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Type 4 Hair Thread Anonymous 4864

Are you 4a, 4b or 4c?

What products do you use in your routines?

What is your favourite protective hairstyle?

Are you natural? If so, how long? If not, why?

Posting hair inspo is encouraged! And feel free to ask questions no matter how silly :)

>inb4 we already have a hair thread
Type 4 hair is harder to maintain and has overall different needs/demands compared to other hair types.

Anonymous 4865



Okie so I'll start!

>Are you 4a, 4b or 4c?


>What products do you use in your routines?

I don't have a proper routine, I know, sad. The products I use are Cantu leave-in conditioner (don't judge pls), castor oil, Soft n' Free moisturiser, Creme of Nature conditioner and Motions shampoo.

>What is your favourite protective hairstyle?

I usually have box braids, but if I take them out I just wear it as an afro because I can't twist/braid that well. Like I literally have no grip.

>Are you natural? If so, how long? If not, why?

I've been natural for almost 7-8 years,before that my mother always used to relax my hair until it started falling out because of eczema. After that I had to do a big chop. I did one again almost a year ago, but not because of damage, just felt like it.

Right now, my hair is this length in the pic related. I have no idea what to do with it tbh. It's kind of the-akward-but-not-TWA stage. My mother is gonna twist it for me this holiday, hopefully it will look nice. I've been thinking about relaxing/texturising/blow-outs but I don't wanna risk it at the same time.

Anonymous 4880

Your hair looks so healthy!

>Pic related is my hair 4 days post twist-out. Would you say my hair is 4c?

I'd say 4c tbh

>I’d also love tips on how to straighten it.

What is done in this video is pretty much the same thing my hairdresser did! Straightening by yourself can be challenging at first but once you get the hang of it it'll be okay. The hardest bit for me is to straighten the back, since you can't see the back of your head

Anonymous 4922

Thank you for the help anon. What's the name of that video? Also, how do you maintain a twist-out for more than a day or so? Like what do you do with it at night?

Anonymous 5013

Oh and I don't do anything special at night after a twist out since my hair is pretty short. It becomes coily after a few days so I just spray a bit of water and use an afro pick to like, add volume (??)
what happened to your previous post lol

Anonymous 5025

I'm contemplating getting a keratin treatment. I recently went natural after having keratin treatments for a while and I miss having a bob.

Anonymous 6200

Did it damage your hair a lot?

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