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Is it normal to never think about sex? Anonymous 4808

I had my first boyfriend. He was 22, I was 16, and I have had sex with him until I broke up with him when I turned 18. I'm european here so it's legal.
Since then I haven't engaged or wanted to engage in anything intimate or sexual, except making out with 1 guy at a bar last summer that led nowhere.
I've never wanted, had the desire to, or attempted to masturbate either. Sex is very nice in my opinion but only with another person.
I'm 21 now, is this normal?

Anonymous 4809

I'd say it's normal, as long as you feel at least somewhat positive about sex in general you're fine.
BTW I think I only started genuinely enjoy sex right before my 30's. Give it time.

Anonymous 4814

Yes, asexuals do it all the time. Yet paradoxically they probably talk about sex more than sex-havers do.

really makes you think huh?

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 4816

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