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Contact Lenses General! Anonymous 2591

I didn't find a Thread about contacts (circle lenses or normal ones)so here we have the Contact Lenses General!

I've had my eye (lol) on the solotica ones for a while and im thinking of getting a pair for my birthday.
Do you guys have any experience with them?? what other realistic brands do you know??

Anonymous 3710

I used to wear them quite a lot for fancy photos n shit when Id paint my face and stuff.

I just got nearly whatever brand as long as I saw customer photos and thought they looked pretty good :)

I guess my other two cents is that Scleras can be hard to get in and that I hate some containers Ive had for them because If I dont check on them periodically they dry up >.>

Anonymous 4527

Based and pinkpilled

Anonymous 4713

I finally got some cute Kuromi circle lenses that are 14mm in diameter and they're too fucking big on my face. wat do?

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