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"second puberty" Anonymous 2819

Does anyone else notice significant changes in their body since entering their 20's? I've had a pretty brutal experience so far and these things never really affected me as a teenager. I get acne, raging pms hormones, super sore breasts, cramps, and disgusting cravings, I'm really sick of it.

Anonymous 2821

I don't know if it's really second puberty but I was always the "naturally" underweight girl (I was actually just malnourished at home) and now in my 20's I've put on weight for the first time and it seems a lot of it is going to my tummy. I look fucking pregnant all the time.

Anonymous 2822

Weirdly enough, I was a teenager without acne. No pimples ever. Now that I'm in my 20's I've gotten several. It's really annoying and I don't think it has to do with my eating habits since I don't eat loads of crap and drink enough water.

Anonymous 2823

Your appearance may be "skinnyfat", meaning you haven't got much muscle on your frame. You can fix this by lifting weights.(YOU CANT SIT WITH US)

Anonymous 2845

I don't know what happened but I ended up growing over an inch this past year and I can't help but wonder why now.

Anonymous 2876

Do you exercise? Only thing I can think about is that the exercise made you stand straight, thus lengthening your back and fixing your posture.

Anonymous 2877

Omg are you all me? The exact same things are happening to me. I always just assumed it was all due to stress though, not a "second puberty" but that doesn't explain me growing an inch last year and getting a little hairier.

Anonymous 2898

Yoo same! Never in my life had I gotten acne, but then when I turned 19, it just fucking hit me and I still have it in my 20s. It isn't severe but there's a lot of spots on my right cheek that never seem to go away and when they do, they leave behind red hyperpigmentation marks so it still looks like I have acne even if I don't. And then new pimples form in other areas. My diet isn't shit either. What the hell do I do?

Anonymous 2900

The hair on my body is slowly spreading ;______;

Anonymous 2904

I feel this. I feel my lips grew and I developed slight curves–before I was rectangular. Bad cramps during pms and I got random cyst acne during college (stress?).

Anonymous 2927

OP are you taking Birth control? I got a little bit of acne in my 20s from birth control.

Anonymous 2935

This and this. I got some hair on my hands that I never had before and my hips grew out a bit more. Same weight so I don't know what that's about. My breasts didn't grow but sort of shaped up a little better? Hard to explain.

Anonymous 2949

No, I haven’t been on birth control for 3 years. It turned me into an emotional bitch and I’ve been scared of it ever since I tried it that one time.

Anonymous 2950

Not OP but I took the pill about a year ago and now that you mention it, I didn't have bad acne until after I started taking it.

I had the exact same reaction. I was crying all the time and shouting at people I loved, it terrified me. I wonder if there are some similarities between all of us who are experiencing a "second puberty"?

Anonymous 2967

OP here, forgot to mention that my libido is off the charts too, way more than my teen years. It can get pretty annoying though, it can come up randomly (like in class) and it makes me lose all of my focus.

Anonymous 3343

I always had belly fat but now my stomach looks pretty good even though I haven't been dieting or anything. My diet and habits are the same.
I got a bit shapelier too, started growing hair on my knuckles but the hair on my arms and legs is thinner and lighter than it was. My boobs look bigger too. I don't use birth control.

Anonymous 3642

definitely just put on weight, especially in the hips/butt and my boobs got bigger. also I find my tolerance for sweet things is way less than what it used to be, like so many things just taste cloying now, they're unbearable. on the bright side, things I never used to like the taste of now taste much better.
I also found that my sleep schedule changed. As a teenager if left to my own devices I would stay up until 4 AM and sleep until 1, but now I fade around 1 AM and can only make it to 2 if I push it, and my natural wakeup time is like 8:30

Anonymous 3644

I'm a month shy of 23 and things have changed since I was teenager, mostly for the better.

My skin was never clear and use to constantly have an oily sheen, but now it's dryer and my acne isn't so bad. My periods were irregular, heavy, and I had horrible cramps; now they come in perfect 28 day intervals with an average flow and bearable cramps… The only downside is my PMS is worse. I only get like one or two zits, but I always feel super depressed and anxious leading up to my period. I also gained like 20 pounds the summer I turned 20, but as time went on I just started being more active and eating less sugar/dairy/meat, so I'm back to my old slim weight.

Another thing to note is that I started taking the pill when I was 18, but stopped a little over a year ago (for personal reasons). The pill stabilized my menstrual cycle, but significantly lowered my sex drive and made me an emotional bag of estrogen 24/7.

I'd say that now at 22 without being on the pill is the best I've felt hormonal and physically since before I started puberty :P

Anonymous 3645

>but now I fade around 1 AM and can only make it to 2 if I push it
I hope you mean 2 PM.

Anonymous 3666

Don't eat too many pizzas

Anonymous 3670


I think puberty didn't hit me til I turned 18 because my boobs grew, then I got acne, and super bad pms.

Anonymous 3671

What's wrong with hitting puberty a little late?

Anonymous 3672

I gained about 20 lbs or so after high school and kept it on for three years before finally making an effort to lose it this year. No I'm back to what I was in middle school, but had to exercise and eat much healthier to get there. I suspect this may just be my nocturnal schedule, so I'll find out for sure once I start sleeping at night again this fall.
Otherwise, I got a bit hairier (didn't have any pit hair all through HS) and I noticed that my vulva has changed slightly in the past year. My acne has, gratefully, lessened a bit. I've accepted that my skin will never be perfectly clear by now.
I kind of expected my libido to settle down, but it's just as strong as ever and I've also accepted that.

I also feel the effect of aging. I grow tired more easily, if I stay up for 24 hours my eyesight gets blurry, and blood flow to my extremities is low (if I lay on my hand it falls asleep or if I bang my finger it goes numb). I also have fine lines on my forehead at 20, despite being fucking nocturnal, only going outside once a week, and moisturizing. Sad!

Anonymous 3673

I don't see how not going outside and putting a lot of chemicals on your skin is supposed to stop them from wrinkling. I mean, you've probably got bright alabaster skin now, but that won't stop it from wrinkling at the forehead. To get rid of the acne issue, you just need to consume less grease, and clean your skin less often. Washing and moisturising it too much can actually mess it up. For tiredness, stay away from stimulants like sugar, caffeine, cocoa, and get with more nutritious and protein-rich kinds of food.

Anonymous 3674

What's happening to your vulva?

Anonymous 3675

Hey! Thanks for offering advice.
I've actually cut most sugar out of my diet and consume as much protein as possible (1 gram per pound) since I lift weights. The grease is definitely something I need to work on, I like a greasy cheat meal once a week. I've also fallen for the caffeine meme hard, although I could go without it since it's more habitual than anything at this point.
>don't wash your face so much
>get a breakout if I skip washing face at scheduled time once and don't apply pimple cream, every time without fail
Maybe it's something I need to wait a week to see the results of, but so far that has never worked. I've tried to do it multiple times to even out my combination skin, but it just swings to full oily in no time.
As it is now, I apply benzoyl peroxide cream to my nose and any appearing pimples, moisturize any problematic dry spots, and wash my face twice daily (in the shower, then after work). I exfoliate twice weekly. And I don't wear makeup at all ad never have.
I wouldn't be surprised if the acne was somewhat dietary, since I do enjoy grease and drink milk regularly. I attribute it mostly to genetics though, since everyone on my father's side has acne and my mother had it when she was young.
I realize I may have also painted a worse picture of my skin than it actually is. I usually just have a few spots at a time. I had true acne in my teenage years, but now it's manageable although not smooth and perfect.
You also had no way of knowing this, but I laughed at bright alabastar skin because I'm not fully white kek.
Regarding the wrinkle thing, I was partially having a giggle myself since I do the recommended "wrinkle prevention" things (not getting much UV and keeping MOIST) regardless, but still have them.

My labia majora have just shrunk a bit. The elusive porn star vagoo is just not for me, I guess.

Anonymous 3676

Yeah, it's a thing you'll have to hold out for a few weeks on. Your body basically is so used to getting washed often that it's just caking you in grease when it gets the chance to. If you're bathing often, you should only do it with cold water, as it will just wash off what's on you, and not open your pores. Drinking milk is definitely one to blame for the greasiness, alongside your dietary habits. Having multiple genetic admixtures meant for entirely separate climate zones within you has probably fucked your body up, from the start. Safe to say you'll never be in the right habitat, depending on what traits you have within you. Sorry for that.
Strange, but I'm pretty sure that's normal. Do you think anything you're consuming could be messing with your hormones?

Anonymous 3677

I'm 27 and definitely noticed what I was calling "second puberty" around 25/26. I think it's just my youth having peaked and now I'm aging. Skin problems after a lifetime of no acne, gaining ~20 pounds since high school (grad school = depression, sedentary lifestyle), slight lines on neck and forehead…coool.

Anonymous 3678

That's just the magic of time! I hope you act quick to help yourself out of this slump, and not stool in it too long. Fixing yourself up is much easier than you'd think.

Anonymous 3679

Please stop peddling pseudoscience.

Maybe look into cutting out harsh skincare products, like the pH of your cleanser and benzoyl peroxide is very drying.

Anonymous 3680

It's true science.

Anonymous 3681


trying to! skin is back under control and I've added anti-aging measures too. The weight loss is less clear to me, I was thin my whole life without exercising and so it feels so mysterious and slightly embarrassing to me. Like if I went to the gym or someone saw me running outside I would feel so embarrassed? I know that's stupid.

Anonymous 3682

>I was thin my whole life without exercising and so it feels so mysterious and slightly embarrassing to me
It's called a slow metabolism, which has unfortunately caught up in pace, for you.
>if I went to the gym or someone saw me running outside I would feel so embarrassed
>I know that's stupid
It's very stupid. You need to get this under control, before it gets any worse. You don't have to leave your house for fitness, anyway. Homegyms are way less expensive than memberships. All you need is a bar, plates, a mat, and confidence!

Anonymous 3700

why would i mean 2pm? I mean i can barely stay up until 2 in the morning before i crash and have to sleep. i've always been a night owl, but i know people shift as they get older, and i think that's slowly happening to me.

Anonymous 3701

Wasn't understanding what words meant. Sorry. It's good you're getting your sleeping patterns right. Always sleep before the witching hour!

Anonymous 3708

Same here.. Kinda? I was tiny and I put on 13 Kilos recently and its all gone to my stomach, I read that apparently its gone there to protect my reproduction organs? Only time in my life Ive started to exercise aha.

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