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Anonymous 7006

how the hell do i get cute? seems like getting skinny isnt helping really i need to lose weight from my face somehow why are my cheeks so baggy shit… both my sisters are so pretty and cute my little sister doesnt have to wear makeup shes so pretty without it they both make me feel like shit why am i this way. wish i had brown eyes i look soulless and evil and tired constantly shit hist shit hopw do i get cute

Anonymous 7008

What color of eyes do you have?

Anonymous 7009

>Skinny with round cheeks and light colored eyes
You probably are already cute enough by most people's standards.

Anonymous 7011

You are cute, anon. You’re cute. Love yourself. When you see yourself that way, others will too. I’m not even joking.

Anonymous 7078

take good care of your skin and hair, find the makeup and clothes that work for your body/face and you'll look good

Anonymous 7167

wear skirts, sandals, and take care of your feet and hands

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