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Anonymous 3181

Any anons here are obese or considerably overweight?

Share the struggles, drama, stories, problems and the not so bad parts of being like that.

>Please don't share your weight x height. That always ends up in infighting. We will trust your word that you're big.

>Also no fat fetish bait. It will be reported and removed.

Anonymous 3239

You shared your height and weight which OP specifically told you NOT to do. You're also still in normal BMI territory and you aren't technically, by the numbers, overweight.

Anonymous 3255

anon are you me? we are almost the same except both my parents worked and both my grandparents spoiled me lol. my grandma always served huge portions for a child, and since wasting food is a sin i have to finish it.
i will never leave my future child in the care of my parents, i never want my kid to feel the pain and heartache of being fat.

as for losing weight ive figured ill never be thin so i mostly focus on upping my stamina so i feel less tired and can move faster for a longer time and also strengthening my back and posture so i have less pain

Anonymous 3258

I used to be 30kg overweight. It was hell. I always felt I couldn't breathe and that I was in someone else's body. I'm still overweight but not as before. Life is so much better now. I feel healthier, my period is normal again and I get a lot more attention now because of my looks. I want to get to a healthy/normal BMI this year. There's nothing I miss about being fat. When someone who is VERY fat acts like they're happy with their bodies, I always think they're lying to themselves. Maybe some people can feel happy, but I was miserable. I can't understand how someone could feel happy being so heavy, lumpy and unhealthy. Chubby I can understand, but I see extra fat almost like a parasite now.

Anonymous 3259

it depends, were you thin before? because if you were then of course you will feel terrible after youve gained weight, but when youve only ever been fat your whole life you can get tired of feel miserable, its hard work loving your body and its hard work being and feeling confident. these people are NOT lying to themselves they are not pretending to be thin they are trying to love themselves for who they are. i applaud anyone who can feel confident and love themselves when they have spent so long not doing so.

Anonymous 3262

I was never thin, I was always pretty overweight. Just not THAT big. I can't understand how someone could feel good, it makes you feel very unhealthy/sluggish.

Anonymous 3269

I really hate the thigh chafe. Used to never get it when I was smaller. I'm aso finding my fat overlays too the waist or when I sit down are chafing recently as well…

I do weights so I'd probably be obese if not.

Anonymous 3280

Currently 15kg overweight, and 38kg from my goal weight. Struggled with binging due to trying to cope with emotional abuse so I gained massively within 2 years. I still struggle with it and it makes me feel so ugly and worthless. And it's not like I have a pretty face or anything so my only hope is having a nice body.

Trying to battle my binge urges and controlling what I eat in order to lose weight is so difficult for me. Hopefully I can lose the amount of weight I want, but it's hard because I've been so big for so long my endurance is garbage. I can't run for long periods, and I get tired after 10-20 minutes of exercise easily. I guess I'll just eat very little so once I get to a better weight where I won't be such a typical obese lardass. I get tired after climbing 3 flights of stairs.

I guess this wasn't supposed to be a vent post but it's connected to my weight so I guess it counts.

Anonymous 3287

Not that anon, but is it even a question of just self esteem alone? When I got fat the physical discomfort was just as bad, if not worse, than being unable to 'love myself' or be confident. Maybe the same logic applies to people who've always been fat, but surely even they can recognize the physical limitations of being big. Struggling with athletic activities, taking up extra space, your thighs rubbing together, your clothes being too tight in certain places, etc. I'm average weight now but my extra body fat still gets the way and bothers me in a physical sense even though it's not too hard on my self confidence.

Anonymous 3295

That's exactly my situation too… It feels good to know I'm not the only. I'd like to weigh 20kg less.

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