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How do I become as classy and elegant as Dita Von Teese? Anonymous 6817

She’s pretty old at this point, has gone through a divorce, and is basically a porn star but she’s so elegant and glamorous. How do I learn to be like this??

Anonymous 6818

Ballet lessons probably. Also, didn't she write a book about it? it's called your beauty mark iirc

Anonymous 6820

Step 1: Be attractive
Step 2: Ballet training
Step 3: Acquire fashion
Step 4: Acquire makeup and makeup skills
Step 5: Don't skip Step 1

Anonymous 6864

>find what you love. it will give you strength.
Dita Von Teese appears so elegant and graceful in nearly everything she does because of the confident she has. Her confidence gives her strength.
shes confident because shes surrounded by things she loves. she **loves her hair, her makeup, her outfits, her body, her personality, herself*
* those last 3 can be hard to reach, but as long as you’re investing time into yourself, talking care of yourself and developing mentally and emotionally youll eventually find that strength and grace too

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