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Anonymous 6144

People often mention how they dislike boudoir cosplay and how there are many cosplayers with great skills who are overlooked.

So who are cosplayers you look up to in terms of skills/ craftmanship?

Anonymous 6145

source? love the designs, holy shit.

Anonymous 6146

I don't know who this is, sorry. It's a cosplay of the Nightingale armor from Skyrim that I had saved.

Anonymous 6147

skyrim was shit but i am glad if it inspired such cosplay, god damn.

Anonymous 6148

I actually like Skyrim despite it's flaws. A lot of people I know dislike it since they played Witcher 3 which I haven't done yet. But I guess that's a discussion for another thread.

Anonymous 6149

Look up Enayla Cosplay. She is astounding.

I met her at uni. She's pretty nice and very down to earth. She is a massively nerdy gamer, too XD

Anonymous 6150


pic 4 clicks

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