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How to make self always incorporate lipstick into makeup routine Anonymous 4615

How the fuck do you get yourself to wear lipstick? I'm super pale so everything looks so damn dark or super nude. My natural lip color is a medium pink. I guess it's kinda pigmented because strangers have complimented their color before, but I always wish I could wear lipstick on the daily since I own some colors, but nope, looks like it's not going to happen.

I always wear eyeshadow, mascara and foundation (and eyeshadow primer, sometimes face primer and concealer, sunscreen always, yada yada)

Anonymous 4616


but really, I don't know how we could help you. I don't really see what the problem is, just do it. Maybe you could start with tinted lipgloss if you're not used to lipstick.

Anonymous 4617

I can relate, I think I look ridiculous with lipstick one. Like I'm playing dress-up or something.

Anonymous 4624

Lipliner! It makes lipstick look more uniform and keeps your lipstick from "bleeding". Try cooler colors for your skintone. And if your colors look too nude, even on pale skin, maybe its the brand you're buying?

Anonymous 4625

Try other types of lip products that accentuate your lip color like a balm or gloss?

Or try wearing the colors you already own but blotted or mixed together to make a color that you think looks the most flattering.

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