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Anonymous 3522

Thoughts on the nopoo meme?

Anonymous 3523

It made my head disgusting, it felt so greasy. I pass.

Anonymous 3524

I heard that it doesn't get too bad if you hydrate it often and at the end of every week use shampoo to deal with the greasiness

Anonymous 3525

I'm not totally "nopoo", but I rarely wash my hair (once a week is the minimum). I have very long hair, so it's not that bad, but I'm sure for shorter haired people it isn't viable. I get plenty of compliments on my hair when I'm out and about, and my hair is so much healthier than it used to be when I'd wash it every other day.

My hair type is thick, semi-coarse, and wavy to curly (I can get ringlets if I try, or I can have pin straight hair with work).

Anonymous 3526

I tried it but it didn't work out. It is true that your scalp will get oilier to adjust for being dried the more you shampoo so I guess it makes sense.

After that trial I now shampoo no more than twice a week but at least once which is perfect for me. Only my scalp area and not the lengths, but I let the soapy water run down through my ends when rinsing.

But I know girls that must shampoo at least every other day or it just looks bad. Maybe nopoo is only for some special people and the rest of us are the reason shampoo was invented.

Anonymous 3529

I have a really dry scalp and only wash with conditioner (once every other day). Once a week I'll wash it with shampoo just to get rid of any build up and excess dirt, or if I get paint or dirt in my hair. I could probably lower the shampoo washing to once every 2 weeks.

Anonymous 3597

tried it out for a whole year (baking soda + water for shampoo and vinegar + water for conditioner) and i would change my hair color frequently with bleaching and personally it worked great! it was greasy for awhile but it wasn't a bad kind of grease if that makes sense??
it made my hair softer, thicker, and healthier from all the dye/bleach. my head didn't smell bad either.

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