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Anonymous 6387

Hey guys. I want some fashion tips for tall women.
I'm not that mature so I'm not really into elegant clothes but more on the normie cute ones. I'm seriously insecure about my clothes so I've never been paying that much attention to what I wear. I'm not really that fat I'm 1.76 and 65 kilos. Also, I have cankles and I want to wear jeans but everything is too short so it makes them seem bad.
I want to finally feel comfortable with my appearance

Anonymous 6393

>1.76 and 65 kilos
>converts to freedom units
>5'9 143lbs
Without seeing your measurements, that's like the perfect size. I'm jealous
>tfw I'll never be a tall qt who could gain or lose 10lbs without immediately looking fat/flat
Depending on weather where you are, you could try light wash boyfriend jeans with a lot of rips. They seem pretty fashionable still, and they will 1) hide canklage and 2) not look terrible if they're too short on you.

Anonymous 6396

Wow we're the same height and weight, that's weird. I just find long versions of jeans if I want that, but I've been digging the ankle trend recently.

Long high waisted skirts are the bomb during the spring/summer too

Anonymous 8924


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