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collage wardrobe.p…

Wardrobes~ Anonymous 5763

I think it would be fun for miners to post their closets or clothing collections! Any style, any item, any way!As in, you dont have to post pictures of your actual closets, or even of your own clothes! You can make a collage of some "special" items you own if you are very lazy/shy (like me). If you can't find the exact item, I suppose you can put down stuff very similar to it! I think it would be nice to see exactly what different kinds of styles us miners have! I'll start it off~ sorry for it being so low qual I just used ms paint kek

Anonymous 5764

Screen Shot 2018-0…

OP, your style is cute. How long have you been wearing lolita?
I'd have to take photos of a lot of my stuff because I don't remember the names of a lot of the dresses that I own, and searching through lolibrary to find them would be painful…these are a few of the pieces in my collection, but i'll see if i can bust out the ol' dress collection and take photos later on this week.

Anonymous 5765

Not too long, a little over a year, as far as actually wearing it. I've been trying to build it up for a couple years, but didn't feel right actually wearing it out or anything until I got to a certain point! ^,^ I have one full coord rn (blue jsk), and 2 more I'm still building up, with a couple stray items for more casual days. I also really like your style!~~

Anonymous 5766


I have tons of liz Lisa. Here is a couple of my recent gets along with a couple of my fave dresses.

Anonymous 5767

Lucky! They are so pretty, especially the lavender dress.

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