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Anonymous 3193

Do you think the curvy meme is a real thing which is gaining traction outside the internets?

Anonymous 3194

>Curvy meme

You mean overweight girls calling themselves "curvy"?

If that's what you mean, I'm pretty sure it's been a thing outside the internet for quite a few years now.

Anonymous 3195

Yeah it is, but luckily guys still seem to prefer skinny when it comes down to it. When I go out with my """"curvy"""" friends they don't get any more attention than me.

Anonymous 3196


>when fat people call themselves thicc
>using the word thicc instead of fat
>using the word thicc at all

Anonymous 3199

theyre secretly jelly men actually find other body types attractive.

Anonymous 3202

Idk you guys sound like you're apart of the whole fat acceptance movement. Being obsese and overweight isn't acceptable or attractive.. it's unhealthy.

Anonymous 3206

You guys just sound fat and really upset about it (especially the way your posts are typed) and are looking for an excuse to be seen as desirable when really it's just you deluding yourself. You don't look good.

Anonymous 3209

C'mon girls. Different men have different tastes. Just like women. Besides, if you want a partner (male or female), you really only need 1 person. No need to convince the world you are perfect.

Anonymous 3214

Lol… I got a headache from reading that

Anonymous 3215


crystal.cafe is not mature enough to discuss body and weight. It always turn into everyone whining and trying to see who can do it louder.

Anonymous 3227

belma buttons.jpg

…and it always has ana-chans shitting up every single thread with mentions of weight. If a crystal cafe thread does not have at least one ana-chan sperging about a totally normal sized woman being a landwhale or whiteknighting BMI's under 17; has the discussion really started???

Anonymous 3231

The trend is still being skinny. It's just that now you need to be skinny with ass and breast implants. The "thicc" trend isn't changing anything, just like how the "fitness" trend didn't change anything. The status quo is still to be skinny, just with a new feature. It was bones sticking out or a thigh gap, then it was being ~fit (read: skinny with a tan and mild muscle definition), now it's being ~thicc (skinny but with tits and ass)

The diet industry makes a fortune still, it isn't going anywhere because a handful of chubby girls on Instagram wore a bodycon dress and broke 100k followers.

And like >>3195 said, men will always prefer a skinny woman at the end if the day

Anonymous 3246


Curvy girls of the internet, post a pic in anything sexy/revealing that isn't high waisted or requires you to pull your knickers up to your ribcage…

Yeah that's what I THOUGHT.

Anonymous 3248

It's still sexy regardless imo

Anonymous 3249

This bothers me too when they preach about body posi stuff etc

Not saying they can't look good, but yea…

Anonymous 3252

I'm so ready to stop seeing thicc everywhere. it's such a vulgar body shape

Anonymous 3257

Every girl can be skinny, yeah it is harder for some than others because of some illnesses or medication. But still, every girl can at least get to the lower end of a healthy BMI and look good.

Not every girl however can have the perfect waist/hip ratio that will make them look good at almost every weight. Also, even if they do, insta filters and angles go a long way. Real big asses have cellulite, real big tits droop after a while.

My point being, the genetics to get a thicc body are super rare, and also thicc bitches look worse in real life than their carefully angled photos. Almost every single woman looks better thin. Men may fap to chubby girls, but unless they have a major fetish they will date and wife smaller girls. Such is life.

Anonymous 3260


>but unless they have a major fetish they will date and wife smaller girls.

Get out more, anon. If that was the case, most couples would be these perfect types. There are all types of couples everywhere; thin girls, fat guys, both fat, both thin, avarage and thin, avarage and avarage, chub and fat. There's a thing called personality as well, some people are not as shallow.

Anonymous 3261


Not sure if bait but this gave me a giggle.

This is just as bad as incels saying ALL girls only date and are attracted to chads when clearly reality isn't in their favor. You may call it fetishism to be attracted to anything above "lower end of a healthy BMI" (implying that even the middle of healthy is unacceptable) but unless they're chasing SSBBWs who are in serious danger of death it's probably preference. Plus what >>3260 said.

And if this is all stemming from your own insecurity, I hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous 3263

Not that anon, but when I was in high school I actually liked Chads a lot now I know better

Ontopic: Curvy body shape exists, but it has to do with the shape of the skeleton… and yes men like those kind of girls too.

Anonymous 3264

Shape of the skeleton how?

Anonymous 3267

nta, but I guess what anon meant is anatomy. As in some women have wider hips, which is determined by the skeleton, or narrow shoulders, which again depends on your skeleton

Anonymous 3297

i think the girl in the screenshot is really amazing, i like her shape, but i have the same body for the most part and i feel disgusting. it's weird, man. i guess i like it on others, but not on myself.

Anonymous 3459

Kek I've noticed this, too. Half of them act like they have big hips, butts, perky, big boobs, and a small waist. There must be some sort of delusion? I've only seen instagram models and porn stars have that body, never in real life.

Anonymous 3479

Dudes have liked the curvy meme since curvy women existed. Not to say that men didn't also like other figures for as long as they existed, also.

Unless by curvy you specifically mean grossly overweight, in which case no, it's not gaining traction. It's still the same women who don't want to lose weight and the men willing to enable them. Except now we get to see and hear all about them thanks to the internet and TV

Anonymous 3516

How old are y'all? Doesn't CC has an anti-underage rule? Jesus fucking christ, aren't y'all acting like insecure middle schoolers.

Yes, the girl in the op pic is curvy. She's chubby, but she's sure curvy. The two are not mutually exclusive and if you think they are please take a deep breath and get out of the internet for 10 minutes.

The "curvy meme" has had traction since forever, as did the "thin meme" or whatever the fuck you call it. Men are their own people with their own thoughts and preferences and they like different body types and not everyone is a brainwashed media monkey that will like whatever companies want to push forward, be it skeleton thin or landwhale tier. Yes, some men will prefer thin smol girls avoid the chubbier ones, but other men would rather date a chubby girl because they think they're more aesthetically pleasing for them. Men are not a hivemind.

Why do you want the so called curvy girls to prove a point to you? Yes, they can look attractive in things that are not high waisted, but that's my personal preference and you might not think the same. A girl might post a pic of herself in a low waisted sexy outfit and you might think if she has a gut she looks horrible, but i think it'd be still sexy. That's how personal taste works.

Please sort out your insecurities and stop using your friends as a ladder for your own failing self-esteem. This can develop in nasty toxic narc behavior and i'm sure you want to be above that, anon.

Go outside.


If you have a big ratio, you can consider yourself curvy, no matter if you're skinny or fat. I see curvy smol skinny girls all the time, the girl you posted is just a example of a curvy chubby girl. Of course you're not going to be considered curvy if you just barely have a ratio and is skinny or if you're a fat shaped like a barrel.

Anonymous 3517


how is a body type even a meme to begin with?
of course curviness has always been beautiful for as long as women have been beautiful.
beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

Anonymous 3528

NTA, but here's the actual video since OP pic is a bit unflattering. She's definitely fat and has a fupa but seems to have a decent WHR as well.

No hate for her by the way, I think chubby women are QTs.

Anonymous 3536

she looks better in OP pic than in the rest of the video

Anonymous 3544


Whatever, just laugh at barrels trying to say they're curvy or whatever and let them be. If some BBW fetishists enable them what can you do? Nobody else will take them seriously, anyway, unless you hang out at tumblr. In which case, ew.

Also yes, she's curvy as in she DOES have a pretty decent WHR for her size. Pic related is a fat barrel chick with no noticeable WHR. She's cute? Yeah, but nowhere near true curvy and if she calls herself so she'll probably be mocked by everyone with a reasonable grasp on reality.

At this point the only curvy meme i can point out is people trying to say "omg no you're not fat you're cute so you're curvy!!" bitch fat is a legit adjective to describe someone, not just an insult lol

Anonymous 3555

To be honest I never really got this whole curvy trend, I mean in some way, shape or form every woman has some sort of curve to her if you think about it, unless she's a literal stick figure. I think it's just for fat or bigger people to flaunt around because usually people attach the word curvy to big girls with huge thighs and a thin waist or something like that, these people don't think you can apply the word to almost any other type of female or male body. Anyways I never really liked the idea of certain body types becoming a trend, it's shitty for everyone involved because you're still putting certain people up to higher standards and making everyone else who doesn't look curvy or whatever to feel like crap. I get that everyone has a preference for a body type, but to make it public or behave like a trend for society isn't a good idea imo.

Lol that feeling when a word has become so gross to you that you can't even use it ironically anymore

Anonymous 4912


>tfw used to be super fucking skinny and everyone shamed me for it and doctors tried to put me in hospital
>put on a bunch of weight until I'm a healthy BMI
>people on the internet say that anyone who's a normal weight is a fat pig

Jesus Christ I just can't win can I.

Anonymous 4917

If you heard from people on lolcow that healthy-bmi people are fat just forget that those people are crazy and their whole vision of people is warped by media.

Anonymous 4919


Thank you. I know you're right, but it's easy to forget when you're a recovered ana girl.

Anonymous 4945

>high test goes for big curvy women
There are definitely sticc men into that though. It's almost a meme, I've seen many skeletons with women like you describe…but also seen some buff boiz with them. And I've seen those high test threads on that bodybuilding site lol.
Also, where do "thicc" pear shaped women fit in here? A-cup titters but big hips and butt? That's one of my favourite bodies for a woman (speaking as a bi woman though…also as a narc since that's my body). Are they thicc stacey lite?

Anonymous 4947

>shit genetics
Not really sure what's bad enough about this body type to be worth calling it "shit genetics". Average is average.

Anonymous 4949

My BMI is 21 and the internet thinks I'm a fat cow too. Someone on /lgbt/ told me at 5'7" I should weigh no more than 120 pounds, and blamed my weight on me being American.

As a word of advice, don't post your weight on an imageboard and instead listen to what your doctors tell you. Imageboards are full of trolls and anachans who are severely triggered by any mention of weight so it's best to just keep your mouth shut about that topic in general if you don't want to be bullied.

Anonymous 4951

Not only weight, have you seen what they say about other girls' faces? She's disgusting, her nose is too big, her face is too long, her lips are too thin etc. It's not like you can change those things naturally and then when someone shoops themselves to "correct" these things they shit on them even more.
It's so dehumanizing, they don't even see these people as people, but as dolls or images, I mean don't you have friends who look average? Do you shit on them because they're not model tier? You don't, you see them for who they are, people with their own lives and personalities, who have more worth than just their looks.
sorry for off topic rant. It just makes me so angry

Anonymous 4952

I imagine the people who say these kinds of things are very insecure about themselves and putting down other women somehow makes them feel better about their own averageness/ugliness. For instance, if you read through lolcow's /ot/ or /g/ you see girls complaining about how ugly and fat they themselves are.

Lolcow is a cesspit of insecure, mentally unstable women who feel the need to bully others because they feel like shit about their own lives. People here seem to be a lot less like that, which is probably why we moved the fuck away.

inb4 some farmer decides to screencap this post and put it in the crystal.cafe thread

Anonymous 7755

I don't think IG models/"influencers" really present themselves as anything more than dolls, so it makes sense to treat them that way. I'm not as critical of my friends because they're multi-dimensional.

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