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[health] I think I might have vaginismus Anonymous 7222

How do I know for certain?

I tried to put in a tampon for maybe the tenth time this weekend when I went to the beach and I literally couldn’t. It burned and was just extremely painful the whole time. I’ve never had sex but I was molested as a kid. What do I even do? Will sex be really bad forever? I kind of find it hot because I am a masochist mentally but I am worried that it might be really bad for my husband in the future if I am really scared and hate sex because it hurts so bad every time

Anonymous 7223

I’m on the same boat. I think both of us ought to see a gynecologist, because that’s what other anons keep suggesting.

Anonymous 7250

Does it hurt around the entrance (when it stretches/something touches it too hard) or inside your vagina when anything is inserted?

Can you be more specific about where it hurts?

Anonymous 7252

Vaginal pain following trauma is very common. Definitely talk to your gyno about it and also look into seeing a pelvic floor physical therapist if you can.

Anonymous 7253

If I try to insert anything inside it is very painful and feels like a burning, stinging pain

Yeah thinking that's the best option

Interesting, never heard of those

Anonymous 7255

I agree with her, gyno + pelvic floor therapy will help you learn to relax the muscles that are tensing up. Sometimes due to past sexual trauma your body associates sex with pain/abuse/etc so the muscles tense up automatically. You may need to unlearn that response.

Anonymous 7397

I got the exact same. Penetration burns/cramps/stings big time. It hurts on the inside, especially after 2mins with the fibger inside (couldnt fit a benis even if i tried). I can also feel my cervix when im ~2 knuckles deep, although i read thaz thats normal. But shouldnt the cervix go up a bit when youre aroused?
I dont remember any sexual assault during childhood though.
I think it also might be bc my muscles are totally unused to anything down there (never even used tampons before my first time, which failed spectacularly, and masturbating feels as pleasurable as rubbing my arm).

Anonymous 8521

can i just ignore the pain and have sex anyway or would that lead to an infection or something?

Anonymous 8551


I used to have problems like OP and did stuff like in 2. and 3., I can't remember exactly what though since it's been a while. I don't have those problems (as much) anymore. I thought it was probably me just growing out of it, but it was probably those tbh! Super weird to know I wasn't completely autistic in my self remedies for once

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