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Celebrities you find beautiful Anonymous 643

I'll start.

OP 644


OP 645


OP 646


Anonymous 647


Anonymous 648


Dunno if it counts but old kota

Anonymous 649


80s Winona Ryder is the face I'd wish for if I could look like anyone else.

Anonymous 650


Anonymous 651

Anon this thread is about real 3D persons, ultra shopped cows don't count.

Anonymous 652


Elle Fanning, didn't like her in the Neon Demon though.

Anonymous 653

Young Gemma is the prettiest ever

OP 654


Young Naomi was fierce. I never understood why Tyra's basic ass was the more popular one (with men).

Anonymous 655

Cause Naomi has always acted cunt-ish, while Tyra has always acted like "the girl next door". Men like that more.

OP 656

B-b-but her facial structure is better and she's slimmer!
Yeah I see what you mean though lol. Men are boring.

Anonymous 657


Anonymous 658


If I age half as well as her I would be sooo happy

Anonymous 659


I like her music, and I think she's gorgeous.

Anonymous 660


Also Saoirse before she got fat

Anonymous 661


R8 my taste and my a u t i s m

Anonymous 662

Monica Belucci in the matrix hnnngggggg

Anonymous 663

You have great taste, anon

Anonymous 664

Screen Shot 2017-0…

I'm pretty much obsessed with young Scarlett Johansson, especially in Lost in Translation

Anonymous 665

She's really pretty.

Anonymous 666


I love her look and character in Ghost World. The mischievous/bad attitude is the most relateable thing.

Anonymous 667

georgia may jagger…

I mean like, no shit, she's a model, ofc she's beautiful but her teeth are lovely and made me love my own gappy teeth/

Anonymous 668

I love gap teeth anon! You are so lucky.

Anonymous 669

She's a pretty face but I really hate her as an actress.
Whenever I see her in a movie all I see Scarlett Johansson playing Scarlett Johansson. I don't think she has much range, it's always "generically hot chick who you shouldn't underestimate", or at least that's how it was for Ghost in the Shell, Avengers, Lucy, Under the Skin etc. I did like her voice work in Her though.

Anonymous 670


I think SJ is pretty, but I don't get all the hype around her. Never really did. I find her voice very sultry though.

Pic related - Adriana Lima. My heart, ugh!

Anonymous 671


Anonymous 672


Anonymous 673


Anonymous 674


Anonymous 675


Elsa Hosk is a dream. Girl looks like a cat.

Anonymous 676

I had such a crush on her in Glee, her face and voice were angelic.
such goals before she lost it.
Agreed. All I see when I look at ScarJo are weirdly shaped lips (and I like full lips) and an otherwise boring face

Anonymous 677


Dark hair on her was great

Anonymous 678


this is gonna sound petty but I really don't like her eyes, she looks so derpy to me. I know it's supposed to be that alluring, bedroom-eyes look but she reminds me of waking up with puffy, uneven eyes and trying to fiddle with the lids to get them to fold more even lol

Anonymous 679


Anons, don't crush my heart. I … I can't. She was so beautiful and wonderful. It's not old age, obviously. She ruined her health and started getting way too many PSs… my beautiful Lindsay. 2004-2007 Lilo is best Lilo imo. She looked amazing during her long relationship with Samantha Ronson (not sure what year was that)

Anonymous 680


Kristine Frøset.

Anonymous 681


Barbara Palvin.

Anonymous 682


Bree Morgan is how I wish I looked. It's unfair.

She is/was so stunning.

Anonymous 683

I wouldn't really say she's a celebrity since she's just some just chick with 77k followers on Instagram, but I agree that she's very beautiful.

Anonymous 684


Asia Argento even tho this isn't her style anymore

Anonymous 685


Monica Bellucci

Anonymous 686

That anon keeps posting her everywhere for some reason. That's like the fifth time I've seen her on lolcow and now here.

Anonymous 687


Lol, oh jeez. Can you not bring that sort of thing here? That's not me. Though I did find out about her through a lolcow post. It was in a bad makeup thread.

As not to dereail, have a Jessica Stam.

Anonymous 688


Megan Fox has such a sexy glamorous face, it kills me every time. I loved her in Jennifer's Body even if the movie itself was terrible.


>Don't bring that sort of thing here
People are allowed to respond to your posts and you're clearly not better off provoking something that never was. Knock it off.

Anonymous 689


Erika Sawajiri

The whole "I suspect this is xyz" is silly on an anonymous board and reeks of lolcow/is why lolcow is full of shitposts. That person isn't even contributing to the thread.

Anonymous 690


>the whole "I suspect this is xyz" is silly on an anonymous board and reeks of lolcow/is why lolcow is full of shitposts

This. I'm not a mod but I suspect this board was setup in order to escape the catty paranoia and nitpicking on steroids culture of lolcow. If ya'll want to play internet Cluedo please do it somewhere else, I want this place to stay comfy.

Anyway, I think Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is gorgeous. It's actually really cool that's she's managed to reach her level of fame despite her obvious facial asymmetry.

Anonymous 691

>>689 my friend showed me this film and I was transfixed by her beauty!!! Good actress too.

MFW not an azn qt :(((

Anonymous 692


Since we're already posting efamous people, I'm really jealous of Billie Dawn's facial structure. No shade or drama intended, I just think she has a pretty face.

Anonymous 693

That's Billie??? Wow angle really is everything

Anonymous 694



Only in lolcow, and thats ONLY because of one reason (that we wont mention here).

I nominate Liv Tyler for most beautiful actress.

Anonymous 695


>>Liv Tyler
What do you think of Caitriona Balfe? She's the actress for the main character in Outlander (Claire).

(Pic related. I think she's really pretty and classy looking).

Anonymous 696

Lisa Raye McCoy Li…

>>LisaRaye McCoy

Even though she's 50 and was in her late 40's during Single Ladies (a tv show) I always thought she's gorgeous and had a bit of a crush on her lol

Anonymous 697

USA Network Americ…

>>Denise Vasi
She was also on the show Single Ladies and has such striking blue eyes.

Anonymous 698


>>Aishwarya Rai

Anonymous 699

I love these two! They're probably my top favourite celebs of all time. They both look really good for their age too.

Anonymous 700

Never heard of her.
But yes she has that "classic beauty" face!

Anonymous 701


alan dawa dolma - Tibetan J-pop/C-pop darling

OP 702


More pictures from the girl in my OP because why not

OP 703


OP 704


>tfw you'll never look like her or her sisters
I'm so sad

Anonymous 705


Anonymous 706


Anonymous 707


Anonymous 708


Anonymous 709


Hillary Duff

Anonymous 710


Michelle Trachtenberg

Anonymous 711


Ashley Benson

Anonymous 712


Love her! So pretty.

Anonymous 713

She has the most asymmetrical face of female actresses I've seen and I could just never get past it

Anonymous 714


The fact that she's messed with her nose and mouth so much is heartbreaking, she had a genuinely beautiful face imo

Anonymous 715

I just feel so awful for her. Like this is somebody who has been manipulated and abused for personal gain, treated as little more than a commodity the entirety of her life, even by her own scumbag family. Wouldn't surprise me if she endured sexual abuse in her childhood as well, seems to be par for the course with child stars.

Anonymous 716


I feel the same way. She was stunning, and I feel terrible about her upbringing too.

Anonymous 717


(saged for double post)
But I'm really impressed with how she keeps sticking around and making music. She's currently on world tour I think?

Anyway, pic related: GODNEY

Anonymous 718

>the Teletubbie
The men that were in charge of handling/marketing her really knew exactly what they were doing huh.

Anonymous 719

Britney's story is so fascinating and deeply horrifying, she legitimately could've died during the breakdown era.

I highly recommend watching Miss American Dream, incredibly eye opening and shocking.


Sage because literally nothing to do with the thread contents lmao

Anonymous 720

Ugh I'm so used to using the email field to sage sorry mods

Anonymous Moderator 721

You clicked the "file" checkbox while deleting, which only deletes your image, not the comment. Feel free to repost and we'll clean up. <3

Anonymous 722


Anonymous 723


Anonymous 724


Anonymous 725


Anonymous 726


Anonymous 727


lana del rey. i love looking at her.

Anonymous 728

giphy (1).gif

I really love unique faces, like Lindsey Wixson, Roxanne Texier, Cate Blanchett etc.

Anonymous 729


Hmmmmm yes, Lindsey is gorgeous.

Anonymous 730


I think Marina and the Diamonds is beautiful, I loved her aesthetic during Electra Heart too.

Anonymous 731


I love Helen Anderson when she had a similar style but yeah Electra Heart era was best for Marina

Anonymous 732

Omg I used to be obsessed w/ Adriana Lima. She's so beautiful.

Anonymous 733


I love early 1960s Julie Andrews. I think she's absolutely stunning.

Anonymous 734


Anonymous 735



Holy shit. I'm too hours in and I can't believe it.
Sorry for the OT, but fuck. I never cared for Britney (my sister used to love her, I thought she was eh but liked a couple of songs), and thought the bald thing was crazy/funny when it happened (I was 14), and even 10 years later and knowing shit was fucked up, I didn't know it was THIS fucked up. I wanna punch all the paparazzis and stupid interviewers.

And also, there were this paparazzi guys from x17, at least two of them were brazilians (which shocked me honestly lmao) and when they are giving her the Justin CD, they say "Oh man, she's gonna be so pissed" and laugh. Like, they were malicious. Just why.

I remember seeing the South Park episode on her (she blows her brains out with a shotgun and people were commenting on her boobjob scar and taking a fuckton of pics as she headed the hospital, for those who didn't watch it) and I got it at the time (again, 14~15ish), but I really didn't know it was this fucking bad. I mean, I now think it's a totally believable situation, fuck.

To stay on topic a little bit, I always thought she was hot as fuck in this video. I have a weak spot for Hard Rock shit.

Anonymous 736



If you're going to compare faces, you could at least use a more flattering, normal picture of her. OT Blogpost: When I saw Britney at the 2016 VMAs (pictured), tears started streaming down my face because I felt so happy for her…she seems to be in such a good place the past few years.

Anonymous 737


Natalie Portman. 'Nuff said.

Anonymous 738


Anonymous 739


Erin Heatherton. Gorgeous model.

Question, do I have to spoiler images that are bikini/bra+panty shots? I've been doing so out of caution, but I'd love to stop if that's okay.

Anonymous 740


I've had such a huge crush on her for ages

Anonymous 741


I don't think you need, really. Just spoil full nudity.

Anyway, Britney in this music video. Total goals when I was younger.

Anonymous 742

Also, this era's Xtina Aguilera.

I remembering saying her body was banging in this video to a friend of mine when we were about 13 and she thought I was having my lesbian awekening lol Turns out I am just a very envy prone straight gal.

Anonymous 743


I used to love t.A.T.u. so much. Shame that one of them is a homophobic hypocrite, they were cute.

Anonymous 744


oh anon, i liked them so much! it's also a shame that Yulia ruined her beautiful face.

Anonymous 745


Oh wow, that's sad. She had such a nice pixie face before.

To contribute something here's Salma Hayek.

Anonymous 746


Holy shit, I gasped out loud. Holy shit.

Adding a waifu for contribution.

Anonymous 747


Not sure if I actually think she's beautiful or I just think I do because people have told me that I look like her lol

Anonymous 748


Young Julia Stiles, specifically her in 10 Thing I Hate About You.

Anonymous 749


Brazilian actress Isis Valverde. I think she could benefit with a little less arched eyebrow, but she's pretty either way. She can also rock the pin-up look.

Anonymous 750


Oh fuck it's the goddess

Anonymous 751


I've had a girl crush on Cassie Steele since Degrassi. I don't think it's ever going away.

Anonymous 752


Anonymous 753

She's very pretty, unfortunately she's a shitty person. Never forget, Grazi & Cauã

Anonymous 754


Anonymous 755


Anonymous 756


Anonymous 757


Anonymous 758


Anonymous 759


NuTaylor has me salivating. I don't care about the drama and the persona but I'm eating her shit up.

Anonymous 760

Reminds me of Madonna this is not good

Anonymous 761


Anonymous 4410


I want to look EXACTLY like Jazzma

Anonymous 4416


Ava Gardner

Anonymous 4417


Cybill Shepherd was easily the most beautiful woman in the world.

Anonymous 4418


Anonymous 4419


Sad that men these days would choose some Kardashian tier slut over her

Anonymous 4420


Anonymous 4450


>Sad that men these days would choose some Kardashian tier slut over her
KK > literal who anyday

Anonymous 4452


sumire… shes like a model but not really big enough to be a celebrity. she's sucsessful bc her parents are famous (chara the singer and tadanobu asano the actor). she has that glare lauren tsai does (love her too) but sumire can do it better

Anonymous 4475

Disgusting plastic midget

Anonymous 4476

The girl in the pic is 1.75m which is above average height for a woman.

Most (if not all) celebrities posted on this thread have had plastic surgery.

Anonymous 4477

Kim is a womanlet wtf

Anonymous 4478


What even makes a womanlet when the average is 5'4"/162 cm and Kim is 5'3"

Anonymous 4480


Nothing wrong with being shot, but a she has butt bigger than her chest, Proportions are all fucked up
>Most (if not all) celebrities posted on this thread have had plastic surgery.
Simply not true

Anonymous 4867


Astrid Bergès-Frisbey <3

Anonymous 4868


Anonymous 4869


Anonymous 4870


Anonymous 4871


Pretty much all the women in BR are GOAT tbh.

Anonymous 4872


Anonymous 4887


Anonymous 4888


Anonymous 4889

OT but when would it be acceptable to dress like this? I’d love to dress up like this but I’m trying to think of an event outside of a charity ball (and they’re usually boring and full of old normies) and I can’t. Any ideas?


Anonymous 4893

NYE seems like a lovely opprotunity. Besides that, I’d say any fancy restaurant.

Anonymous 4896


I worked the ISA in 2018 and couldn’t keep my mouth closed when I watched Greta Gerwig posing. I don’t have strong feelings for any films she’s been in - she’s a little MPDG - but the way she carried herself and oozed beauty was absolutely striking. pic related.

Anonymous 4897

She looks so cute here!

Anonymous 4898


Son Chaeyoung from kpop girl group Twice

Anonymous 4907


Rachel Mcadams <3

Anonymous 4908


garbage opinion but ok
love her

always thought emmy rossum was fuckin gorgeous in phantom of the opera

Anonymous 8126


Anonymous 8127


Anonymous 8130


Anonymous 8131


Anonymous 8132


Anonymous 8133


Anonymous 8134


Anonymous 8135


Anonymous 8136


Anonymous 8137


Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 8159

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