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Anonymous 3971

>tall and skinny with a good jawline is considered the absolute peak of female beauty by women and people immersed in aesthetics
>meanwhile most men like plastic midgets with fake asses and fuckhuge titties and recessed jaws
Explain this. How did this shift take place? Hardcore shilling by the media to push the Kardashians? Or did they take off because men like that crap?
Butthurt womanlets don't get too upset pls.

Anonymous 3972

Men have never liked super tall women with strong jawlines. Only women and gay men who are into fashion find that attractive. It is, I think that type of women is very elegant, but it's never been what men prefer.
I think some like short women because they tend to be cute. Over the top plastic surgery – that's something I can't really understand either, I find it very unattractive.

Anonymous 3976

>Butthurt womanlets don't get too upset pls.
Idk if 5'4'' is womanlet status or not, but as long as anyone at this height and below drops to a bmi of 15, we should all look alright.

t. fat fucking bitch who gained to a bmi of 16 and still didn't look particularly thin in the 15s

Anonymous 3977

Everything under 5’9 is midget tier.

Anonymous 3978

nice male average height.

Anonymous 3979

Average isn’t good enough. Would you date a manlet?

Anonymous 3980

Short curvy women are cute and tall, modelesque, willowy women are beautiful.
Why not both? Why must we fight?

>inb4 go back to tumblr

Anonymous 3981

What about short rail-thin girls and curvy tall gals?

Anonymous 3982

I'm 5 feet and I legit hate it.

Anonymous 3983

I'm 5 feet and I legit love it!

Anonymous 3984

Petite thin women are dainty and adorable, curvy tall women are powerful goddesses.
Women are just pretty, it turns out.

Anonymous 3985

>plastic midgets with fake asses and fuckhuge titties and recessed jaws
Nobody ever said that though?

Anonymous 3986


Anonymous 3987


Anonymous 3990

"Extra strength" haha.

Anonymous 3992

Tall, skinny women with strong jawlines are more masculine so it's normal that women prefer them. They're sharp/bony and it's considered masculine, while curvy women are more well, round and it's considered feminine.
Btw, I'm one of the tall skinny women and yeah I have the same reaction as you, op

Anonymous 4006


Anonymous 4352

literally WHO want's a fucking midgit?

possibly it's just that most men dont fancy their chances with women who are taller than them.

Anonymous 4438

males are interested in highly feminine traits in women and the traits you mentioned are feminine.

Anonymous 4444

She probably can't even lift the camera that was used to take the photo. Ana-chans are hilarious.

Anonymous 10002

Beauty is subject to desire; pertaining to biological and psychosocial influence.
Amongst other things, men associate sexually dimorphic features with sexual attraction/desire, and it is the presence and presentation of these features which have heightened along with the change in the way we interact and see people, e.g. internet, television, media, advertising etc. With this, the purpose and thus perception of beauty-or in this case, women-change.
Brief images of beautiful women (in adverts, on your phone etc.) are seen/consumed at high[er] frequency. Desire is stimulated-accordingly-quick and fast-and as a result, Sexual attraction (libidinal desire) unconsciously becomes something involving immediacy, both in initiation and cessation. Educing the most immediate response of attraction increases the frequency of stimulation, meaning more satisfaction. A pretty face doesn't elicit a fast-enough response for optimal accelerated cooming. So as to facilitate this, desire requires [more] images of beauty exhibiting a heightened sexual dimorphism. viz., beauty being subject to desire and desire captive to beauty.
Thus, the highly sexually dimorphic image gains heightened presence and presentation as a result and cause of the purpose/meaning of beauty-converging upon erogeneity. This self-perpetuating process consolidates the dissemination, consumption and reproduction of this image; changing the economic, psychological and social milieu of men and women.

Anonymous 10027

Ha! My height is 1,47m and you can't, just can't understand how much I loathe it. It makes me feel like a subhuman and rightly so. I'm worthless. And no, no, it isn't cute! This is basically a disability and I can't understand how anyone could be attracted to my disgusting little body. Funnily, I hate it so much that sometimes it feels as if my body rejected me already, it doesn't feel like part of myself anymore. I've already decided to die alone. I can't ever risk having children. I don't want them to hate me the way I hate my parents for giving me their midget genes.

Anonymous 10218

Are you seriously asking why men like curvy women? Lol.

Different men have different preferences. All you're seeing is a change in "body trends" - through the 90's and 2000's it was super stick thin women and having a big but was considered bad. Just watch any popular chick flick from that era, the most common insult is "she has a fat ass". Now it's mostly swung the other way. But there were always guys who liked curvier women back then just like there are guys who like skinnier women today. Pop culture is just influenced by external factors I guess.

Anonymous 10220

The fashion industry is controlled by gay men. They prefer more boyish women. Female consumers are sold this look and try to copy it. Men are not sold this look and instead go for what turns them on in a primitive way.

Anonymous 10252


I'm 176cm and 64kg. So I'm tall but not that thin. From my personal experience, men aren't into taller girls at all. I used to have a bunch of self-esteem problems because of it. Especially as a teen, guys would constantly ask me to sit down when I'm talking to them (because my height would intimidate them I guess). I would often get comments from people (well… mostly men) that they didn't expect me to be this "big" based on my profile picture of just my face lol. At some point I deleted all my pictures from social media and I still haven't uploaded any since. Even recently I was talking casually to a shorter than me guy, and he just said "it's a shame you are so tall, we'd get along" out of nowhere lol. Once I overheard adult men in their early 20s talking about how much they love their tiny gfs.
Men certainly aren't into tall girls. But as you grow older you realize that relying on men for your self-worth is silly. I like being tall nowadays, I love hugging my small girl friends, I love the respect I get from my professors/coworkers just because I'm tall, I love how everyone treats me seriously and wants to rely on me.

Anonymous 10253

Some men like tall women. Also 176cm isn't even that tall unless you live in Korea or something.

Anonymous 10259

>because my height would intimidate them
are moids really that pathetic that a mere height of a woman is so intimidating to their hyperfragile masculoid ego? this actually made me laugh irl

Anonymous 10261

Average guy here is my height I think? And dunno, I certainly haven't met any. I have a tall girl friend (184cm), and even though her face is really pretty and feminine, she's never been on a date.


Nah, they really are intimidated. Men get scared surprisingly easily. Being tall has its perks. You get to see outspoken, mean, misogynistic men immidiately shut up when you stand up and they realize you are on equal ground.

Anonymous 10263

>tall and skinny with a good jawline

Anonymous 10278

I do not understand this either. i think plastic surgery ends making you look worse, its so unnatural and disgusting. I think giant boobs are gross too. the women i look at and find most pretty are women who are really thin, b cup breasts, nice jawline, and height doesnt really matter.
men are disgusting creatures immersed in gross porn. they have no idea what real beauty is

Anonymous 10335

A slightly recessed chin isn't a problem. I'd even argue that it looks better than a strong chin on women. But the recessed chin must be accompanied by a good small nose and no neck fat. Sounds dumb because those features tend to come with stronger chins but I think the look better with slightly recessed ones. Lookism folks get too caught up with the Angelina Jolie style skull when I think most guys would agree now that they have her celebrity status being pushed down their throats less that her 'objectively' perfect features are way too much. I'm not in complete denial since jaws and chins that are very recessed or are a bit recessed with big noses are obviously no good but yeah

Anonymous 10389


the women in op pic look gross to me. they don't look skinny either. i'd much rather look like pic related.

Anonymous 10390

What's special about this girl?

Anonymous 10391

her face is pretty. isn't that what it's all about, ultimately?

Anonymous 11386

I would argue it's the fit strong look that is most popular right now
source: myriad of instagram fitness influencers

Anonymous 11388

>The study also showed that the taller a woman is, the more comfortable she is with her body. And a quarter of the tall women reported not wanting to change anything about themselves.
>Yet 90 percent of the shorter women reported being unhappy with their appearance

Anonymous 11389

Much easier to be overweight when short

Anonymous 11390

Don't overweight people tend to be taller, though? Unless they got fat later in life and were thin as kids/teens.
Also, in my experience, people take you more seriously and see you as more "mature" if you're taller, even if you're thin. I'm thin and need to wear heels to work to avoid being treated as a child.

Anonymous 11393

if you mean overweight in terms of BMI, its the opposite

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