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Anonymous 3971

>tall and skinny with a good jawline is considered the absolute peak of female beauty by women and people immersed in aesthetics
>meanwhile most men like plastic midgets with fake asses and fuckhuge titties and recessed jaws
Explain this. How did this shift take place? Hardcore shilling by the media to push the Kardashians? Or did they take off because men like that crap?
Butthurt womanlets don't get too upset pls.

Anonymous 3972

Men have never liked super tall women with strong jawlines. Only women and gay men who are into fashion find that attractive. It is, I think that type of women is very elegant, but it's never been what men prefer.
I think some like short women because they tend to be cute. Over the top plastic surgery – that's something I can't really understand either, I find it very unattractive.

Anonymous 3976

>Butthurt womanlets don't get too upset pls.
Idk if 5'4'' is womanlet status or not, but as long as anyone at this height and below drops to a bmi of 15, we should all look alright.

t. fat fucking bitch who gained to a bmi of 16 and still didn't look particularly thin in the 15s

Anonymous 3977

Everything under 5’9 is midget tier.

Anonymous 3978

nice male average height.

Anonymous 3979

Average isn’t good enough. Would you date a manlet?

Anonymous 3980

Short curvy women are cute and tall, modelesque, willowy women are beautiful.
Why not both? Why must we fight?

>inb4 go back to tumblr

Anonymous 3981

What about short rail-thin girls and curvy tall gals?

Anonymous 3982

I'm 5 feet and I legit hate it.

Anonymous 3983

I'm 5 feet and I legit love it!

Anonymous 3984

Petite thin women are dainty and adorable, curvy tall women are powerful goddesses.
Women are just pretty, it turns out.

Anonymous 3985

>plastic midgets with fake asses and fuckhuge titties and recessed jaws
Nobody ever said that though?

Anonymous 3986


Anonymous 3987


Anonymous 3990

"Extra strength" haha.

Anonymous 3992

Tall, skinny women with strong jawlines are more masculine so it's normal that women prefer them. They're sharp/bony and it's considered masculine, while curvy women are more well, round and it's considered feminine.
Btw, I'm one of the tall skinny women and yeah I have the same reaction as you, op

Anonymous 4006


Anonymous 4352

literally WHO want's a fucking midgit?

possibly it's just that most men dont fancy their chances with women who are taller than them.

Anonymous 4438

males are interested in highly feminine traits in women and the traits you mentioned are feminine.

Anonymous 4444

She probably can't even lift the camera that was used to take the photo. Ana-chans are hilarious.

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