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Anonymous 4059

>you will never have visible abdominal muscles

Anonymous 4060

Good, they dont look good on women

Anonymous 4061


I don't mind, at my age I think soft mom bod is the best.

Anonymous 4062

How old are you?

I like the idea but I hate how you need implants then to keep your tits.

Anonymous 4064

I like slight visible abdominal muscles
or moderate kind

Not this exaggerated shit

Anonymous 4065

Sure I will, they are getting more and more visible. Won't lose all the body fat tho.

Do you have visible abdominal muscles OP?

Anonymous 4071


>soft mom bod even tho I'm not a mom
>not fat anymore but still skinnyfat
>friend said I'm "mushy" when hugged as if that as a compliment

Teach me how to think like you

Anonymous 4074

This, a flat tummy is enough for me

Anonymous 4086

Oh yes I always wanted a body that’s only attractive to repressed homos.

Anonymous 4090

I like thicc muscular girls

I think a little higher body fat percentage partnered with muscle is the best look

I would not really want OPs pic, though she does look great

Anonymous 4092


I want to look like prime Cory Everson but I don’t have that kind of endurance and it would take several years to get that body.

Anonymous 4097

It's impossible to pack that muscle mass without taking massive doses of steroids

Anonymous 4102

Incorrect. Cory Everson was a natural who trained for 20 years to get that body. Don't disrespect the greats like that when you don't know anything about lifting.

Anonymous 4930

Please post progress pics and keep us updated! What shape are you in now? Are you mentally Stacy (please post progress about that too)?

Anonymous 5002

imagine being this ignorant

Anonymous 6298


Synthetic compound designed to bring the dawn of a new age. It mimics the mass-building effects of testosterone at excessively efficient levels without most of the repercussions regular test would have. Doesn't work well on men due to existing testosterone keeping it out of the system.

Anonymous 6309

So a testosterone for women?

Anonymous 6310

Yep. Wasn't meant to be, but that's what it became. What do you think?

Anonymous 15428


Anonymous 15429


Anonymous 15438

Thats just because strict keto is boring. If you can do strict keto diet then you can have visible abs.

Anonymous 15443

she has breast implants and possibly lipo on her stomach

Anonymous 15445

Slightly off topic…but I am an apple shape with a huge ribcage. Right now I'm at the skinniest in my entire life, 21 bmi, but still have a massive 34 inch waist.
I have skinny legs that I really don't want to get smaller, hardly any boobs, and no hips. Am I better off just losing more weight even if it might make my huge upper half look bigger? Is having a smaller waist more important?

Anonymous 15449

You could do lots of legs and butt workout so they become more shapely and balance out your upper body

Anonymous 15453

I have been for a while already, I kind of regret it though because I should have just been cutting (I don't want to lose muscle mass).

admittedly read up on it and apparently it's a thing that women say they were hit on more when they were underweight (16 bmi type) than normal (20 bmi) which is a huge doom pill.

Anonymous 15462

If the problem lies in your bone structure, losing weight won't really help, as you lose weight evenly on your entire body, I think. You can try working out to accentuate other parts of your body, like legs, and wearing the right clothes. But if you want to make your actual waist smaller, you either need to wear corsets or have some surgeries (don't know much about that part though)

Anonymous 15463

lose more weight. bmi 21 isn't that skinny actually

Anonymous 15466

Why are you telling someone with a normal weight to lose weight?

Anonymous 15468

because if they want a snatched waist they need to lose more weight

Anonymous 15469

If she has a BMI of 21 and a 34 inch waist, she will not have a "snatched" waist through weight loss anyway. It's misleading and unhealthy to tell her all she needs to do is shut her mouth.
Maybe what she needs is realistic goals and to understand that many of the instagram and tiktok influencers she likely follows don't have "snatched waists" either without the help of filters and shapewear.

Anonymous 15470

calm it with the scare quotes anon

the anon did ask if she should lose weight and she has 3 bmi points to go before she hits underweight. it's not dangerous to lose a little more weight. if her waist is the part where she is holding weight then it is likely to get smaller if she loses more weight

and i didn't tell her to shut her mouth, wtf

Anonymous 15471

I forgot there are still people who think you can just set your BMI to whatever you want as if we were Sim characters heh.
Losing at a rate of about 0.5kg a week would require a daily caloric deficit of about 500kcal. Depending on her height, this could mean eating less than 1000kcal per day. Seeing that she already lost weight to get to where she is, it would probably mean going lower. All for the sake of a "snatched waist" that she will never get. Do you think that's good advice?

Anonymous 15472

how do you know she won't a get a waist?

>Losing at a rate of about 0.5kg a week would require a daily caloric deficit of about 500kcal. Depending on her height, this could mean eating less than 1000kcal per day.

then lose weight more slowly or just exercise more, duh

are you american or something that you think a bmi below 21 is skeletal?

Anonymous 15473

>I forgot there are still people who think you can just set your BMI to whatever you want as if we were Sim characters heh.

You literally can though. Even if your body deals with calories more conservatively than the middle of the bell curve, you still have to deal with thermodynamics. If you cut calories below a deficit, your body's weight will go down and will continue going down until you stop eating at deficit. I keep myself between 18% and 18.7% because I want to live as long as possible and mice between those weights live longer than their normal weight peers.

Anonymous 15475

eh, original anon here. being completely honest I'm 90% sure my waist and midsection will still look very bad. I think genes did me really dirty. I have a friend irl that's half a foot shorter than me and is the same weight, but visibly looks much more slender and snatched than me in spite of her fat not all going to her lady bits. She wears a size small shirt, while I wear large (most of them are still snug on me).
Also, she has never lifted weights and I have, so I have more muscle weight than her.

I think I will still try, but I think I will never have a decent body.

Anonymous 15476

you lift weight for bodybuilding or just to get stronger?

Anonymous 15495

Maybe try wearing corsets then.

Anonymous 15508

If you have a lot of muscle but it isn’t visible, then you just need to lose some fat.

Anonymous 15511

What is your band size for your bra? Usually that’s a good indicator of what your waist circumference can at maximum reach at your lowest weight. Honestly for an apple shape any sort of weight on you will not look good. You should definitely aim for the lower end around bmi of 16-18. Either that or consider lipo-ing your midsection if you want to stay at a higher weight. Women with your waist circumference are at a much higher risk of dying from heart disease though, so maybe consider decreasing a lot more bodyfat.

Anonymous 15512

32 inches at the tightest.
stronger mostly; I focus on my lower body.

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