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Anonymous 6687

Is this physique achievable naturally?

Anonymous 6688

if you're like 4'11

Anonymous 6689

I'm 5'3 (that's really short where I'm from)

Anonymous 6690

not short enough and if you don't already have wide hips you need surgery.

i personally don't think that body type is very attractive though, she looks so stubby

Anonymous 6691


Only if you're born with it.
Also agree with >>6688 Generally girls who are that pear shaped are <5'2"
Although I'll be honest and say it looks like she may have shooped her waist a tiny bit (doesn't match up well with chest in certain areas), she most certainly is blessed. Actually, her body instantly reminded me of this doll's body.

And anybody else too pear-shaped in the early 2000's but now not pear-shaped enough?

Anonymous 6693


I'm stubby eather way, this venus of love up there is the best I can hope for.
Btw pic related, it's me.

Anonymous 6694

I don't think this is allowed here, but you're qt anon. Would think you're a Stacey irl.
Leg exercises would probably build your quads/glutes up a bit since your whr seems fine as is.

Anonymous 6695

Don't listen to this kind of "advice". Just go for it. It's your goals, so you should reach for them. Start doing hip thrusts and taking the necessary protein and calories to build up your hips, until you're sure you could kill a small animal between them.

Anonymous 6697

oh sorry, I'm new here, I thought that it may be problematic but it's easier than describing. Correct me if I'm wrong, I'll delete it.

Also, thank you.

Anonymous Moderator 6698

Selfposting is fine, but please don't use names. The name field is only for when your identity is relevant to the content you post. "Anonymous" is automatically filled in and shouldn't be changed unless it's absolutely necessary.

Anonymous 6699


Anonymous 6700

I think working your bottom half (emphasis on glutes and thighs) would achieve the pic in the OP - but honestly OP, you look great already! I’ve just started the Strong Curves program, mainly to help fix some back pain, but that’s a program that is based around activating glutes in order to get a more “shapely” figure. If you’re interested you might wanna look around for a copy of the book or look out for similar exercises / programs that might help you out.
Half of these photos are down to knowing which angles make your butt look great.

Anonymous 6702

Theres no way you could have the physique in the OP pic without the genetics/surgery for it. Dont kid yourself or mislead OP. She could definitely have a banging body with exercise and she looks great already, but even the OP pic looks like she shooped it too.

Anonymous 6703

I didn’t mean to mislead her at all, I guess I did phrase it to seem that way though. I’m >>6700

Anonymous 6704

Can't stand to watch people reach for their dreams. Can you? Cough up your pessimism and throw it away. Maybe you can achieve your dreams, if you try hard enough.

Anonymous 6709

Keep talking about photoshop. It's not about the silhouette. It's about achieving it, and knowing you've accomplished it. A goal is made, and you journey to take it.

Anonymous 6718

mfw u hurting.png

Listen here little baby. You're gonna get a lot of hurtful and degrading comments, but that ain't what I'm about. Let me just say, you are perfect the way you are. You hear me sugar? PERFECT. Don't ever change. You deserve anything and everything you want. Stay safe for me, baby girl.

>mfw thinking of you hurting

Anonymous 6724

Too sideways, wouldn't bang

Anonymous 6726

The problem is that a lot of young girls are looking at photoshopped pictures of women with the genetics for that body type. Its not realistic and can be harmful to our body image.

Anonymous 6727

Can you even prove this?

sara 6740


I actually can, because this girl doesn't look anything like this picture, I found her.Her boobs are plastic and also funny because her legs and butt are too skinny, she just used the right angle and a little photoshop. Even though it's fake- I'll use this pic as my ideal since I now know that I have more genetic predisposition than her for that. Thank you gals for all the advices and kind words.

/back to lurking

Anonymous 6743

most women edit their pictures on social media and it's rampant on Insta. you're better off not idealizing their fake ass bodies.

Anonymous 6744

Hell, I'm no influencer and I've edited my photos for social media. Nothing big, just making my cheeks less round and fixing scars on my arms. Social media is fake, pass it on.

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