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Anonymous 7079

Are you glowing up right now?

Anonymous 7085

I'm trying but I hate putting on makeup. everytime I try to put on eyeliner it looks so fucking awful I just want to give up

Anonymous 7086

i was always ugly and while i lost 90lbs and developed a good fashion sense, i think i'm only getting uglier. my face is the worst.

Anonymous 7094

i've switched from contacts and shed the loose jeans and hoodies but it doesn't change the fact that my face is one of the worse part of my body and i'm still learning to use makeup to enhance non existant features

my thoughts exactly anon
i've given up on mastering wings and would instead just use liner to dot my lash line and make my eyes pop out a bit more.

Anonymous 7095


Find out what shape your eyes are and look up tutorials for that shape. I have deep-set, hooded eyes, so for me winged liner is really hard and I've mostly given up on it. One day I wanna try one of these stamps though.

Anonymous 7110

Trying to go vegan + losing weight and heading to the gym.
Im also learning how to wear make up before I go back to school.

Anonymous 7111

Almost there! Already lost most of the fat and started wearing cute clothes. Now I just have to grow out my hair more, clean up the rest of my fungal body acne, and continue getting beefy.

Anonymous 7112

Nice! What prompted you to go vegan?

Keep it up! How do you know if acne is fungal or not?

Anonymous 7113

I feel as though I had my 'glow up' when I left school around 17 (uk) when guys who ignored me at school we're suddenly like 'you look so different' and became interested in me. I basically started wearing a little makeup and changed my hair (shorter/fringe) from the long straggly mess I'd had at school.

I'm in my late twenties now and feel I'm having a mini glow up rn. I've been wearing clothes that make me feel more confident but I still struggle with acne which pisses me off so much cause I'm vegan (drink green smoothies most days too) and don't drink or smoke :C my skin has been shit since I started puberty though lol

Anonymous 7120

I have a bad stomach and cheese and dairy really fucks me up. I cut that out and decided to go all the way. I still occasionally have one meal a week thats non vegan and if someone personally gives non vegan food to me ill eat it to be polite unless it is meat.

Im also fat and use it to help drop weight.

Anonymous 7121

Oh, that's cool. Good luck on weight loss!

Anonymous 7129

You can get it swabbed and tested but the tells for me were that it only started after using antibiotics (allowing yeast to overgrow), my usual acne cream made it worse, and it responds to anti-fungals.

Anonymous 7172

Fat regulates hormones, vegan-chan.
You need to pay attention to your macronutrients. Eat fatty nuts.

Go get tested for DHEA, estradiol, estriol, ovarian testosterone, FSH, SHBG and LH.
It's not normal to have acne in your late twenties if your diet and hygiene are on point.

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