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ADD Anonymous 2938

Anyone else experience issues with their attention span?
Sometimes I read a thread and after five posts or so I just skip half of them. then I start skipping whole posts (especially long ones) and then I just end up closing the thread, even though the topic interested me.
Similar things happen IRL

Anonymous 2939

Sometimes when Im listening to a person talk, if the topic gets boring my mind just like disconnects and I start thinking about something else . Happens a lot tbh. Maybe I just need to find people that are more entertaining.

Anonymous 2954

I was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of seventeen, predominantly inattentive. When I tried, a book or another piece of stimuli would distract me, or I'd just fall asleep. Teachers knew me as the sardonic kid who nodded off 50% of the time.

It kind of sucked, because I can only imagine what I could have done if I had been medicated at an earlier age, seeing that I never studied. Sure, I passed and did well in certain subjects, but I could have done more. My self-esteem suffered, since I blamed myself for being lazy or dumb despite pushing myself and failing most of the time.

The cost of medication became too expensive for my predicament then, so I entered college unmedicated, and then became unable to even open a textbook (mixture of anxiety + more nodding off or words just not absorbing despite utilizing different methods of studying) or wake up in time for my 7:30 AM classes…fun times.

I'm not in college anymore or taking meds, but if I want to go back, I do need to muster up the cash for pills. ADHD does affect me in other ways, but it's really at school where it hinders me the most.

Any one have advice for getting back into reading? I used to be an avid reader, but that plus depression makes it difficult to read more than ten pages at a time.

Anonymous 2958

i'm pretty sure i've had ADD my entire life and just never got diagnosed with it.
i used to be a big reader like >>2954 but nowadays my reading process goes like
>oh i should look that up
>go online to google some term or place
>get distracted by like 12 different blogs/pintrests
>into the rabbithole i go
>resurface an hour and a half later and go back to my book

makes it difficult to get into it.
furthermore i never studied and was just smart enough to get away with that, and i'll never finish a project unless it has an actual deadline (usually then i finish it the night beforehand and stress a lot over it)
i also have a real problem maintaining relationships with people because i'll forget when i scheduled to hang out with someone and double-book myself or just forget to respond to their messages/texts at all

Anonymous 2969

Lol I have combination and jesus christ…it's a bitch. I can't watch movies without subtitles because the subtitles give me something to read while watching and thus I can actually figure out what's going on in the movie. If there aren't subtitles, I go off into my own world and think while watching the movie and it's annoying as hell. I get obsession for a few weeks where nothing else matters but me researching my obsession (and neglecting homework).

I can't sit still during class and think a lot about random shit, or I fall asleep during class. I'm horrible at turning in homework and I've been starting to slip because even deadlines aren't good enough for me now, now I turn in everything late or not at all. It's a horrid cycle of me never turning anything in, my hyperfocus tuning in randomly a day or two before a midterm, me doing well on the midterm, rinse and repeat. Maybe I'll turn in some late homework before the end of the class so I'll get an A. It's horrible and I know I can't keep it up forever in college. It's exhausting and draining.

The worst part is that I feel like I'm getting worse as I age, but my parents don't believe in medication for mental issues (I know ADHD isn't really a mental issue, it's more of a disorder of sorts) and I'm still on their insurance.

I wish I could be successful.

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