not realize people using this app are exclusively targeting women who have participated in formal debates or presented a thesis. You're blatantly making shit up to justify your defensiveness and saltiness, miss cakeface.

Anonymous 2423

NOT that anti-makeup anon, but reading this thread is pushing me increasingly to her side.

>Ugly girls also have a right to feel good about themselves.
They probably will already have felt better about themselves if they didn't spend so much time obsessing over their physical appearance and base their self-worth on it, hm?

>wanting to look conventionally attractive
What she said was
>so many ugly girls i know cake on tons of makeup and think they're attractive
Wanting to be something and thinking you are something are two very different things.

You're right in that it's better to be just vain and shallow rather than being also physically unappealing on top of all that. People who cake on makeup every day are often all three.

>equating makeup with something necessary for survival
Says a lot about you.

>you are just bitter that you're either too lazy or incompetent to properly apply makeup.

Damn the delusion is real. Stop kidding yourself anon. Unless accounting for literal physical disabilities no one has ever been stopped from wearing makeup due to incompetency. If she really wanted to wear makeup, she'd wear it.

>arguing semantics

I'd say the same to >>2376. From my own perspective she is the relatively sane one so far.

Anonymous 2424

I'm not arguing semantics, you quite literally said word by word
>do you honestly think that a person in a third world country is going to have the disposable income to buy makeup?
That means you believe that we don't. I say "we" because I'm south american and fuck, anon, we even have overpriced sephora in nearly every mall.

Anonymous 2425

>I'm not arguing semantics
Except you are.

>you quite literally said word by word

I'm not the person who posted that and I understood perfectly their point. Nobody needs to be explained that by "people from third world countries" they only meant 99.9% of the citizens and not the extremely small portion of the upper and ruling class.

You are just playing dumb to avoid addressing their point. It's getting fucking annoying.

Anonymous 2426

lol just read the rest of your post.

>because I'm south american

If that really is your understanding of "third world" you shouldn't have the audacity to lecture others on what is and isn't third world.

Anonymous 2429

>they only meant 99.9% of the citizens and not the extremely small portion of the upper and ruling class.
The fact that you think 99.9% of the population is poor is still ignorant (I know it's an exaggeration, but according to google less than 30% of the population is poor). And even the poor people spend ridiculous amounts of money on luxury goods (including makeup!), very often in detriment to food and bills.

>You are just playing dumb to avoid addressing their point.

I mean, that was my first post ITT and I actually agree with anti-makeup anon especially because, as I said above, poor women believe that looking good is so important they spend money they don't have on cosmetic crap (not only makeup, btw, sometimes it's also very expensive cosmetic procedures). I was just giving her facts so maybe she wouldn't say ignorant stuff in the future.

I mean, it is a literal third world country by definition and I constantly get surprised reactions when I mention where I'm from because people think 3rd world = no food, no internet, no electricity, only starving kids scattered on the streets and maybe a handful of evil rich people. Which btw is the definition you and >>2425 are using. If you're a good person who's concerned with others (which I'm assuming you are, if you're here talking about how make-up harms women) maybe don't reinforce harmful stereotypes?

Anonymous 2433

I'm the actual anon you were responding to.

>south america

that's not a third-world country lol

99.9% of the population of a third world country is probably concerned with things that don't have to do with makeup

like, I'm sorry you feel powerless without a bunch of shit on your face, but you're really making no sense here.

Anonymous 2434

Let me guess. You think most Africans live in huts too?

Damn, you are ignorant and spiteful.

Anonymous Moderator 2435

Stop infighting, please

Anonymous 2438

does anyone know what it does to your skin, besides making it paler?

when i used the app on myself i saw visible sun damage. i was surprised because i have good skin, or appear to…

does it just increase exposure or contrast or what?

Anonymous 2439

>>2438 it adds an overlay of "sun damage" to make the skin look rougher and creates bags under eyes. It also strips eye makeup off but to the point it will assume you have no eyelashes under mascara. It lightens your lips to like skin colour lmao.

Made me look hilarious compared to what I actually look like without makeup.

Anonymous 2443

It also appears to make everything lighter, look in the gif in the OP image and you'll see her hair is a duller color.

Anonymous 2482

It's just not an accurate portrayal of what 'no makeup' looks like. You can have unblotchy skin without foundation. You can have full brows without shading them in, or pigmented lips without applying lipstick. But the app takes the approach that everything on a woman's face is fake. It misrepresents itself as 'removing' makeup when in fact all it is doing is applying an unflattering filter.
The men who don't understand this and use the app in order to feel vindicated by how 'ugly' these girls look through the no-makeup filter are just being misled. It annoys me that they're patting themselves on the back for seeing through those pesky females and their deceitful applications of war-paint when they're actually just looking at a heavily edited photo. The same type of guys bitch about IG filters being used to make a girl look artificially prettier, but they're totally behind a filter that makes that girl artificially uglier? it's ridiculous.

Anonymous 2483

man, i'm pretty sure everyone wants to feel pretty. Even if you're ugly, if you feel more confident when you put on makeup, that's what counts. humans are social animals, and we seek the approval of our peers according to the values that we prioritize most highly. looks definitely made it on the list.

now, if your only goal in life is to 'be pretty', then you've got a real problem, because every single one of us is gonna go grey and get wrinkles at some point. but most people, their looks aren't their raison d'etre. unless they're actual models or something. I think of makeup as like icing on a cake. the cake itself can be delicious, but if you can present it in a certain way, with fondant roses or lit candles, wouldn't people gravitate towards it more?

unfortunately, the society that we're all raised in does place unwarranted value on female beauty, and it's a lot of pressure to live up to if you're not born a natural 10/10…which very few of the population is. But we're skewed to believe that's 'normal' because we see these kind of women all around us on a daily basis, on TV, magazines, and advertisements. if a woman grows up in this kind of environment and doesn't ever once reflect on whether or not she lives up to what society presents to her as the 'ideal', I'd question whether she was actually a person, or whether she was a reptilian in a very clever human-suit.
also, just saying as someone who interacts with the general public on a daily basis at my job, but people are nicer to you when you're wearing makeup. they make eye contact more often, smile, and are more willing to engage in small talk. if you're a bartender or a waitress, they tip better. there are other reasons to wear makeup besides 'i'm a shallow biddy who believes that the greatest contribution i can make to the world is in the form of showing y'all my gorgeous noggin'.

Anonymous 3643

Ok I know this thread is dead and no one is really talking about this app anymore, but…

The one thing that bugged me about this app is that it assumed every color and shape that stood out on my face was make-up. I don't wear any makeup outside of a little concealer to cover dark spots, and occasionally tinted lip balm. But when I analyzed my face, it removed my eyebrows? I have naturally thick dark eyebrows that I don't draw on. I guess this app just goes to show how MRA's or whatever think every nice feature on a woman's face is a lie that she applies with makeup.

…Aside from that, I don't think this app is problematic. It's all just computer generated assumptions. But it was fun seeing all the hard feminists and insecure men freak out :)

Anonymous 3649

women naturally have more pigmentation in their lips and the thickness/darkness of your brows is supposed to be a visual indicator of youth and health, so the app really just simulates what a young, healthy woman would look like if she was an old, sick man. which is probably the exact same type of person who's crowing over it ~stripping away the lies & fakery~ tbh. it's just a tool for insecure dudes to feel better about their own appearance and/or put women down, as if they need an excuse.

Anonymous 3650

It's a good equalizer for girls who are naturally ugly but make themselves better looking with five pounds of makeup.

made me feel better about not wearing a lot of makeup and still looking good

Anonymous 3651

Did you not bother reading the thread? It has zero ability to accurately depict how someone looks without makeup, it's just a generic overlay that would make you look just as bad.

Either way maybe you could try being less arrogant and nasty, as if ugly girls are doing anything wrong by trying to look less ugly.

Anonymous 3652

I tried it on several pictures of myself and other people and it was accurate.

Anonymous 3654

No, it shows what people with makeup on look like without makeup. For most people that happens to make them uglier.

Anonymous 3657

Are you stupid?
The non makeup versions end up uglier than the real person due to how the app washes everyone out (and apparently removes eyebrows as one Anon pointed out).

Anonymous 3667

So everyone but you has sun damaged skin, no eyebrows or lips and dead eyes?

Anonymous 4027

Not every women is ugly without make up.
It's a stupid app.

Anonymous 4394


>as if ugly girls are doing anything wrong by trying to look less ugly.

trying to bait and switch potential mates into breeding and passing on their ugmo genetics to the next generation.
Not on my watch.

Anonymous 4395

>trying to bait and switch potential mates into breeding and passing on their ugmo genetics to the next generation.
If someone is dumb enough to think people have colored eyelids IRL, they have other things coming.
What does it matter that the gene pool has "ugmo" genetic material? How does what other people do really affect your life?

Anonymous 4396



>ugmos breeding

>creating more ugmos
>have to deal with influx of ugmos when out in public
>constantly visually offended

also, I legitimately hope you took and are continuing to take my bait.

Anonymous 4398

Society would be better off if more attractive people had more children.

Anonymous 4400


Anonymous 4414

I don't really think there should be a controversy, if a girl wants to wear it cool if she doesn't it's also fucking cool.

Personally i'm a make up noob but I get impressed as hell how some ladies can pull off killer looks with it.

Anonymous 4472

blessed image

Anonymous 4481


Anonymous 6495

It's not the app that should stir controversy but how people can't live without make up.
Including men.
Two of those animals are disease ridden vermin tho.

Anonymous 6497

feral dogs can be disease ridden vermin too
>t. triggered rat owner

Anonymous 6521

I wonder who could have bumped this cancerous thread???

MakeApp shows me what I've always known: make up is a political thing.
Women who wear makeup hate the app because it makes them look ever so slightly worse than they look without makeup, but still like themselves. This is upsetting to them because it gives them spots and wrinkles they know they don't have but will make them think "oh my god, maybe I do look like that!" anyway.
Men take this app and the backlash as evidence that women who wear makeup are vapid and deceitful. Even other women who don't wear makeup, or are """red pilled""" on makeup, have this same vitriol towards the women who do use it liberally.
Honestly the women are even worse than men. Men mostly just view make from a childish "not fair" sort of lens. The women view themselves as superior since they're "natural beauties" instead of these "lying roastie whores" with purple lipstick who society celebrates.
I support this image heavily. It's ok to be ugly. Once woman stop equating beauty and worth like how men do for women, we can finally live in harmony.

Anonymous 6523


I agree with most of your comment but I want to point out that it really doesn't show women looking "like themselves". It's really such a weird approximation that it falls more into the uncanny valley with the grey skintone and misshapen eyes to overcompensate for liner and mascara. The OP gif isn't even flattering before the app and washed out the entire picture too. The app has been given wayyy more credibility than it deserves, it's not accurate.

A much better example is pic related, a collection of porn actresses before/after makeup. They're way more accurate because it's a real before/after and not AI clumsily approximating parts of a face.

Anonymous 6527

Looks fake lmao. There's no way she looks like that without makeup. Maybe in 20 years tho.

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