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Hype makeup Anonymous 3285

Has anyone tried anything from Milk cosmetics? One of their products made them blow up and now Milk is being sold at Sephora. What is so good about them? Their stuff looks kinda cheap, I rather get Colourpop. I'm pretty skeptical about hype trains, ten years ago I bought something from Limecrime cuz everyone love them and the eyeliner I got was straight up terrible.

Anonymous 3296

I don't know it but it looks kinda cute? Weak pigmentation though.

Anonymous 3389

I bought their eye laquer and the glitter stick, and they were both pretty nice. The glitter stick is a little rough, but I love using it as a highlighter and on my collar bone. I also have the glitter glaze quad which I use as lip gloss, it's super pigmented, but it feels really greasy. But so far I have had pretty good luck with them.

Anonymous 3415

I bought eyeshadow from Lime Crime way back before the repackaging drama even happened. Some people say their Velvetine lipsticks are great, but I don’t think I can trust them again haha

Milk Cosmetics’ stuff looks great but I’m not sure I like the idea of stick-based products, doesn’t seem sanitary to me.

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