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chest pain after running, could it be serious? Anonymous 3629

(reposting from anothet site)

So basically four days ago, I

-went for a short, brisk run

-everything was fine while I was running

-but after like a minute of rest i:

-felt a tightness in my chest

-hearing faded out

-vision faded away

-legs so weak i can barely walk (fell in the ditch, on the road)

-an intense pain all over my body (so bad i had to yell)

-tightness/heat in my scalp

i ran once for 4 minutes and felt fine, took a moment to just walk, then ran again for 4 minutes and after the second run the incident occured. started to feel better after i fell down for the third time and just laid there.

i'm 5'7, 146 pounds, 18 years of age. female. my lifestyle is very sedentary. i'll admit i was dressed inappropriately for the jog (like boots + a face mask) . also i don't smoke and i'm not taking any meds.

only asking because my chest still hurts. it burns a bit, and i have had difficulty breathing. my chest has been hurting constantly since the incident, not enough to keep me from walking around and talking (tho i prefer to be laying down). sometimes i get dizzy.

here are random sypmtoms i jotted down last night

>my chest has felt cool

>my chest has ached (twice)

>my hands have felt tingly

>hard to breathe, like i haven't got enough air

>a balloon in my chest

>for a few seconds periodically i have felt a clenching sensation

>my chest has felt warm afterwards

>have felt a tightness in my lower belly

>when breathing in it felt tight

>when i lay down i can feel my heart beating sometimes

>also i felt cold, but there was no sweat

what say you, /hb/?
i'm guessing it's not heart related because the pain is constant.
also the pain isn't so bad that i can't walk around and talk, i just get woozy occasionally.

Anonymous 3630

I think you should see a doctor asap.There are so many things and it's hard to put a finger on a single point(like is it heart related?blood?lungs?something about your liver?or was it a just one time thing?)Best thing to do would be going to a doc.Also never ever forget to ask if you have something in family.I had a mysterious ache under my left breast for a long time and noone could find out what was it(i was really sure it had something to do with my heart or lungs),later i found out that my mothers side had a thing going on affecting breasts (they mostly had an ache around left side too),and i did too.

Anonymous 3631

Had you eaten before? What’s your diet like in general?

Please see a doctor before exercising again. But also please invest in trainers etc, running in boots made me cringe because the shock on your feet/legs/etc… argh.
Update us when you’ve made an appointment and shit? I’m curious

Anonymous 3632


was the breast thing serious?

planning to schedule an appointment tomorrow for thursday (or earlier, whenever medicaid goes through)

as for my diet, i sparingly ate junk + regular meals here and there. and i hadn't had anything to eat before the run

and i haven't eaten a lot since like…thursday maybe? apart from small, balanced meals. my appetite has been low.

Anonymous 3664

went to the doctor last thursday, he referred me to a cardiologist. don't know when i'll be able to see the guy ( because medicaid still hasn't gone through, i can't afford a stress test / echocardigram up front ) but…yeah. hoping it's nothing serious. praying and all that.

thanks for reading my blog!

Anonymous 3665

I hope you'll end up okay, anon.

Anonymous 3719

i've got an appointment on the 17th!
hoping i don't arrive at the office & get told there's an issue with payment. or sth awful like heart issues

Anonymous 3720

Good luck, anon!!

Anonymous 3960

i guess this'll be the last post i make here –
got a nuclear stress test & they detected a small amount of blockage / plaque in a lower artery. the nurse told me it's totally reversible, i'll have to take meds + improve my diet & lifestyle.
depending on how much of the artery has been blocked i may have to get a stent, praying this isn't the case.

Anonymous 3970


I'm glad you got it checked out! Take care and good luck!

Anonymous 11022

coming back to blog because it's been two fucking years
i have had unending chest pain 24/7 since this shit went down. doc turned out to be a crook
gonna try getting a blood test fuck fuck fuck

Anonymous 11049

holy shit anon im so sorry keep us updated

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