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How to book hair appointments for newbies Anonymous 4628

What's the proper procedure in booking hair appointments that are reliant on the state of your current hair?

Such as coloring fucked up hair? I've never gone to a hair appointment before, I've always cut my hair and my mom has always dyed it, but I recently tried to dye it on my own because I wanted to learn how, and I fucked up my hair. Well, the color has washed out almost completely (it was semi-permanent), but the really shit part of the job was that it was bleached unevenly. I basically just want my hair bleached evenly taking into account the extra two-three inches of virgin roots that have grown in.

I want pricing to be upfront. I know that even just coloring my hair might be $200-$300 because of the length and thickness, so how do I go about this in a polite way? I don't want to lead them on and then just leave. Is walking in and asking the best option in this case? Or is booking an appointment online and hoping for the best my best shot? I'm so nervous and scared.

Anonymous 4635

Just call whatever salon you want to go to and ask them about pricing.

Anonymous 4665

This. A lot of them give discounts to first timers too.

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