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Anonymous 6092

I found these masks that look like BJS on twitter and just wanted to share.

Anonymous 6093


Anonymous 6094


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Anonymous 6095


I just realized I made a typo in the OP, meant to say BJDs.

Anonymous 6096


Anonymous 6097


Flood detection :/

Anonymous 6098


I think these are really cute and a little scary. I'm used to seeing anime ones online, but these doll ones are different.

Anonymous 6099


Anonymous 6100


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Anonymous 6101


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Anonymous 6102


Anonymous 6103


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Anonymous 6104


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Anonymous 6105

God, I love Lulu!

Anonymous 6106

Thank you, cute thread <3

Anonymous 6107


Anonymous 6108

You know it's men wearing them, right? I don't find it cute tbh, I find it really sick and fetishy.

Anonymous 6109

I have no idea because of the language barrier but I get the impression it's mostly girls that wear this style of mask and the cyclops mask because they usually don't do sexy photoshoots, they wear burando, and sometimes they just have bare skin and don't wear a flesh-colored bodysuit like in this photo >>6103 or they're better at pretending to be girls than anime mask wearers at least.

Anonymous 6110


Here's some guy selling them with a bunch of pics

If these could be made to look a little more realistic and could move the eyes mouth somehow, I could see it as an alternative to plastic surgery for some people.

Anonymous 6111

Actually I just found something similar to what I was mentioning. Too bad it's based off ugly girls for some reason.


Anonymous 6112

Oops, wrong one.

This one's also ugly unfortunately. :(

Anonymous 6113


They are indeed creepy and remind me of overshooped gangnam unnies.

Anonymous 6114

this is just anime gao with ugly bjd masks.

Anonymous 6115

Holy shit this would be perfect for Chii cosplay. Cute and a little uncanny/inhuman, these masks seem like a great solution for robot characters

Anonymous 6116

Men?? What? I had no idea

Anonymous 6117

i mean, it's not ugly, she's just not cute, either. the first one was worse imo
it makes me wonder how 'off' the face would look on someone who wasn't already a woman tho

for example if it was a guy with a wider jawline or higher eyes or a beaky nose…wouldn't it distort the entire mask?

Anonymous 6118

men are usually the ones buying this kind of stuff
but the people in these photos aren't guys
you can tell by the hands in photos like >>6100, they're much too small and smooth to be a man's

Anonymous 6119

…uh…>>593 is just actually a doll.

Anonymous 6120

look at the neck, you can see where the mask ends.

Anonymous 6121

plus it seems to be the same mask as in the first couple of photos itt, just with a different wig. and i mean, i'm not a bjd expert or anything, but wouldn't you see some joints in the knees if it was a doll?

Anonymous 6122


You can see the bodysuit rolling slightly in the neck area.

I think these are really cute, they have this earie feeling to them. The ones that men are usually wearing are something else, pic very much related. Taken from 4chan's /jp/, they have a whole thread for it if someone is interested(please don't go there, you will be scared for life)

Anonymous 6123

no anon, men wear bjd stuff too. don't try to act like they just happen to not wear this. most kigurumi people in asia are men. also it's been said but a few of these are just sex dolls itt.

Anonymous 6124

>>also it's been said but a few of these are just sex dolls itt.

Fuck, this ruined this thread for me. Why do men ruin everything, fuck

Anonymous 6125

Screen Shot 2017-1…

men do wear this kind of shit but tbh their tastes are way worse. like they would think something like >>6122 or pic related is acceptable, because it's a fetish for them. it's like how people conflate lolitas and sissies but the outfits that the former wear are actually quality while the latter just dresses up in cheap satin trash to get their rocks off.

Anonymous 6126

which ones do you think are sex dolls, btw? the only one that I could imagine might be something along those lines is maybe >>6099 but even that person, their body is too imperfect to be a doll. a manufacturer would have slimmed down their arms more. the detail and range of motion in their limbs is too realistic, i don't think any of these photos are of actual inanimate objects.

Anonymous 6127

nah anon they make ball joint dolls you can fuck in japan. everything can be a fetish.

Anonymous 6128

yeah, i've seen those, but how is that relevant? we're talking about masks, not overpriced onaholes

Anonymous 6129


>nah anon they make ball joint dolls you can fuck in japan. everything can be a fetish.

Why do people have to ruin EVERYTHING?

Anonymous 6130

i'm just saying, it's insane to think that men don't wear >>6092 kind of thing, just because the person likes it.

Anonymous 6131

Buckle up, and get ready to see even more of this disgusting behaviour for yourself.

Anonymous 6132

Yes, men also can use these masks, but what was shown in this video isn't what we are talking about. These are just dolls. This thread is for masks and bodysuits.

Anonymous 6133

Pardon for being a bit off-topic, but there were some talking about dolls so thought that it would be fitting. In anycase, Madventure's Japan travels, there were also a fetish scene where the girls had this >>6122 kind of mask and or clothing.
All in all, really weird and disgusting stuff.

Anonymous 6134

Are there any good male anime character masks like these?

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