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Anyone else here have really saggy boobs? Anonymous 6339

I grew up raised by a single father who pretty much neglected me. I didn't wear a bra until late middle school and i developed fast. Im 22 now and my breast have been 100% saggy (point straight down) for as long as ive known. They are also pretty big (F cup) and Im planning on losing a significant amount of weight and I know they will get worse. I dont think surgery is a option, do you think guys honestly care that much? Im a virgin but im scared that once i get into a relationship ill be scared that my SO will be turned off by my ugly boobs. I dont think surgery is a option. Is it weird to keep your bra on during sex?

Anonymous 6341

Do you want me to be brutally honest?
Also, do you spend a lot of time in the sun? Please don't forget to wear sunscreen on your chest/neck. It looks like you have sun damage. Do you smoke or drink>

Anonymous 6342

Yes, but I don't care what men think because they're all ugly anyway.

Anonymous 6343

yes i want you to be honest.
I do not wear sunscreen but i am black. (i know, i still need to wear it but I cant find a sun screen that wont make me turn purple and i already have a pretty decent skin care regime)
I have never smoked or drank.

Anonymous 6344

Nta but i have ugly boobs as well (in a different way though, mine are basically cone shaped with big puffy nipples) and in my experience men love boobs anyway, even if they are a bit wonky. In fact your future SO could love them even more if it's a guy with a milf fetish or something like that.

Take care of yourself and focus on improving you appearance in other ways you can. If you're really pretty, having one single embarrassing body feature can be cute/hot as hell.

Anonymous 6400

I am in an almost identical situation, except I am 20 and had a single mom who was rarely home. They are saggy and have stretch marks. I am an E cup, and about 20 lbs overweight.

I have only had one BF, but he didn't care, even though I was really self conscious. It's totally fine to leave your bra on. But if a guy likes you for who you are and not just your body, then he won't mind and will like them because they're yours. Cheesy but true in my experience and others from reading other posts online.

This website has pictures of non-perfect boobs, has helped me feel better before: http://www.007b.com/breast_gallery.php
also check out r/normalnudes

Anonymous 6416

Guys, in my experience, don't give a fuck. If they have any experience with a big tiddy girl, they know there's gonna be some sag once the bra comes off if they're real.
As a general rule, as long as you're not selling a total lie (think ultra filtered photos where you look like a different person), no guy is gonna care once the illusion drops if they even notice

>based lesbo/2D-pilled femcel

Anonymous 6734

Fuck that dude above me. Bra usage doesn't prevent boobs from sagging. Saggy boobs are caused by genetics, boobs size, and dietary habit (whether u drink/smoke/spent unhealthy amount outside w/o sunscreen).

If he really loves you for who you are, he'd accept and love your boobs too.

Anonymous 6747


I have saggy uggly boobs too, except mine are a C-cup. It always blew my mind how such small boobs could sag, but anyhow:

I gained 50 lbs within about a year and a half ending in 2017, and have since lost about 35 (normal BMI now). Just looked at my chest this morning and noticed the inner side of my left boob has similar wrinklage as the OP pic, which was obviously non-existent before. [internal screams]

So one of my many hideous physical traits is now 1000x more disgusting. How do I cope with this?

Anonymous 6748

Acceptance. There's no point in mourning over how you look. Much more is important than appearance in this world. It's your soul that counts.

Anonymous 6797

op are you me? even with the weight i gained they didnt fill out and just stayed sad sacks, ive lost some weight now but they are still the same size mostly we are about the same size and age op, im sad about my ugly tits all the time, i wanted reduction as soon as i turned 18 but i want to be able to breastfeed my future kids so i hold off
they have been like this my whole life

Anonymous 8373

As far as I know, guys only care about saggy breasts as long as they are small. The bigger they are the less they care about shape.
Pretty sure they won't care if you're an F-cup like you mentioned, OP.

Anonymous 8401

I also have saggy c cups. doesn't seem fair. I've been increasing my bench press lately and it seems to have helped a bit. Mostly it's just like >>6748 said and you have to just accept it.

Anonymous 8403

Girl you don't need an excuse to get implants. You can do whatever you want and you don't need to explain your choices to other people. This genuinely is a case of my body my choice.

Anonymous 10634


Anonymous 11337

>do you think guys honestly care
this is a stupid question, as the internet has proven that guys will coom to literally everything, and that assholes will call you ugly just to lower your self-esteem and then fuck you. You should only change your appearance for yourself.

As for keeping your bra on, it's normal as long as you get one of those "sexy" lingerie sets rather than a normal bra that offers support and looks good under your clothes.

Anonymous 11339

The woman in the OP pick is wearing a bra the wrong size which is why she looks so bad. If she got a smaller band, larger cup, and and some inserts she would look a lot better.

Anonymous 12055

Granny boobs are a major turnoff on par with having a colostomy bag.

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