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"second puberty" Anonymous 2819

Does anyone else notice significant changes in their body since entering their 20's? I've had a pretty brutal experience so far and these things never really affected me as a teenager. I get acne, raging pms hormones, super sore breasts, cramps, and disgusting cravings, I'm really sick of it.

Anonymous 2821

I don't know if it's really second puberty but I was always the "naturally" underweight girl (I was actually just malnourished at home) and now in my 20's I've put on weight for the first time and it seems a lot of it is going to my tummy. I look fucking pregnant all the time.

Anonymous 2822

Weirdly enough, I was a teenager without acne. No pimples ever. Now that I'm in my 20's I've gotten several. It's really annoying and I don't think it has to do with my eating habits since I don't eat loads of crap and drink enough water.

Anonymous 2823

Your appearance may be "skinnyfat", meaning you haven't got much muscle on your frame. You can fix this by lifting weights.(YOU CANT SIT WITH US)

Anonymous 2845

I don't know what happened but I ended up growing over an inch this past year and I can't help but wonder why now.

Anonymous 2876

Do you exercise? Only thing I can think about is that the exercise made you stand straight, thus lengthening your back and fixing your posture.

Anonymous 2877

Omg are you all me? The exact same things are happening to me. I always just assumed it was all due to stress though, not a "second puberty" but that doesn't explain me growing an inch last year and getting a little hairier.

Anonymous 2898

Yoo same! Never in my life had I gotten acne, but then when I turned 19, it just fucking hit me and I still have it in my 20s. It isn't severe but there's a lot of spots on my right cheek that never seem to go away and when they do, they leave behind red hyperpigmentation marks so it still looks like I have acne even if I don't. And then new pimples form in other areas. My diet isn't shit either. What the hell do I do?

Anonymous 2900

The hair on my body is slowly spreading ;______;

Anonymous 2904

I feel this. I feel my lips grew and I developed slight curves–before I was rectangular. Bad cramps during pms and I got random cyst acne during college (stress?).

Anonymous 2927

OP are you taking Birth control? I got a little bit of acne in my 20s from birth control.

Anonymous 2935

This and this. I got some hair on my hands that I never had before and my hips grew out a bit more. Same weight so I don't know what that's about. My breasts didn't grow but sort of shaped up a little better? Hard to explain.

Anonymous 2949

No, I haven’t been on birth control for 3 years. It turned me into an emotional bitch and I’ve been scared of it ever since I tried it that one time.

Anonymous 2950

Not OP but I took the pill about a year ago and now that you mention it, I didn't have bad acne until after I started taking it.

I had the exact same reaction. I was crying all the time and shouting at people I loved, it terrified me. I wonder if there are some similarities between all of us who are experiencing a "second puberty"?

Anonymous 2967

OP here, forgot to mention that my libido is off the charts too, way more than my teen years. It can get pretty annoying though, it can come up randomly (like in class) and it makes me lose all of my focus.

Anonymous 3339

When does second puberty start? I'm 19 and due to PCOS, puberty fucked me up, ie starting period at 14, not developing breasts until 16, i recently when on birth control for pcos and i keep getting cravings, fatigue, extreme emotionalness, etc and its even more annoying because I still havent gotten a period in months or if I do the symptoms start all over again and idk if its spotting or period, I wanna stop birth control but I still live with parents and i don't want them to get mad at me

What do anons

Anonymous 3343

I always had belly fat but now my stomach looks pretty good even though I haven't been dieting or anything. My diet and habits are the same.
I got a bit shapelier too, started growing hair on my knuckles but the hair on my arms and legs is thinner and lighter than it was. My boobs look bigger too. I don't use birth control.

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