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Breast Implants/General Plastic Surgery Anonymous 3999

Does anyone here have breast implants? How did they affect your life? Do they hurt? Do they even feel like your own body? Has anyone here ever considered a boobjob?

Do most men consider fake breasts normal now? More and more young girls are getting them and male oriented media is dominated by women with implants. I’m pretty sure most men can’t tell the difference.

All plastic surgery discussion is welcome. Please stay reasonable and open minded, and don’t try to talk others into stuff they don’t want.

Anonymous 4005


I don't, but I really want them since my teens. Simply because my boobs are awfully assymetric. Like, a cup difference assymetry. It always made me terribly self concious and it's also really annoying when I am wearing a wired bra/support bra, because the smaller boob just leave and awful amount of space between the bra and my skin. Pic related is the only type of bra I can use without having this problem, but they are difficult to find for my size/non teenage size.

I don't have the money for surgery, though.

>inb4 all boobs are uneven, anon

yeah, but not to the point that I can literally cup one (B cup) and not the other (A cup)

Anonymous 4016

I have(had?) the same problem, my left breast was always a lot smaller then my right breast. But since i have been training my left breast it looks bigger and the difference has gotten smaller. Maybe you can also try to train the muscles of your smaller breast?

Anonymous 4021


Why do boys always say they hate fake tits, even though it’s the way to get boys to universally lust after you? Look at all those IG chicks.

Anonymous 4022

Probably for the same reason (gay)girls don't like fake boobs. They might look good at first glance, but they definitely don't feel good and the more you look at them the less attractive they look.

Just my opinion as a lesbian girl.

Anonymous 4023


Because most men are idiots and don't know how to actually tell. They'll love it until you say it's fake, than they'll be "ew gross u r fake1!1"

Anonymous 4025


>telling lies and being dumb

Anonymous 4026

they look good sometimes but don't feel nice

Anonymous 4028


Thanks for your input but are you a tubie?

Anonymous 4029

no, but one of my sisters has fake breasts. they look normal, but feel unnatural.

Anonymous 4030

Aha. Interesting perspective. Do you think it changed her (love)life at all?

Anonymous 4036

I used to know a 50 year old woman who got tit implants, they looked pretty stupid. It didn't make sense for her age and body type

Anonymous 4038

I don't want full implants, but i'd love a fat transfer to my tits, thighs, and ass. I wish that there were cheaper options.

Anonymous 7142

Because men's favorite past time is to make women feel insecure, and if they can start comparing nicely done fake tits to real women's breasts it will easily fuck with their heads and body dysmorphia, admitting their fake then they wouldn't be able to use them to run around screeching how all women should have tits like these

Most if not all women do not have "attractive" breasts naturally (inb4 some troon decides to pull the "I do!!" Card)

Human bodies just look weird and aren't gonna be like that of a perfect sex doll unless it's modified, with breasts it's fat and weird tissue circles on it And since men can't see women as humans unless we are sexually attractive then wgtow

Anonymous 7160


Why do so many women on this site (and men on 4chan) confuse the opposite sex’s ideals with their standards? There’s no big male conspiracy to make us insecure, we’re not all in on a big conspiracy to give all the sex to Chad.

Anonymous 7161

it could just be different guys with different tastes. plus girls with big ol' fake tits are more likely to show them of and do stuff like in that pic.

Anonymous 7162

Because it's ingrained in our minds with how men treat us, with the Chad thing it's just men getting upset women want attractive men and put no effort into themselves

Just comes to show how the worst thing women can do is go for attractive, meanwhile we're so use to men being manipulative and making us feel insecure this is what we think

Anonymous 7164

>the worst thing women can do is go for attractive

And when she goes for someone less attractive, it's because she's doing it for money or because she's all "used up" and looking to settle down. It's like we can't win.

Anonymous 7165

To anyone with implants or who is considering to get them, be mindful of breast implant illness and do your research.

Anonymous 7166

breast implants make you look like a retard unless you have a proper body first, so go lift some weights

Anonymous 7169

What do you have against fatties with implants?

Anonymous 7282

because they look disproportionate and unusual in shape a lot of times

Anonymous 7286


tbh implants with a fit body always looked ridiculous to me. Something about the low BF makes the tits look especially disproportionate to their body.
>pic related. can't help but wonder how she'd look like with a more proportionate chest.

Anonymous 7287

female bodybuilders get implants because the combination of low bf, developed pecs and steroids leaves them with "weird" looking chests they want to hide. although its less of a big deal now so you see younger female lifters not bother getting them

Anonymous 7297


DO NOT FALL FOR THIS MEME. fake boobs are hard, plastic, and are VERY EASY to tell apart from real ones.

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