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Tattoos Anonymous 511

Are you inked? Show off or post tattoos you like.

Anonymous 512

I would love to get inked.
Does anyone have experience with getting scar tissue tattooed over? I have some nasty bite scars on my arm and I would like to hide them under… maybe a pretty tattoo of the little asshole who is responsible for them in the first place

Anonymous 513


Oh I'd love to get an Aquarell Tattoo of a flower or something small. I think that's looks so cute and modest.

Anonymous 514

Watercolor tattoos are so cute and dainty, I love them. Especially this one looks very natural and classy.

If I got a tattoo, I'd probably only get it in a spot I could hide at any time. Giant,colorful chest pieces scream regret to me.

Anonymous 515

They are extremely pretty but they fade really fast, especially at your feet ):

I've got a tattoo, still wanting more and hopefully will get more soon, but they're so damn expensive :/

Anonymous 516

There are some things I want that are really dumb and stupid but I also think they're funny and remind me of good things in my life.

I'm thinking of either going stylizes with them or just biting the bullet and putting them somewhere small so it isn't too wasteful of space since I do want bigger more artistic pieces.

Anonymous 517

I have some on my forearms, shoulder and under the collarbone. None of them hurt at all.

I want to get a nice drawing near my hipbone but I don't really have the money to pay for a good artist. I'm not US-based and tattoos are less expensive where I live, but still…

Anonymous 518

I have a tramp-stamp in my lower back. I got it when I was in my teens ( I like to think it was way before the "tramp-stamp" thread started). Now Im getting it lasered off and it HURTS LIKE ALL HELL. PLEASE LADIES THINK TWICE BEFORE GETTING A TATTOO, THE PAIN IS RIDICULOUS.


Anonymous 519

Meant to say the pain of having it lasered off, not the tattoo getting done.

Anonymous 520

One of my tattoos with a large black area recently started to "raise up" and feel numb/burning. It was really freaky. I've had it 1.5 years with no issues until now.

>anyone else?

Anonymous 521

Holy shit that chest piece is really ambitious I'd almost be jealous if I wasn't afraid the colours would age badly.

I got my first tattoo when I was 17 (small sailor moon tattoo that's mostly hidden). That was five years ago and I've basically just been too much of a pussy to choose the placements for bigger pieces I want.

Something about me still likes the "purity" of blank skin though, I'm not sure how much I would love being inked all over my arms and other visible areas for the rest of my life.

The fact that I even have that dilemma to begin with makes me think I'm not ready to commit despite strong temptations to just bite the bullet and get an appointment for designs I've wanted for years.

Anonymous 522

A lot of my lining does that. Not sure what the exact cause of it, but my tattoos that have raised areas have faded less.

Anonymous 523

Bez naslova.png

I really want to get a new tattoo this year (currently only have one, that is faded and stretched out because I was an ana-chan when I got it).
I might be able to get one at the end of this year if I save up enough (something always comes up and I end up without money).

But I'm wondering about the placement, I can't really decide.
It'd be a quote, on the ribs (if straight) or a bit more under the boob/on the front (if curved) but idk if it should be curved or straight, any opinions?

Anonymous 524


In my honest opinion quote/word tattoos are boring and don't look great on the skin. All the examples you've posted just have generic ms word fonts and aren't very eye catching. Why not get some delicate flowers or something symbolic of the quote without literally spelling it out?
Pic vaguely related, tattoo by Emily Alice Johnson

Anonymous 525

I asked about the placement, not that this is the actual design lol

I thought about it, but I don't think it'd be possible to turn what I want into an image, considering I want a quote

Anonymous 526


Here's one of my tattoos, I know I know it's a rose so cliche. Personally I think rose tattoos, if done right are really timeless. I also wanted something pretty/delicate on my chest, as I plan to be pretty heavily tattooed (I have 12 so far so this wasn't my first) but still want to look feminine.

Anonymous 527

Yeah I get that, I'm saying quotes look like garbage as tattoos, words just don't look good on a human body (unless it's hyper stylised but even then images probably just knock it out)
It is ultimately your choice so whatever, they just flow badly with the body.

Anonymous 528


This is my favorite style of tattoo. If anyone knows artists who do similar work, I'd love to see their stuff. This is done by Charline Bataille on insta btw.

Anonymous 529


Anonymous 530


I'm obsessed with Brando Chiesa. If ever get rich I'm going to Italy and getting work from him.

Anonymous 531


Ildo Oh's work is just enthralling to me

Like ignorant style but colored? It's super cute, like it was done with Sharpie

Anonymous 532


I really like Tarmasz.

Anonymous 533

Anonymous 534


if i cared enough about tattoos, my choice would definitely be a small flower. i think the dudebros who shit on girls that have cute small tattoos like hearts, flowers, and stars have sticks up their asses because these honestly look pretty appealing when done properly.

if i had to choose, i'd probably get some dainty small flower(s) on my ribs, a cute tiny plant/flower wrap around an ankle, or either a lil flower behind an ankle. pic related are all good ideas for those not into big pieces and want them to be mostly hidden. i also hear the ribs don't hurt as much as people claim it does.

Anonymous 535

After seeing this article I'm kind of worried about getting any small or very colorful tattoos. Not to scare anyone off or saying it happens no matter what, but it kind of made me reconsider a few things.


Anonymous 536

Watercolor tattoos are pretty new so yeah I think a lot of people who got them didn't know what to expect and must be disappointed at how fast they end up fading.
Most of the pictures in this list are finger tattoos which are hardly a good example though, since they fade the easiest.
In any case you're supposed to get your tattoo touched up every once in a while if you want it to look good, or just stop caring.

Anonymous 537

>looks better aged given the subject
I kek'd. It actually does though.

Anonymous 538

Some of these photos are really cool. It's interesting to see the colour fade so much!

Anonymous 539

you gotta keep up on touch ups, and not get a tat in an area that is prone to a lot of bending and stretching, (Feet, hands, knees, bellies…) tattoos will always fade, its a fact of life. but sometimes it adds to charm of them

Anonymous 540


I'm not sure how the watercolour tattoos in that article faded so badly in such a short time, this is my five year watercolour tattoo. I'd recommend going to an artist who has done watercolour tattoos a lot and also being really careful while it's healing.

Anonymous 541

Screen Shot 2017-0…

I think this tattoo is so beautiful but it does make me wonder about how well intricate "paint"-style ones would wear over the years!

Anonymous 542

I have a rose tat too, anon. I think they're kind of classic. Mine is more traditional style, but I really love it. It's my first, but I can't wait to get more tats in the future.

Anonymous 543

I am pretty tattooed but lately I really want this specific tattoo. I want it done in white ink though so it barely shows. It's such an edge lord tattoo so I won't mention what it is but I want it done so badly so I know it's there, you know?

All my work is black and grey though so I have no experience with white ink, pls halp.

Anonymous 544

The only negative thing that I read about white ink is that it seems to turn/fade yellow or gray after a while.


They're gorgeous tho. And I guess way easier to cover that black or other colored ones.

Anonymous 545


I have a flower filled with white ink (I wanted a brighter color but the artist insisted so I went with it) and it was super strong the first couple of days and now it's barely discernable from my own skin color. It's still pretty though.

Anonymous 546


Anonymous 547


Anonymous 548


Anonymous 549

These are so gorgeous and classy anon!

Anonymous 550


Anonymous 2033

Degenerate is a dumb buzzword, a simple 'ugly' is the best and most accurate way to describe 99% of tattoos. Even if it's a nice piece of art on paper, the idea of permanently marking up my nice clean skin is horrible.

Anonymous 2041

I get where you two are coming from. My father is really against tattoos because he thinks they are degenerate and not classy.
I think that tattoos can enhance someone's beauty (or ugliness too lol) similar to makeup. It isn't for everybody though.

I have a tattoo that I got at 17. It is fairly large and decent, but I kind of regret it. It is part of an artwork and isn't bad, but I feel like a should have thought about it more. One day I will cover it up with something that I have in mind now that I'm older and have given thought into.

Anonymous 2042

For me my tattoos were probably a way of having more control over myself tbh. I like my tattoos and I don't consider them degenerate lmao. I barely show them anyway. I think it's a private thing for me.

Anonymous 2043

I got an dumb alien tattoo when I was 15. It's in a place where it can be easily hidden, and I don't notice it most of the time, but I feel like it represents such a silly phase in my life. That's why I'm reluctant to get a tattoo now, I'll always be going through phases and I don't want to be stuck in the past.

Anonymous 2843


I want a tattoo much like this, I think it's super cute and still super small.
I'm a bit worried about it not being in a hidden place, but then again it'll be super subtle and I can always cover it with my hair.

Anonymous 2855

Do you want a flower too, anon? I'm not huge into tattoos but this is pretty.

Anonymous 2920

Yeah, I'm not into tattoos at all, but I love the look of flower tattoos
I'd get a poppy like in the picture, because it's connected to the history of my hometown

Anonymous 2924


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