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Twerking for Sport Anonymous 4406

Is it all just a meme?
I get that twerking is probably good cardio like any form of dancing, but does it really do anything as far as toning the booty is concerned?

Anonymous 4407

I guess depends how hard you do it?

Anonymous 4409

It obviously depends on how much you do and what sort of moves. But it can easily be a cardio and flexibility work out as well as give you a handy skill.

Can't make it your only workout because dancing (except at an advanced - professional level) rarely burns enough calories to supplant a gym workout, but it's still good.


Anonymous 4411

I guess it's as good cardio as any other dancing, except DDR.

Anonymous 4421

No, muscles need added resistance in order to break down, and then grow more in mass. Unless you're doing squats, twerking does nothing for it.

Anonymous 4451


Can't beat the DDR booty.

Anonymous 7010

consider bellydance as a way to tone your body and get in touch with your femininity

Anonymous 7044

dark post, anon, very dark

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