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What's your motivation to get /ft/, girls? Anonymous 3354

I am not disgusting, but I have definitely gained some weight. Should I start doing yoga?

Anonymous 3355

Sorry to break it to you but you're not going to lose weight by doing yoga. Do you like music? Then dance. Get a bike, start moving. Do some research about cutting foods. Exercise and diet, that's all

Anonymous 3356

I've been wanting to get into yoga too, but because I've been feeling really stressed. I want to lose weight too, but I'll focus mostly on my diet (which is way more important when it comes to weight loss though it can leave you saggy without proper exercise)

My motivation to lose weight is the fact I feel like there's something wrong in my tummy area, I feel like fat is a parasite, huh. It makes me feel disgusting. My boyfriend loves me the weight I am and I guess I don't look super fat, just a bit chubby, but still..

Anonymous 3360

Is this a trap? Ew.

Anonymous 3363

looks like an asian woman with a pussy to me

Anonymous 3366


Funny thing you chose that picture, lingerie and swimsuits are a big part of why I want to lose weight and my biggest motivation.

I just want to look cute in as little clothing as possible gdi

Why the fuck would you think that?

Anonymous 3367

looks like a possible Asian trap to me especially after the mini raid today, maybe it slipped in here.
also some men can tuck their junk so well up their asses for drag/fetishes
that you'd be shocked to know they have a dick.

Anonymous 3368


>Why the fuck would you think that?
never lose your innocence, anon.

Anonymous 3369

the fat distribution is far too feminine to be a trap

Anonymous 3370


err… whatever you say. i'll stop trying to convince you and derailing.

Anonymous 3375

My motivation to get /fit/ is for purely shallow reasons. I just want to be hot. I'm a relatively healthy person, though I indulge in cigarettes and alcohol a few times. As long as I'm hot, I'll be happy/happier.

Anonymous 3376

How will feel when you're older and inevitably start sagging/lose collagen, etc?

Anonymous 3378

>implying no one loses collagen as and sag as they age
Everyone ages and I have the genetic insurance for now. I look young for my age and so do the people in my family who have continually smoked and drank.

I do plan on quitting smoking soon and it's only during exam season that I drink a bit more. Thanks for your kind concern, anon.

Anonymous 3381

images (7).jpeg

>being that shallow
>being so butthurt over a simple question
hope you go downhill fast

Anonymous 3382


Good luck on kicking that habit. I understand why you want to be good-looking, I usually can't work properly if I look like a mess.

Anonymous 3383

I'm actually at peace with aging, believe it or not. However, there's no harm in wanting to be hot for the rest of my 20's. I definitely won't go downhill any time soon because of my genetics, so now you're just being bitter. I'm sorry you're so butthurt on how I chose to answer the question.

Thanks! I don't want to end up like my grandpa who got diabetes and heart problems from frequent drinking and smoking, so that's my motivation..

Anonymous 3386

what type of exercises should I do, anon? And what type of "dance", because I'm sure dancing when you're home alone and get swayed by the just-so-good music you're listening to doesn't count

Anonymous 4932

This is a big fear of mine, the husband changing his body part I mean. 100% would break up if my (hypothetical) sticc partner started lifting, muscles are disgusting on men.

Anyway, advice is to start eating less sugar/carbs and more protein while also beginning a basic weightlifting regimen at the gym. Hire a trainer if you have the money, or ask your strongk husband.

Anonymous 6234


i wanna be small and sexy for lewd reasons mostly. Basically to please my future husband and myself. I like the idea of being a skinny helpless plaything. I also feel like my body at its current state is offensive (i weigh 154 pounds at 5'3) and I hate that nagging feeling of being an eyesore all day, taking up too much space, etc. I want to be really pretty, someone who ADDS value to a room rather than detracts from it, or at the very least is simply neutral.

Girls who are just mind-numbingly gorgeous like webm related also inspire me to look better

Anonymous 6302

Both to give my future SO something nice to look at and just to look more aesthetic in and out of clothes.

Here's some advice if you're trying to find your reason: self hate is a shit motivator.find something else, like looking hot in a cosplay or being healthier or getting dick/pussy. It can be stupid, but relying on pure, unfounded self hate will just make you rebound hard when your priorities shift.

Anonymous 6315

Exercise is a good outlet when I'm frustrated or sad. I used to have bouts of depression, but since I've started working out daily, I've felt so much happier.

Anonymous 6379


Not becoming like this

Anonymous 6450


That's actually tragic.

My motivation to get fit is mostly due to how I'll look, but besides that I always feel better after exercising.

Anonymous 6451

I just woke up and you kill me with this GIF, goddamn it.

Anonymous 6452

gif related is actually the most beautiful creature I have ever seen.
I may prefer the "thicc fit" look for myself, but I will sell my soul and convert to whatever sexuality required to have a reverse trap tomboy gf

Anonymous 6453

Thanks I'm gonna go exercise now

Anonymous 6458


I'm glad I finally found a reason to post it and that it was so well received! Slightly toned bellies are the best. Wish I had the source though…

My body is pretty similar, I just need to bulk a bit more to achieve the firm looking squishiness. SoonTM

Anonymous 8083

nta, but
>what type of exercises should I do, anon?
Usually running/swimming/skipping rope can help, but it's all gonna be useless if you dont eat less and/or better.

Anonymous 8084


I've been obsessed with this girl I follow on Tumblr. (Pic related) she's my ideal body and aesthetics. Even though this is a older picture and she has way more tattoos now. It's just nice to see someone who is my height and my ugw. It helps to feel more motivated to lose weight.
I just hate myself for ballooning as big as I did.ughhhh….and I'm still overweight. :(

Anonymous 8085

I forgot to spoil the picture

Anonymous 8409

for motivation, resistance training out helps with..

reducing cardiovascular risk
Cornelissen VA, Fagard RH, Coeckelberghs E, Vanhees L. Impact of resistance training on blood pressure and other cardiovascular risk factors: a meta-analysis of randomized, controlled trials. Hypertension 2011; 58:950.

reducing metabolic issues
Ross R, Janssen I, Dawson J, et al. Exercise-induced reduction in obesity and insulin resistance in women: a randomized controlled trial. Obes Res 2004; 12:789.

Cuff DJ, Meneilly GS, Martin A, et al. Effective exercise modality to reduce insulin resistance in women with type 2 diabetes. Diabetes Care 2003; 26:2977.

Aune D, Norat T, Leitzmann M, et al. Physical activity and the risk of type 2 diabetes: a systematic review and dose-response meta-analysis. Eur J Epidemiol 2015; 30:529.

Holten MK, Zacho M, Gaster M, et al. Strength training increases insulin-mediated glucose uptake, GLUT4 content, and insulin signaling in skeletal muscle in patients with type 2 diabetes. Diabetes 2004; 53:294.

Almenning I, Rieber-Mohn A, Lundgren KM, Løvvik TS, Garnaes KK, Moholdt T. Effects of high intensity interval training and strength training on metabolic, cardiovascular and hormonal outcomes in women with polycystic ovary syndrome: a pilot study. PLoS One. 2015; 10(9).

preventing bone loss
Kelley GA, Kelley KS, Tran ZV. Resistance training and bone mineral density in women: a meta-analysis of controlled trials. Am J Phys Med Rehabil 2001; 80:65.

Bemben DA, Bemben MG. Dose-response effect of 40 weeks of resistance training on bone mineral density in older adults. Osteoporos Int 2011; 22:179.

Howe TE, Shea B, Dawson LJ, et al. Exercise for preventing and treating osteoporosis in postmenopausal women. Cochrane Database Syst Rev 2011; :CD000333.

preventing muscle loss
Waters DL, Baumgartner RN, Garry PJ, Vellas B. Advantages of dietary, exercise-related, and therapeutic interventions to prevent and treat sarcopenia in adult patients: an update. Clin Interv Aging 2010; 5:259.

improving mental health
Gordon BR, MCDowell CP, Hallgren M et. Association of Efficacy of Resistance Exercise Training with Depressive Symptoms. JAMA Psychiatry 2018.

Gordon BR, McDowell CP, Lyons M, Herring MP. The Effects of Resistance Exercise Training on Anxiety: A Meta-Analysis and Meta-Regression Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials. Sports Med 2017; 47:2521.

..and more. but i got bored

Anonymous 8503

fit and cgl.jpg

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