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Breast Implants/General Plastic Surgery Anonymous 3999

Does anyone here have breast implants? How did they affect your life? Do they hurt? Do they even feel like your own body? Has anyone here ever considered a boobjob?

Do most men consider fake breasts normal now? More and more young girls are getting them and male oriented media is dominated by women with implants. I’m pretty sure most men can’t tell the difference.

All plastic surgery discussion is welcome. Please stay reasonable and open minded, and don’t try to talk others into stuff they don’t want.

Anonymous 4005


I don't, but I really want them since my teens. Simply because my boobs are awfully assymetric. Like, a cup difference assymetry. It always made me terribly self concious and it's also really annoying when I am wearing a wired bra/support bra, because the smaller boob just leave and awful amount of space between the bra and my skin. Pic related is the only type of bra I can use without having this problem, but they are difficult to find for my size/non teenage size.

I don't have the money for surgery, though.

>inb4 all boobs are uneven, anon

yeah, but not to the point that I can literally cup one (B cup) and not the other (A cup)

Anonymous 4016

I have(had?) the same problem, my left breast was always a lot smaller then my right breast. But since i have been training my left breast it looks bigger and the difference has gotten smaller. Maybe you can also try to train the muscles of your smaller breast?

Anonymous 4021


Why do boys always say they hate fake tits, even though it’s the way to get boys to universally lust after you? Look at all those IG chicks.

Anonymous 4022

Probably for the same reason (gay)girls don't like fake boobs. They might look good at first glance, but they definitely don't feel good and the more you look at them the less attractive they look.

Just my opinion as a lesbian girl.

Anonymous 4023


Because most men are idiots and don't know how to actually tell. They'll love it until you say it's fake, than they'll be "ew gross u r fake1!1"

Anonymous 4025


>telling lies and being dumb

Anonymous 4026

they look good sometimes but don't feel nice

Anonymous 4028


Thanks for your input but are you a tubie?

Anonymous 4029

no, but one of my sisters has fake breasts. they look normal, but feel unnatural.

Anonymous 4030

Aha. Interesting perspective. Do you think it changed her (love)life at all?

Anonymous 4036

I used to know a 50 year old woman who got tit implants, they looked pretty stupid. It didn't make sense for her age and body type

Anonymous 4038

I don't want full implants, but i'd love a fat transfer to my tits, thighs, and ass. I wish that there were cheaper options.

Anonymous 7142

Because men's favorite past time is to make women feel insecure, and if they can start comparing nicely done fake tits to real women's breasts it will easily fuck with their heads and body dysmorphia, admitting their fake then they wouldn't be able to use them to run around screeching how all women should have tits like these

Most if not all women do not have "attractive" breasts naturally (inb4 some troon decides to pull the "I do!!" Card)

Human bodies just look weird and aren't gonna be like that of a perfect sex doll unless it's modified, with breasts it's fat and weird tissue circles on it And since men can't see women as humans unless we are sexually attractive then wgtow

Anonymous 7160


Why do so many women on this site (and men on 4chan) confuse the opposite sex’s ideals with their standards? There’s no big male conspiracy to make us insecure, we’re not all in on a big conspiracy to give all the sex to Chad.

Anonymous 7161

it could just be different guys with different tastes. plus girls with big ol' fake tits are more likely to show them of and do stuff like in that pic.

Anonymous 7162

Because it's ingrained in our minds with how men treat us, with the Chad thing it's just men getting upset women want attractive men and put no effort into themselves

Just comes to show how the worst thing women can do is go for attractive, meanwhile we're so use to men being manipulative and making us feel insecure this is what we think

Anonymous 7164

>the worst thing women can do is go for attractive

And when she goes for someone less attractive, it's because she's doing it for money or because she's all "used up" and looking to settle down. It's like we can't win.

Anonymous 7165

To anyone with implants or who is considering to get them, be mindful of breast implant illness and do your research.

Anonymous 7166

breast implants make you look like a retard unless you have a proper body first, so go lift some weights

Anonymous 7169

What do you have against fatties with implants?

Anonymous 7282

because they look disproportionate and unusual in shape a lot of times

Anonymous 7286


tbh implants with a fit body always looked ridiculous to me. Something about the low BF makes the tits look especially disproportionate to their body.
>pic related. can't help but wonder how she'd look like with a more proportionate chest.

Anonymous 7287

female bodybuilders get implants because the combination of low bf, developed pecs and steroids leaves them with "weird" looking chests they want to hide. although its less of a big deal now so you see younger female lifters not bother getting them

Anonymous 7297


DO NOT FALL FOR THIS MEME. fake boobs are hard, plastic, and are VERY EASY to tell apart from real ones.

Anonymous 7370


I have surgery scheduled for next week. I wish I didn't have to do it, but I was born with ugly tuberous breasts like pic related. Hopefully it'll go well.

Anonymous 7371

Those breasts look pretty normal

Anonymous 7372

If your breasts are really like pic rel then don't do it, they look perfectly normal

Anonymous 7373


Anonymous 7374


I’m not trying to criticize, but how does that work? How are her breasts sticking out like that instead of resting on her rib cage?

Anonymous 7375


Here's an example of real enhancement on the same girl (fat/slim).

Anonymous 7376

You just don't build up any fat in the lower part of the breast. Think of it as a triangle growing out of your chest.

Anonymous 7377

you can obv do what you want with your body, but your breasts look natural and this woman looks like a stripper or pornstar

Anonymous 7378


I just thought the weight would cause them to sag more. I’ve only seen tuberous breasts when they were super tiny, never seen them that big IRL

Anonymous 7379

I'm not the one who posted the nice porn titties but tuberous breasts do not look natural. You can't say they do when it doesn't even look like a breast. Shit's a literal birth defect.

Anonymous 7385


The truth is everyone hates natural breasts, getting implants is literally the only way to get quality men. Unless your boobs look like two soccer balls superglued to your chest you are never getting laid, anything else is cope. This is the only thing men want.

Anonymous 7389


>all men want perfect large spheres
>closeted pedos exist
Don’t spread lies anon. Some men love underdeveloped breasts. Obviously only dating pedos is not a permanent solution, since no one wants to be with a kidfucker for life, but it’ll work until you get enough money for implants

Anonymous 7401

Or you just date teenage boys. In that case he can't be called a pedo or kidfucker.
And since adult women with very small boobs are seen as underdeveloped and child-looking and not good enough for adult men, nobody can call them pedos either. Obviously this only works until you get too old to pull of dating teenagers…

Anonymous 7414

Had my surgery yesterday. It sucks, don't do this unless it's necessary. I'm uncomfortable all the time, can't sleep well, always in pain, even breathing hurts. I have like tiny panic attacks when I start thinking about the bad things I'm feeling.
They came out nice and I don't regret it but just don't do it unless it's 100% necessary or you have a high threshold for pain/discomfort.

Anonymous 7415

How do you even know what the final product looks like when swelling takes half a year to heal?

Anonymous 7416

I mean compared to the monstrosity that were my previous breasts. Now they're round and actually look like boobs. My doctor said I only had to wait 3 weeks to see what the final results would be like.

Anonymous 7418

I know I probably shouldnt but I cant help thinking of people who get breast implants or cosmetic surgery in general as vain bimbos. I found out a person I thought was cool is getting a nose job and I couldnt help but think less of her for it. I also feel sad that theyre insecure and doing it for men (not saying everyone does it for men)

Im also a hypocrite because Ive considered cosmetic dentistry and will probably go through with it in the future. but idk if thats comparable

Anonymous 7460

>All plastic surgery discussion is welcome.
I have a deviated septum that makes my nose pretty asymmetrical. It makes me feel like shit whenever I take a selfie because of how crooked it is. When I have the money I definitely want to get a septoplasty or rhinoplasty.

Anonymous 7466

>nose job talk

I've considered it too, but I don't want to do it since a bad nose job can really fuck up your face. At least you can hide botched tits under clothes.

Anonymous 7467


I don’t want to change my nose shape, I just want to straighten out my septum. Like any other surgery it’s going to have it’s ups and downs, so when I have the money I’m gonna do thorough research into a surgeon who can do it without altering my nose shape too much.

Anonymous 7496

good luck with your recovery anon!! i got mine done in January. i was flat, like actually flat, not the cute high fashion flat look. i have scoliosis so it only made my figure look even stranger since my spine messes with the placement of my rib cage. i agree with you when you say if it isn't absolutely necessary, dont do it. it is incredibly painful the first few weeks. i couldn't even get out of bed on my own. but they will drop in a couple months and look great. i feel much more comfortable and "feminine" now, i dont hide my body out of shame anymore. ive actually taken better care of myself health and diet wise since the surgery.

Anonymous 7499

Thanks, it's been going great and they're looking better every day. I also had to hide my body and being free from that feels so good. Now I don't have to hide them under a bra to get a normal looking shape and can wear any kind of shirt or bathing suit, and best of all I won't have to hide them during sex. Finally I can do whatever I want without recurring to a bra, clothes, or position to hide their shape.
It's also motivating me to stay in shape. I can't wait until I'm able to start working out again.

Anonymous 7518

Ultimately it boils down to not loving yourself and thinking you need to change your body for men (or other women on occasion) to love and accept you. Nobody's perfect and we all have our insecurities, turning oneself into a perfect sex doll isn't the answer.

Anonymous 7525

That's not it at all. Saying that is the same as saying women put on makeup or dress nicely just for men. If you have a defect that causes you insecurities there's nothing wrong with wanting to fix it. Fixing an ugly nose or teeth does not mean you want to look like a sex doll.

Anonymous 7526

You're literally willing to harm yourself so you can conform to society's beauty standards. Obviously not in the case of corrective surgery (ie. fixing deviated septum, or teeth that could cause issues). But how is breaking your face, and harming other parts of your body just to look good in society's eyes, healthy? And then don't get me started on implants, even worse because the damn things will be uncomfortable for the rest of your life.

>b-but it's for me!

Nah. If you weren't bombarded by idealized images of beautiful people 24/7 you wouldn't have learned to hate your body.

> If you have a defect that causes you insecurities there's nothing wrong with wanting to fix it

It's putting a bandaid over a festering wound. You have to do the inner work and fix the insecurities first. The work that needs to be done is internal, not external.

Anonymous 7531

I was born with what I have and I'm learning to live with it. After starting to see results a few years trialing anti-depressents and group therapy sessions, I'm starting to think people who get cosmetic surgeries (outside of a genuine deformity) have some sort of mental illness not being treated. My compulsive hate of myself and urges to change have gone away almost entirely, other than the occasional thought that passes I'm able to observe and let go of. Obviously this is vague, but after the work I've gone through, I'm starting to see common thought patterns between the old me, and those I meet that are considering going under the knife.

I guarantee this thread I probably have the least attractive breasts, far apart, sagging, yet very small, but they don't cause me any problems (as of now). I rarely get breast pain, I don't get a large portion of underboob sweat like my friends, no swelling, rare soreness, and no back pain. I'm sure they'll perform their basic function if I had a baby as well. Many are not so lucky, and I should be thankful. I've had guys make fun of my breasts, one tell me he wouldn't be with me unless I got silicone implants. I'm alone now, much happier.

I can't tell anyone to not do it, but at least be safe. Very little research has ever been done on implants, the FDA passed them without really doing long extensive testing on patients. Recent studies have been published that textured implants cause cancer. Read about "Breast Implant Illness." While not an officially recognized diagnosis, women who are predisposed to other auto-immune disorders have had a number of symptoms that caused inflammation until their implants were removed. Almost all women, supportive of surgery or not, with implants, agree that they are restrictive of breathing. Cons considered, it's not worth it. Health is more important. Breast implants, to me, are no different than those who risk blindness to change their eye color. My skin on my chest, and my eyesight are not replaceable.

Anonymous 7562

Good on you anon, that is really inspiring.

Anonymous 7591

I have implants. Got them because I was worried about how broad my shoulders were in comparison to my A-Cup breasts. They really are only for if you want to impress other people. No plastic surgery will "fix you" and make you okay with yourself, however, if you're honest with yourself, that you're doing it for other people. They're alright. They look great but it's a 100% true they feel different and are obviously different when groped. Only slightly though as long as you didn't go full retard size wise.

All in all if you want it go for it, but it won't solve your problem. Shits expensive and will feel different. You get used to it though.

Anonymous 7611

Hate when some huge girls whine about their size. I wish I was huge so I could live my breasts to compensate all of their hate.

That being said, I have mixed feelings about fake breasts. They look beautiful when the girl is wearing clothes and that's how most of people would see me, so I guess it's ok. The problem is when you're naked, I guess I would feel insecure if some guy asked me "why did you get implants" or something like this.

Anonymous 8278

>What does it feel like to have implants? How does it feel to have them inside your body?
I guess you could compare it to contact lenses. You don't feel the implant inside you, you can only feel it with your hand, but sometimes when you press your chest against something or do certain movements you can feel some pressure or discomfort.
>What’s the recovery like?
For me it was terrible, for other people that I know it wasn't so bad. Mine was worse because I got horrible hipbone and leg pain due to having to lie on my back all day. That was the worse part.
>How big were you naturally and how big are you now?
Honestly idk, I never really bought bras before and mine didn't have a normal boob shape so all sorts of things fitted. Right now I have one that says 34B but it's a bit small, I think I'm between that and 36B now.
>Are you happy with them?
Yes, so happy.
>How much did you pay?
$3000. That's considered expensive in my country and it's what the best doctors charge.
>Would you recommend getting them?
Only if you REALLY want them. Not something you do on a whim, and it does give your body some limitations so you have to be willing to live with that.
>Why did you get them
I had tuberous breasts.
>Are you Stacy? Were you before the implants?
I'm attractive but forever an autist on the inside, so no.

Anonymous 8282

How do boys react to them? Are you too autistic to get a bf?

Anonymous 8283

Do they hurt when boys squeeze them? How hard/soft are they?

Anonymous 8289

Doesn't hurt. They are less soft than normal breasts, but I wouldn't say they are hard. Maybe more firm? My bf says they're soft.
I think softness also depends on where they place the implant (under skin only or under muscle).

I got my first bf ever before getting the surgery. He was excited and now likes them a lot.

Anonymous 9979

I was supposed to be getting a breast reduction before the pandemic hit, I have a DDD cup and they kill my shoulders and back. They also do not look proportionate with the rest of my body, so I am hoping to get a B or C cup. Moids and women alike have called me crazy for wanting them smaller, even though it is for health reasons. Usually, it's women with big chests themselves who are the most understanding.

As long as women are getting plastic surgery to make themselves, and not some moid, happy then I am all for it. Just do your research, look for a good surgeon, prepare for recovery and follow all post-op instructions.

Anonymous 10028

It's not your breasts hurting your shoulders and back it's your bra. Get rid of bras for a month and see if the pain doesn't go away before you decide to get yourself filetted

Anonymous 10033

That’s only because she is wearing the wrong size. Go to r/abrathatfits

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