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Current Harajuku fashion Anonymous 5760

What's your thoughts on the fashion shown in this video?
Do you think it's unique enough to garner an interest in the west just like Lolita, fairy kei etc did?
What's your overall opinion on the current state of Harajuku fashion? Let's have a discussion!

Anonymous 5761

it is a no from me, i don't think it deserves that much attention and i don't think it is special enough. let's face it, the golden days of j-fashion are gone and k-fashion is a much watered down comfy fash type.

Anonymous 5762

It certainly looks interesting, but I don't think it's going to spread because it seems that the only things that can spread widely are strictly defined styles, which is pretty dumb (you're trying to be original and creative by dressing in a style defined by someone else? sure, that makes sense.)
But I like seeing all the looks on http://tokyofashion.com/photos/ especially whenever the designer of bercerk comes up,I love him

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