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Am I peeing too much? Anonymous 4643

I've peed 14 times today, is that normal?

I had a couple UTIs when I was younger, but it doesn't feel like I have one now (it doesn't burn, I pee a normal amount instead of just a little bit).
I don't think I am drinking more water than usual either, and when I googled it it said up to 10 pees is still normal, but is it REALLY? Do you pee how many times a day in average?

Weird question, I know that, but I don't have other people to ask about it irl.

Anonymous 4654

If you're young its nornal.

Anonymous 4666

>If you're young its nornal.
Not necessarily. It all depends on what's normal for HER.

Op are you sure you aren't drinking more water than before? If you don't have other symptoms maybe you are right and dont have an UTI…but perhaps you should wait a bit and see if you are still peeing this much in some days

Anonymous 4671

I'm 24
I don't have any other symptoms and no I'm sure I'm not drinking more than I usually do (I've had 6 cups so far today)

Anonymous 4675

maybe you arent getting enough sodium?

Anonymous 4677

Have you lost weight recently? Super hungry? Very thirsty?

Anonymous 4686

Have you been losing weight? You might have the beetus.
>I don't have other people to ask about it irl.
How about a doctor?

Anonymous 4696


Pic related.

Check your diet. Maybe your estrogen levels are low?
Are you bloated or gaining weight?

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