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Anonymous 4059

>you will never have visible abdominal muscles

Anonymous 4060

Good, they dont look good on women

Anonymous 4061


I don't mind, at my age I think soft mom bod is the best.

Anonymous 4062

How old are you?

I like the idea but I hate how you need implants then to keep your tits.

Anonymous 4064

I like slight visible abdominal muscles
or moderate kind

Not this exaggerated shit

Anonymous 4065

Sure I will, they are getting more and more visible. Won't lose all the body fat tho.

Do you have visible abdominal muscles OP?

Anonymous 4071


>soft mom bod even tho I'm not a mom
>not fat anymore but still skinnyfat
>friend said I'm "mushy" when hugged as if that as a compliment

Teach me how to think like you

Anonymous 4074

This, a flat tummy is enough for me

Anonymous 4086

Oh yes I always wanted a body that’s only attractive to repressed homos.

Anonymous 4090

I like thicc muscular girls

I think a little higher body fat percentage partnered with muscle is the best look

I would not really want OPs pic, though she does look great

Anonymous 4092


I want to look like prime Cory Everson but I don’t have that kind of endurance and it would take several years to get that body.

Anonymous 4097

It's impossible to pack that muscle mass without taking massive doses of steroids

Anonymous 4102

Incorrect. Cory Everson was a natural who trained for 20 years to get that body. Don't disrespect the greats like that when you don't know anything about lifting.

Anonymous 4926


They look amazing when you are on top. Or so I'm told. I'll never have em you say? Well, I am finally getting some var delivered to me, I'll have these in 12 weeks

Anonymous 4930

Please post progress pics and keep us updated! What shape are you in now? Are you mentally Stacy (please post progress about that too)?

Anonymous 5002

imagine being this ignorant

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