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Anonymous 7138

Makeup is fakeup?

Anonymous 7139

Anonymous 7140


Anonymous 7144

Unless you have "under makeup vision" then no, or if you're trying to pass of your skin as being perfectly airbrushed/lips and cheeks being naturally rosey, eyelashes being naturally long, etc then yes

Anonymous 7298

It burns me how common and expected it is for a woman to hide her true looks. Some companies even have the nerve to have make up as part of company uniform. Why should I lie to others about my face? Why should I hide all the slight imperfections that make us human? Why should I have to "feel" beautiful in public to boost my self esteem?
All the thousands people waste, the hours, the damage done to the skin and all those people who crash their cars trying to put it on on their way to work. What for? Empty validation. Vanity.
And they push it on to kids from an early age…

Anonymous 7454

Always was, always will be.
Makeup is ok with me and I wear it everyday. I wish I could stop though - but you know how it goes.

I have that kind of face that doesnt look serious or tody enough, and I need that for my job. Not a company policy, just that clients react different when I wear it.

If all women just stoped wearing it I would not have a problem. But it is how it is.

Anonymous 7468

Makeup is an I teresting thing. I like it a lot, and I find it so cool what people are able to do with it. You can completely change yourself wearing it. Its like clothing, yknow? Its a form of expression. And it makes some women more confident, which is great.

Ive never been one to wear makeup. I did my freshman year of high school, but after a year of that I got sick of it. I honestly can't remember the last time I actually wore it.
But lately ive been seeing imperfections (dark areas on my face, I have this mole I'm self conscious about) and I think I could seriously revamp my face and feel more confident.

But I don't want to, like… Idk, lie to myself. I know I have the freedom to wear or to not wear makeup. It'd be weird, I don't eve know where to begin or what kind to buy.

Its conflicting when I feel like this should be a really straightforward decision. Its like an identity thing.

Anonymous 7473


Leaving the negative stigmatas aside, makeup has a lot of benefits especially when you're getting older.
"As much as necessary, as little as possible." is the key here to avoid looking like Homer shot you with his Makeup Gun. I like it classy and wear it every day.

Anonymous 7481

Yesterday, something terrible happened to me, anon. I got my new glasses, and as soon as I put them on, I surprisingly realized how ugly the optician was. Then I got home and looked at myself in the mirror, only to find that I had a terrible skin, with giant pores and nasty wrinkles on my 31-y-o face. Living without glasses had kept me in a blurred world where everything looked soft. Now it all looks harsh, sharp, with strong contrasts, and of course, I now know that I look way less cute than I thought. I knew I did not have a perfect skin, but this was shocking.

Today I put fondation on before I went to work, and willingly left my glasses at home.

Anonymous 9000

I have the glasses experience every darn time I change them. But I prefer peelings and good face washers than foundation (never bought a bottle). I might make up a little bit my nose because I have some small veing around my nostrils.

Anonymous 9006

I feel bad for contributing to the expectation that women should wear but i love it. I don't wear it everyday and when i do it's no foundation/concealer, only translucent powder. My acne shows but i don't really mind.

I like to play around with colors, eyeliner shape and shadow texture and look soft or sharp when i feel like it. Sometimes i put it on just to hang around, it's like painting on your face.

Anonymous 10441

>>7138 Clothing, haircuts, jewelry, are fakeup too. (even the "masculine" and the "ugly" clothes/haircuts) Who cares?
If you're gonna bother wearing anything but your birthday suit, why not wear something that makes you look good?

Anonymous 10442

I don't believe in 'natural' or 'fake'. Are you fake for putting on deodorant, hiding your natural smell? Are you fake for using hair conditioner, hiding your natural hair texture? Are you fake for wearing flattering clothing, hiding your true body shape?

Just wear however much or little make up as you like. If I'm wearing colorful eyeshadow and false lashes then I'm not doing that to make you think this is how I look when I wake up in the morning. I'm doing it because it's fun and I think it looks cute.

Anonymous 10446

This. Anyone who thinks makeup is "fake" doesn't need to interact with us then lol.

Anonymous 10449

>are you fake for putting on deodorant
nope, that's just being hygienic
>are you fake for using hair conditioner?
nope, that's to make it stronger
>hiding your natural hair texture
yep, that's fake and often harmful, but it's your right to do so.
>are you fake for wearing flattering clothing, hiding your true body
no. You must wear clothes in public, it's illegal not to. You might as well wear nice ones.

Do whatever the hell you want with your body. Wearing make up is fake, but it's your face. I use chemicals on my hair, that's fake as shit, but I'm comfortable with being a little fake. You're right, it's fun and cute. People get so damn uptight over being called 'fake', it's one big eye roll.

Anonymous 10452

Makeup can be used to emphasize beauty or just be fun with colors. It becomes a problem or "fake" when girls complete distort how they even look with makeup. Not including theatrical and cosplay makeup as long as if it's not an every day thing. Either way the main issue with fakeness is how much money, vanity and effort goes into it. If the average young woman is expected to have perfect hair, skin, body and everything else there would be wayy too much money, time,and mental health spent over dumb shit

Anonymous 10460

Yes, but also people only care if they're very strict on women about looks, which is a shitty way to be.
I personally only wear concealer on zits because I'm in love with myself and think my features are great, but I find it interesting when women wear a lot.
As a woman, I understand other women can change their features with makeup. So, rather than being offended, I see it as a very intimate/exciting experience to a see a barefaced girl who regularly isn't.

I also think most women look cuter without it. So dating a woman who wears it is like getting two gfs, both adorable. Idk what men are complaining about.

Anonymous 10471

This is like me with wanting to grow a butt and get rid of my flat ass. I feel like I'm being fake because I wasn't born with a big butt and am just working to get what Stacy naturally has. Everyone tells me I'm dumb for thinking that way though so I imagine it's even dumber to feel that way about makeup

Anonymous 10477

So bodybuilders are fake for not being born shredded? People who lose 50+ lbs will always be fatties no matter what because that's their "true self?"
Anon, the work you'll put in to fitness is as real as it gets.

Anonymous 10478

IMO, even if you heavily change your appearance, it's still only fake if you pretend that's what you look like naturally and lie about makeup and photoshop. There are some people who do this to advertise skincare products which don't work and promote an unrealistic standard. If you admit it's makeup, then you're being honest and real.

Anonymous 10486

With makeup, less is more.
Only use it to hide the small imperfections and you're gtg.

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