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Sweet lolita and OTT Sweet lolita inspo thread! Anonymous 5998

Post your favourite sweet and OTT sweet lolita images, comments, inspiration and whatever!

Anonymous 5999


The detail is just so pretty!

Anonymous 6000


I think I will eternally love this coat.

Anonymous 6001


I love the OTT accesories like this!

Anonymous 6002


This bow just looks so elegant. I'm half-tempted to try making one, maybe?

Anonymous 6003

that is really pretty! the lace applique especially. I'd like to learn how to make my own accessories but it's hard finding the right trimmings around where I live. I have some tutorials on my computer that I can contribute when I get home, though.

Anonymous 6004

I would love to see some tutorials!
Also, I know sometimes on 4ch's /cgl/ they get really critical but I've seen people suggest Taobao or Aliexpress for shopping for ace and details like the applique. I've seen some on ebay as well, but I'm not sure of the quality, if I do end up trying any, I'll make sure to make a post here about the quality.

Anonymous 6005

That should say shopping for lace an amusing typo since I think "Ace" might be the name of a type of silicon filler I've seen my father use that looks similar to the "whip cream" used in decoden. You might be able to buy that stuff online too, I've always wanted to get into making decoden phonecases and accessories.

Anonymous 6006


Anonymous 6007


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