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long story short, I just need advice Anonymous 4372

Trying to use cardio to lose weight, a mix of trampoline jumping, hiit sprinting, roller blading, and biking as soon as I replace my rusty chain.
I'm doing intermittent fasting, I'm taking Alpha Lipoic Acid to balance out my energy levels and metabolism, and Saw Palmetto to maintain breast size as I lose weight.
I was doing really well for a good year but stopped when I realized my breasts were shrinking, so I had to gain a little bit of that weight back and plateaued after losing 40 lb.
I was a healthy 125 my whole life until an abusive relationship, fucker had me cut off my friends, family, and all outlets that kept me in good health and I feel into depression and stress ate until I started realizing the toll the relationship was taking on me and dumped the guy.
So far the Saw Palmetto is helping me maintain my boobs, but if anyone has experience/success stories with these supplements please let me know, including any potential side effects I should be aware of if I stop taking them down the road when I reach my goal weight.
I'm just trying to lose 25-30 more lbs to get back down to my OG weight, and keep myself tone in the process.
I stretch and lift too, as well as doing hand stands, and doorway yoga, but I noticed doing too many crunches was actually increasing the size of my midsection so I stopped doing those.

Anonymous 4404

Just water fast until 125 then drink lots of soymilk and keep taking the saw palmetto

Anonymous 4405

>but stopped when I realized my breasts were shrinking
Stop caring about this. If your boobs are made of fat instead of breast tissue, they can only improve by you losing weight. You can't spot reduce fat with crunches.

If you're trying to get toned, just water fast for two weeks and then lift weights. I wouldn't recommend working out while water fasting though.

Anonymous 4408

>If your boobs are made of fat instead of breast tissue, they can only improve by you losing weight.

That's not how this works, that's not how any of this works. When you gain weight everywhere, then lose it, you end up with a flat butt unless you do squats and stuff, but you also end up with saggy pancake boobs, as I said the saw palmetto is helping me retain breast size while losing weight but thanks for the unhelpful advice.
Maybe you'll convince some other girl trying to get into better shape that her perky C cup boobs turning into saggy A cups is somehow a good thing, but that's not helpful for me.
Thanks, I'll try water fasting, I've tried it before as well as juice diets, my boyfriend gets worried about me when I don't eat but if I just alternate between IF and water fasting until 125 I should be able to keep him from getting too concerned.
Will update on results in due time.

Anonymous 4699



hey I know it has been a while but have you trien intermittent fasting? I got great result from it and drinking a 1/4 part apple cider vinegar with a bit of lime juice mixed in with a 1 a day womens vitamin to dissolve in it with a teaspoon full of cream of tarter for potassium then add water add a bit of pink Himalayan salt for minerals your body need. throughout the day I drink that and eat a small branch of spruce needles from a local spruce tree. After about 10 hours eat a nice big meal with all the essentials.

pic related

Do this everyday. Stay healthy. Do research and see if it works for you

the spruce needles are great greens and are packed with vitamin C

The apple cider vinegar drink with the spruce needles kicks your metabolism into overdrive and your body starts burning fat like crazy! you can build muscle and tone the right places a lot easier and keep those perky tits and ass and hips cuz you are not starving yourself :) your welcome anons

Anonymous 4702

Juice fasting is superior as it gives the body the nutrition it needs to metabolize the lipid soluble xenobiotics as well as stops digestion because fresh pressed juice is titrated.
Paavo Airola's books on Juice Fasting are pretty good.

Anonymous 4716

I found fenugreek to be far more effective for helping retain size and shape than anything else. Supposedly stacking fenugreek with either or both of saw palmetto and red clover works best of all but I’m nervous to take that many supplements.

If you don’t mind playing with fire, there’s also pueraria mirifica, which will give you amazing boobs but like quadruples your likelihood of breast cancer (it’s what many ladyboys take in Southeast Asia if they don’t have access to hormone therapy).

Anonymous 4725

This. You should be happy your boobs are getting smaller, that means you are deeefinitely losing fat. Also if you lose a ton of weight, your -big- boobs will get super saggy and you'll look like you have flat pancakes.
If you want to be super thin and have big boobs then get fake tits.

Fenugreek is taken by lactating mothers to make their milk supply higher. Imagine if you start lactating in the middle of a run lol

Anonymous 4728


Yes, fenugreek is commonly suggested for women to help with lactation, but it doesn't do that if you didn't just have a baby. I take one dropper full twice per day and and I've never lactated lol (25yo).

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