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Anonymous 6426

I gained weight. I keep eating, I hate myself, I have to lose weight or I will not go out of the house ever again. This is a nightmare.

Anonymous 6427

gorl you really think someone who can't stop putting food in their mouth is gonna have the discipline to fast

Anonymous 6428

Not that anon, but if you say you don't have the discipline, you'll never develop it. Discipline is a muscle. You don't even have to fast, but don't say you're unable to do something or you're too unworthy. You're not. You deserve to be your best self, but that's going to require sacrifice. You can do it, anon. I know you can.

Anonymous 6429


I'm not OP >>6427

I'm not fat, but I'm currently high restricting to lose weight to border healthy/underweight. I don't really see the point in fasting, i used to do it in high school and I just felt super weak and brainless all the time. i got shit to do mang. You sound like a very sweet person though.

Although, I used to eat out all the time and drink a ton of soda/junk food. Cutting that out took a lot of willpower.

Anonymous 6430

I'm just saying she needs baby steps. You can't just tell someone who's addicted to food to stop eating food. She should start with IF and change her eating habits (less junk).

Anonymous 6431

Rule 15, Katie.
Are you the same sperg from /hb/ calling 20.8 bmi anon a fatty?

Anonymous 6432

Ok I stopped namefagging.
I see your argument and agree she should learn to eat healthy meals but she could just do KETO and then fast for even 2 days or 3.
Lose that fat fast.

Do it for you not Chad, fuck men.

Anonymous 6433

What do you eat on a regular day OP? Making a food diary helps to show which foods are high in calories and refined carbs.

Anonymous 6434

Dear god, can anons stop recommending fasting in every thread related to food and weight? You had an eating disorder, we get it.

Anonymous 6435

it's literally the same anon. ana-chan needs to go home.

Anonymous 6436

Agree, OP just needs to cut out junk and cut out snacks, then lower calorie intake from there. Gradual shit.
Exercise is also good on top of it if you're up for that (recommend lifting).
>not wanting to leave the house because chunky during this process
That's a mental health issue. No one but shitty assholes will hate you or really notice, unless you're 300+ lbs and even then it will be a passing thought.
OP, try to change your mindset to "fuck em all." It's not as if they're going to physically assault you or something, and if they're smaller then you can easily defend yourself lmao.

Anonymous 6437

If its not too much to ask, whats your weight/bmi?

Either way, you just need to acknowledge why you're binging and deal with it. Or go onto keto

Anonymous 6438

gonna go against the grain here- don't do anything drastic. If you hate yourself you will never be motivated to make positive changes for yourself, so work on that first. You are not a horrible person for gaining weight, it happens to literally everyone at some point. you are not morally wrong for being heavier. You are not a bad person. there's also no rule that you have to lose weight to leave the house and when you leave the house to do whatever, life is more interesting and generally happier. you are worth leaving the house. you are worth being happy and not hating yourself.
once you have worked on this you can begin to work on eating things that make you feel good, and sometimes learning a little lite nutrition (fibre and fat and protein keep you fuller longer, plant based foods in general are better for you but again don't do anything drastic like cut out meat, etc)
also i hate to break it to you but any kind of purposeful weight loss attempt is more than likely to make yourself gain weight in the long run. focus on eating healthy, exercising, getting enough sleep, and being gentle to yourself and your eating will balance out and likely if this is short term weight gain it will reverse.

Anonymous 6439

Step 1: go outside.

Anonymous 6440

Former overeater here, you need to find ways to distract yourself so you’re not constantly thinking about food. Pick up a hobby that requires you work with your hands for hours at a time, for instance. Hand-sewing quilts and making chainmail has really helped me.

Only keeping food that requires effort to prepare instead of things that are easily snackable in your kitchen also helps.

And get out of the house. Being anywhere but home is preventing you from opening the fridge.

Fasting is shit, don’t do that. Just take steps to force yourself back in the habit of eating a normal amount of food. You can do it, just like it.

Anonymous 6441

Just like I did*

Anonymous 6442

>eat 500-800 calories a day
>still manage to be skinnyfat because I'm completely sedentary
And don't say I'm miscounting. My dinner last night was two beets. Literally just two fucking beets. And eating like that isn't unusual for me. Half the time I only eat once a day. Anymore if I eat "normal" portions like I used to eat I'll spontaneously throw up.
But at the end of the day at least I'm not actually fat. Eating less in the first place is far easier than trying to exercise. Fuck cardio, it makes me want to die.
>Discipline is a muscle.
Who needs discipline if you have intense self-hatred to propel you forwards?
Fasting is what killed my appetite in the first place. Now I'm barely ever hungry. If I could be pissed to work out it would have been perfect. It does work.

Anonymous 6444

I don't think dieting is a good idea, if you're so "skinnyfat". Might be wise to take up bodybuilding.

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