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Anonymous 6515

Do you do your nails regularly?

Anonymous 6516

Yeah, bite them regularly.

Anonymous 6517

I work in a kitchen, I can't have long or painted nails (not even clear polish) and if I did they'd chip in ten minutes.
Everyone in my restaurant looks like a butch prison wife, me included.

Anonymous 6519

No. I will sometimes polish them but my nails are short and shitty because I have a job and want to be able to finger myself at night.
Men will sometimes tell me how unattractive my butch nails are which is unfortunate I guess, but I don't care nearly enough to do anything about it.

Anonymous 6535

Lol this.

Oh hi, me too. It really helped the nail biting as it is impossible to do that at work.

I'm off work for a few months though so I found myself biting them again. I started doing the stick on acrylics myself so I can't get at them. I just do it once a week, and let my nails recover when they come off after about four days. Before I started this job I used to do them all the time and I was pretty good at it so I'm kind of happy I get to do them again for a little bit.

Anonymous 6556

Not regularly, but I'd like to. I just did my nails today and looking at them makes me happy.

Anonymous 6620

I have honestly never done my nails, I hate the smell of nail polish.

Anonymous 6621

I have never done my nails, really hate the smell of nail polish.

Anonymous 6625

No. It's a waste of time and money, and I hate how suffocating it is to my nails. I just keep my nails short, a habit I picked up from piano and violin lessons.

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