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Anonymous 4810

Hey, /fit/.

I'm a 1.77 and 67 kilos woman. I'm interested in fasting and I would like to ask some stuff regarding it and having your opinions about it.
So I'm gonna give some exams at the end of the year for my college entrance exams so I can't really have all that brain fog and tiredness that the fasting will make me have.
Should I exercise when I fast? I'm anemic so will fasting make me collapse or something?
Also, will fasting make me lose my breasts?

Anonymous 4812


Girls, can we please stop pretending fasting has health benefits? This isn’t some pro-ana shithole where we want to sabotage each other and compete over who can become sicker, I hope. You shouldn’t be fasting, especially if you’re anemic. I advise you to make subtler changes moving forward. Exercise is great, but for the love of our patron miner Cece don’t starve yourself.

Anonymous 4813

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