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Binkie Princess Lolita Anonymous 6008

Not happy about this. Someone gifted her AP's Cotton Candy Shop.

I'm 32 and into were sweet lolita. There's a notion within the Comm we're into ageplay.

Anonymous 6009

Honestly, I'm at a point where I have no idea what to do about ageplayers trying to wave their disgusting asses all over the lolita community. I used to have a tumblr but ditched because of ageplayers and all the ddlg stuff. Even if you request not to be interacted with them in any way they still manage to ruin it.

I think all we can do is push them out the comm and block them on site on social media until they get that they're unwelcome. I don't care if someone wants to do shit behind closed doors but don't make it known when wearing lolita.

Anonymous 6010

I saw a lolita documentary recently and quite a few of the members of the local community (England) said people wanted to have sex with them because "they looked like kids" and would often only go places in groups because of perverts. It's really sad.

Anonymous 6011

Meh it's just clothes anyone could wear em

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