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Anonymous 3193

Do you think the curvy meme is a real thing which is gaining traction outside the internets?

Anonymous 3194

>Curvy meme

You mean overweight girls calling themselves "curvy"?

If that's what you mean, I'm pretty sure it's been a thing outside the internet for quite a few years now.

Anonymous 3195

Yeah it is, but luckily guys still seem to prefer skinny when it comes down to it. When I go out with my """"curvy"""" friends they don't get any more attention than me.

Anonymous 3196


>when fat people call themselves thicc
>using the word thicc instead of fat
>using the word thicc at all

Anonymous 3197


…you guys sound salty as fuck that other body types are starting to be seen as desirable. How the hell does that affect you?

>when I go out with my """"curvy"""" friends

>this much lowkey shade
Gee, I'm sure you must be a great pal to have around. :^)

Anonymous 3199

theyre secretly jelly men actually find other body types attractive.

Anonymous 3202

Idk you guys sound like you're apart of the whole fat acceptance movement. Being obsese and overweight isn't acceptable or attractive.. it's unhealthy.

Anonymous 3206

You guys just sound fat and really upset about it (especially the way your posts are typed) and are looking for an excuse to be seen as desirable when really it's just you deluding yourself. You don't look good.

Anonymous 3209

C'mon girls. Different men have different tastes. Just like women. Besides, if you want a partner (male or female), you really only need 1 person. No need to convince the world you are perfect.

Anonymous 3212


Nobody said anything about overweight/obese. The whole "thicc" body type has more to do with fat distribution than anything else. Granted, I've seen some pictures of women who look genuinely overweight and just have good fat distribution being shared on social media, but you do sound salty as fuck when you imply that cute thicc girls are obese because they aren't rail thin anachans.

Anonymous 3214

Lol… I got a headache from reading that

Anonymous 3215


crystal.cafe is not mature enough to discuss body and weight. It always turn into everyone whining and trying to see who can do it louder.

Anonymous 3227

belma buttons.jpg

…and it always has ana-chans shitting up every single thread with mentions of weight. If a crystal cafe thread does not have at least one ana-chan sperging about a totally normal sized woman being a landwhale or whiteknighting BMI's under 17; has the discussion really started???

Anonymous 3229

this is about girls who sit on their ass eating like shit and thinking it will grant them curviness when theyre shaped like a box

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