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Sewing Thread Anonymous 6029

Sewing thread general?

Post your fabric stashes, your WIPs, questions, you name it.

Tips, patterns, links, videos, etc are all welcome.

Anonymous 6030

To get the ball rolling, I'll post some videos.

Anonymous 6031

Anonymous 6032


I've posted madebyaya videos on other threads but I just love her videos lol

Anonymous 6033

And also Angela Clayton's.

Anonymous 6034

If I zigzag stich the ends of my piece, do I still have to press open the seams or am I good to go?

Anonymous 10198

havent had the motivation to even sew aside from like hemming some pants every now and then

Anonymous 10214

Pink Silk Scarf ro…

Anyone know how to stitch silk fabric without getting the little ruffles?

Anonymous 10241

ugh i hate sewing. i have a machine but i literally cant sew in a straight line no matter how hard i try. im a decent hand sewer. i usually only sew if something ripped and needs fixing or if im sewing pieces of a sweater together for knitting.
id really like to get back into it, any tips?

Anonymous 10242

that shirt is so freaking cute

Anonymous 10246

Use a smaller needle and a shorter stitch length!

Anonymous 10255

Thanks, I'll try that

Anonymous 10256


I'm in the same boat. Used to hand sew a lot for simple things or to mend pants. I'm trying to learn to sew but it's so daunting. There are so many things to know, like what types of stich to use with a certain types of fabric and things like that. There's all these trade secrets and as a newbie trying to break into the sewing world without any help it's quite overwhelming trying to learn it on my own. Guess I should just try to find a good YouTuber.

Anonymous 10273

Wouldn't a longer stitch length be better?

Anonymous 10288


Anonymous 10290

I can hand sew but I really want a machine.
Advice for finding a good machine or any recs? Budget can be anything but ideally as low as possible

Anonymous 10339

id check second hand places if yoyre looking for something auper cheap. ive seen them at thrift stores, estate sales, and garage sales. they all seemed to work OK. you could also check ebay.

if you want something newer, i have a brother sewing machine that i got for 85 dollars. it works nicely, though i will say it doesnt have any fancy stitches. it has syraigjt stitch and zigzag, but nothing for embroidery like a shell stitch. im fine with having this machine becuase i only use it for mending, im not experienced in sewing enough to actually make garments or do machine embroidery (though ive been trying to learn)
hope this helps

Anonymous 10482


I started (re)sewing recently. I learned the very very basics in high school. But not a lot. Let’s just say I had to relearn everything.
So I hope this info I have found will find you sewing anons well.

YouTube helped so much. Seriously, it would be such a struggle without it. Here are some of my favorite sewing instructors on YouTubers:
Threads sewing
Evelyn Wood
Professor Pincushion

There’s many free sewing books to check out on archive.org. My recommendations are the Singer sewing reference library series. They’re pretty dated but the information is still really good and super helpful. Basically just search sewing in all books/texts.

I have the Brother CS7000i. I got it on Amazon for $200. It’s well worth saving up for because it comes with a ton of things that makes your life easier. It’s one of the highest rated machines at the lowest price point.

Here are some places that I buy extremely inexpensive but exceptional quality fabric or notions:
https://www.wawak.com/ - notions and supplies
https://fabriclore.com/ -from India. I’ve done the math. Buy purchasing around $USD100 it approximately makes each item regardless of yardage around or under $5. Figure it out by cart total ÷ total number of items. So, even though it’s $20 shipping it’s still worth it because you’re still getting a better deal than most other places.
https://www.dharmatrading.com/fabric/fabric-from-dharma-trading-co.html -best prices on silk. I don’t dye fabric so I buy their colored silk.
https://buttonsgaloreandmore.com/ -buttons are cool. These are bulk buttons that can be used for sewing or craft projects.
https://laceheaven.com/ -lace is sexy idc what you say.

I hope some of you find any of this helpful. Sorry for the blogpost.

Happy sewing, anons.

Anonymous 10485

Thanks anon, this is helpful.

Anonymous 11253

Also a tip for finding cheaper fabric is to look in thrift stores, sometimes you can get really lucky and find oodles of fabric for like 10$. Happened to me but I still don't know what to do with the fabric :/ It has a lovely floral pattern but I don't really know what it could do well as.

Anonymous 11261

Oh yes! And the ugly cheap fabric you can use for muslin mock-ups so you don’t fuck up on your actual good beautiful fabric!

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