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Anonymous 5491

I want to be a cute girl /cgl/
Somebody please teach me how
[spoiler]also I am a girl pls don't ban[spoiler]

Anonymous 5492

cute how? like fluffy animu kawaii? or like lolita? gyaru? you gotta give us something to go by.

Anonymous 5493

Hmmm like fluffy animu kawaii I guess

Anonymous 5494


What is it that you don't like about yourself?
Give us example pics of the type of cute you like
The best advice I can give to be cute (at least concerning outer appearance) is to eat healthy, wear lots of sunscreen, get enough sleep/water, and find a skincare routine that works for you!
For cute clothing I suggest starting out by shopping second hand
Online stores
Really great secondhand app, it's like eBay but the format feels like instagram
My favorite rags to check on there are, jfashion, swankiss, liz lisa, ank rouge, btssb, lolitafashion, angelic pretty, my melody


Although I have an account there I haven't bought anything yet! But also like ebay but filled with cute second hand lolita clothing and items! Market kei has other jfashion if lolita is not really your thing


This is where I first started shopping and where you can if you're on a budget
Good for starting out a wardrobe and seeing what you like vs what you don't
Always read store/item reviews and remeber that these items ship from china so it takes a while to get here (is Chinese New Year still going on? I wouldn't reccomend shopping during Chinese New Years)
Favorite shops on ali, meowgirl, LoliGals Lolita Store, Shop1247996 Store, and himifashion also keep in mind its a hit and miss when shopping on aliexpress most people just buy bags, shoes and accessories

And remember that you can't be a cutesy anime girl,(a lot of girls in the j-fashion scene try to make it seem like they are but it's either, photoshop/filters, makeup/circle lenses, or maybe they are cute and got lucky with genetics!) but you Should aim to be the cutest version of yourself that you can be! Good luck!

Anonymous 5495

I feel for you on this.
I don't want to dress kawaii since I don't feel I have the face for it. My features are just too big and long for the style.

Anonymous 5496


Same, anon. I really wanna be feminine too. I think half the battle is hygiene and grooming. Even without the wardrobe, smelling good and having a good smile can make someone pretty cute off the bat.

Anonymous 5497


I feel my style isn't cute enough. I'm feminine, but I always end up wearing the same combinations of jeans + sweater. There's lots of cute clothes on Ali but I end up not buying anything because I'm afraid I'm gonna get scammed…

Any miners know Aliexpress stores that can be trusted and sell Larme-kei/mori girl style stuff?

Anonymous 5498

Do cute things to make yourself feel cuter and then you will project cuteness
>Keep your living space clean
>Decorate with light colours
>Make tea with cute teaware
>Eat small portions of aesthetic food
>Give yourself a manicure, do a face mask etc

Anonymous 5499


I am late, but just check the comments/reviews. I always go for the listing with the most comments, and filter them by the ones that show pics. If the pic is true to the ad and the costumer leaves good revies, I'll buy it.

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