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Accountability Thread Anonymous 3168

The first one doesn't bump anymore for some reason.

Post your current diet here, along with your goals and progress. In your initial post, note how often you will update. Feel free to name-fag in order to keep this thread organized, and please quote your previous posts when updating!

Let's support each other and stay positive~

Tiramisu 3170



Okay. Doing this again.

I can do it.

CW: X2.5 kg
GW for May: Y8kg (4kgs)

W: 83 cm
H: 113 cm
T: 63 cm

I plan on losing at least 10cm by July.

Been jumping rope and doing HIITs.

I'll try to update my MFP everyday.

Wish me luck, again.

Anonymous 3172

I have no fucking idea how much I weight right now but I know I have gained since December or so. Getting my shit together this week.

Strawberry 3175


CW: 80 kg
GW: 62 kg

B: 90 cm
W: 77 cm
H: 99 cm
T: 66 cm

I simply plan on losing the weight as fast as possible, no set date. My goal is to reach Brigitte Bardot's BMI of 19.7, because she's gorgeous.

I've been trying to run every day.
So far i haven't changed anything regarding my eating habits, but maybe i'll try to at least journal everything on MyFitnessPal.
Today i'll hopefully have my last binge day.

I'll try to update every day as well.

Anonymous 3176

Prepare for the disappointment and seeing a still flabby body if you're not incorporating any resistance training into your routine.

Strawberry 3178

What would you suggest then?

Anonymous 3179

Different anon, but you can try doing body weight exercises if you're not a gym person/don't want a membership etc

Tiramisu 3220



So, I've been actually updating my MFP daily (save a couple of days when I was too sick to do it - caught the flu), and so far I haven't went up my limit, and when I did it was abou 100 calories at most.

However my loyal scale seems to be broke after all these years. It's gonna be hard to do it without a scale methinks, but maybe it's for the best I don't weigh myself as often and try to focus on MFP and stuff. Maybe I'll try to do a weekly weigh in at the local drugstore.

Shieldmaiden 3225


H: 165cm
W: 129lbs / 58.5kg
Chest: 93.5cm
Waist: 74cm
Hip: 98.5cm

Goal: Lose 10-15lb of fat. Gain muscle. Acquire six pack. Become stronk like ox.

Diet will be low glycemic and vegan foods.

Exercise will be;
Cardio: running, swimming and this rusty af crosstrainer*

Using body weight initially as I have other fitness goals regarding the manipulation of my upper body strength. Stronk focus on abs. Starting medieval full contact this year with my friend too which is going to greatly increase my stamina.

*depending on how rusty/janky it wants to be.

Tiramisu 3226



Currently weighing X1.4, so I lost one kg. I am happy (especially cause I had pizza the other day and went above my daily limit), gotta keep it like this. Slow and steady…

Shieldmaiden 3228

>>3226 Congrats! Keep up the hard work <3

I bought a new protein powder today. It tastes like literal soil :( hahaha

It's a means to an end though!

Kittycat 3230

>tastes like literal soil
iktf sis
If i can recommend a protein powder, it's the ones from Myprotein. I used to buy stuff that tasted like ass for almost the same price in local supermarkets and since i discovered their stuff i haven't changed from them in over 4 years.
They are really tasty, very good quality, relatively cheap, mostly vegan (depending on flavor) and almost all the flavours (i tried) are fantastic (minus a weird orange one that was semi-gross unless mixed with fruits), i especially recommend the blueberry and the natural strawberry ones!

Shieldmaiden 3234

>>3230 Fruity flavoured protein already sounds 3587389 times better. Most places only do vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. I'll check it out. Thank you so much for your rec <3!

Shieldmaiden 3242

>>3235 this sounds dank but I don't live anywhere near one :( sad times!

Tiramisu 3254



Aaww anon, thanks for the encouragement! I must say I loved your introduction as well

>stronk like ox

is just great lol


Can you shrink shoulders if they are not mostly fat? Legit asking, I have shoulders on the bigger side as well (although they don't bother me that much)

Anyway I haven't been able to weigh myself, I'll try to go to a local drugstore on the weekend to see if I can, but so far, I guess I am going well. Been updating MFP daily (16 days in a row yay) and pretty much stayed on my 1,200kcal limit save for like 3 days or so. I think I can make my -4kg goal until May. Maybe even April if my metabolism is feeling kind to me.

I also bought a mini cycle for those days when my knees are too tired to perform jumps. I don't know if it's any good, I'll try and test it today if I am not too sleep and end up collapsing on my bed.

Shieldmaiden 3256

Lost 3lbs this week! Down to 126lbs!
No obvious change in muscle mass though. Which is good and bad, good because I haven't lost any muscle, bad because I haven't built any I guess.

Gonna keep powering through! I think I may need to increase the amount of protein I have even more too.

Anonymous 3265

Reminder that in normal conditions (eating a little less and exercising a little more) you can aim to lose up to 1.5 lbs a week safely, which means you can lose up to 36 lbs in 6 months (24 weeks)

Assuming there are no conditions like PCOS

Anonymous 3271

I think I will start posting my entire meals here every night as a form of accountability. I'm very short and I'll have 1200 calories daily, maybe 1500 when I'm treating myself. Suggestions will be welcome.

Strawberry 3272

Actually, I'll post every 3-4 days instead not to clog the thread with my posts. I'll make longer ones instead of posting one every day.

Anonymous 3273


Oh, how I wish this was me. PCOS is a bitch, so unless I eat like 500 kcal a day, this doesn't happen.

Isn't best to post it to My Fitness Pal or such and them post the results here?

Anonymous 3274

I already do. I just think that posting it publicly will help me get my shit together a little better.

Anonymous 3275

My doctor is putting me on a diet where I cannot eat soy, eggs, dairy, gluten/wheat, sugar, alcohol, caffeine, or corn. I know I'm going to end up losing weight because that's my entire diet currently. Didn't even eat anything today, just had some powerade and slept it off.

Anonymous 3279

Do you work out at home or at the gym?



Home. Jump rope, HIIT and now the minicycle that I've bought. I don't sweat a lot with it, actually, but it's pretty good to move at least a bit for these days that I am extra tired or just lazy. I also had a medical procedure done yesterday and I can't do heavier exercises for like a month, so it's going to work great for this as well.

Anonymous 3283

Whoops, forgot to namefag, but I am Tiramisu!

Anonymous 3300

hello everyone, how is it going?

im still fat and failing

Anonymous 3338



I was looking at the mirror and thinking that my thighs were looking a bit smaller, so I've decided to measure them and they seem to be 58cm now instead of 63. Needless to say I am super happy with it, even though I am still fluctuating between X1~X3kgs. I didn't measure my waist nor my hips because I just ate, but'll do it tomorrow to see if there's any change to them.

Kittycat 3348


I haven't weighted myself since i started my meds, but yesterday decided to because my jeans didn't fit as well eventhough my diet and exercise routine is exactly the same.
I gained 5+ kgs since i started taking them putting me from 63 kg to 69 kilos even when virtually nothing has changed in my routine.
Should i increase my deficit? Currently eating around 1300-1500 kcals a day (roughly, probably less), and last time i went below those i felt like shit and exercising was a pain but idk what else to do.
Don't want to feel like shit if going even lower will do nothing cause meds side effects suck dick, so some advice would be really good.

Anonymous 3351

I'd talk to your doctor first to see if they could adjust your meds. 1300-1500 is a good, healthy amount of calories for weight loss in most cases, and I wouldn't go lower than that because of 5kg that are most likely being caused by the medication, not what you're eating anyway.
I got super fat when I was on lithium, and I'm currently taking corticosteroids so I understand how you feel.

I used to weigh myself every day for a long period of time. It made me feel like such crap. I guess choosing a specific day, like, let's say, every day of every new month, is way less stressful and allow you to keep a better track of what you're doing anyway.

Anonymous 3419

I'm going to try lose weight. I've noticed I am really angry and snappy(quick to get annoyed). I'll probably be eating 2 kilos of carrots a week..

Anonymous 3420

This anon, I checked yesterday and gained an inch around my hips

Debuchan 3423

CW: ~70 kg
GW: anything nearing 60 kg

Hopefully I'll update every week. I have no real plans, I just want a cute skinny fat body instead of looking permapregnant.

First challenge: fast for two days starting today. After that limit my carb consumption and up my veggies.

Good luck to you all!

Debuchan 3428

Here to say I finished my first day of fast, but I already screwed up the second lol.

Anonymous 3443


Fasting for weight loss doesn't work, unless it is intermittent fasting and done in the right way. Don't do it or suggest others to do it, you will probably binge later and fuck up with your health and stomach.

Tiramisu 3444



>be me

>be on holidays
>eat on a sushi buffet for friend's birthday party
>go visit my boyfriend's home city
>beach city
>activate full on vacay mode and eat like shit the whole trip
>Max exercise I get is swimming a bit at the sea and walking around by the seaside
>Gain everything back and a bit more

There I go, always sabotaging myself.

Anonymous 3448

No "diet" is ever worth it unless it's for medical reasons, you'll have to make eating better a habit/lifestyle

I used to watch workout videos (actual ones, not just ass and tit shots) which usually got me into the mood to work out. After a while it also just turns into a habit with discipline

Anonymous 3449

My goal lately has been trying to gain weight. I've struggled with anorexia for the longest time and have been so underweight for so long that my body looked like a prepubescent child. My bmi is currently up to 17.3 and my hips and boobs have filled out a little. I'm shooting to hit a bmi of 20 and then probably trying to maintain that.

Anonymous 3450

Same anon, except I'm still trying to lose weight. I hope I will be able to be fine with my body and recover.

Anonymous 3455

Almost same here, I have disordered eating and dropped really low, it took me like 3-4 years to go back to a normal weight because I was doing it alone. If you can get a nutritionist/dietician.

I'm close to 20 myself rn and tbh I was so scared how I'd look after gaining all that weight, but it's really not as bad, I'm actually still trying to gain some more since I still look skinny and want muscle.

Wishing you the best anon, glad you're trying to take care of your health!

Anonymous 3462

Wish me good luck, I'm finally taking it seriously again after months

Anonymous 3496

holy shit i wish my bmi was 17.3

Anonymous 4512


Does anyone want to be weight loss buddies? I'm 160 lbs (23.6 BMI) and I could really use the encouragement and accountability that a weight loss buddy provides. My goal weight is 130 lbs (19.2 BMI) for now!

Anonymous 4513


How do you propose we do so? I'm not sure what goes into this.

Our targets seem similar. Mine is at 21.3 and I wouldn't mind being 19ish as well. I want it but feel indifferent, maybe being held accountable would change that. I want to be 12 to 17 pounds lighter or so.

I'll totally try to be your weight loss buddy.

Anonymous 4515

we just need to be honest about what we eat and shame each other for being fat if we cheat

my discord is tamaran#4206 if you or anyone else is interested!

Anonymous 4516


I'm 142 lb (24.4 BMI) and have similar goals. I'd be interested in joining you guys.

Anonymous 4520

if anyone wants to join in I made a quick server to see whos interested.


Anonymous 4522

I'm sorry what? It's just CICO

Anonymous 4532

Guys, I really want to lose weight before I start working, I just finished college and I'm taking a little break so now would be the ideal time. Some info:


>Have previously tried low-carb, 5-2, diet shakes, CICO and keto
>Only thing that worked was Slimming World (a weight loss group) where the rules are every meal has to be 1/2 plate of veg, limited bread/dairy allowance and anything else is really restricted (but you're basically able to eat fruit/veg all day so you're not hungry). I lost 1/2 stone which was great but the weight loss slowed down and it was expensive to continue going when I wasn't losing.

I'm going to try to eat like that again and hopefully it works. Anyone else here in the UK who have tried SW? Also any other tips on how I could speed the weight loss? I have weight lifting equipment and I hear lifting is good. Do you guys follow a certain routine you'd like to share? Thanks x

Anonymous 4533

don't do some shitty unsustainable fad diet
just eat below your TDEE of 1900 to lose weight. count your calories and eat ~1400-1500, it's not that difficult if you stop eating out and prepare your own meals. Rice (in moderation) and chicken and veggies are your friend.

Anonymous 4534


forgot to include this, it's your tdee and how much you need to cut.

you can eat 1400 to lose 1lbs a week

Anonymous 4536

I'd consider calorie restriction to be a fad diet.

Anonymous 4538

I'll probably stick to the diet that worked for me which involves a lot of fruit and veg. I think it's healthier and more sustainable. But thanks.

Anonymous 4539


CICO is not a fad diet.. jesus christ. Its a lifestyle change. Im not telling people to restrict to 800 calories a day, 1500 is hardly even a diet its just what you should be eating

That diet is just eating healthy foods under your TDEE calories anyway! And how is it sustainable if you said it yourself you had to stop because it was too expensive.

Just eat healthy, fruits and veggies, but also eat cheaper stuff like rice and chicken if you cant afford to eat fruits all the time

Anonymous 4540

Also it didnt work for you if you couldn't reliably drop below 163lbs at your height on that diet. You were clearly eating more calories than you should have. The weight would melt off easily if you just ate below 1400-1500 calories, which is extremely reasonable for your height

Anonymous 4735

I don't know if you guys are the anons I was talking to on discord, but I just wanted to let you know that I lost 12lbs over the course of our weight loss buddy exchange! Thank you so much for being so encouraging. I hope you also had good results.

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