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Meditation general Anonymous 6557

Meditation is probably the only thing between me and daily nervous breakdowns.
Miners who get their Zen on,
What time of day do you like to meditate?
Where do you like to meditate?
Do you aim to be a blank slate or do you focus on a particular thought, image, mantra, etc?
How long have you been meditating?
What benefits have you noticed in your life?

I’ll start :
I prefer daily in the early morning in my house with the sun rising in the windows but if I’m particularly stressed or anxious then whenever is convenient will do.

I try to keep my mind blank and in tune with my body. I mentally put intrusive thoughts into imaginary boxes for storage.

I have been meditating for closing to 2 years and over time I have become less stressed, more socially capable, and more focused

Anonymous 6608

i sometimes meditate by just getting in a comfortable position and focusing on the inbreath and outbreath as much as possible. id like to do it more often though as i did in the past. found it made me a less bitter person

Anonymous 6617

I meditate in the morning if I have time. I meditate at night before I sleep, after filling in a gratitude journal. I do competitive esports (ESL), I meditate before every game; mostly focus or intent meditation. I found I played so much better once I started doing this.

I use guided meditations, in my room, or I’ll find a quiet corner if I’m at a LAN event.

I’ve been meditating for around five years now, initially it started as part of the therapy I was having. I use it for more now. I find it to be incredibly life changing, for me personally anyway. I used to find it was a bit lame, most of my friends and team do. My captain backs it though, as do my family.

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