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Nuva Ring Anonymous 7235

Anyone here use the nuva ring? What are your thoughts?

I've been using it for about four months now. Its my first time using birth control and I'm pretty content with it. I've skipped my period twice with it. The first time I had spotting and the second (now) I'm having cramps but it might be because of something else.

Anonymous 7237

Yay, a BC thread!
I used to really like it, but I had to get off it because insurance reasons and my lack of a steady relationship meant I was using condoms anyway when I was having sex

Any anons who are super forgetful with taking a pill everyday (like me) but don't want/need to rely on barrier methods, the nuva ring is great 10/10 would recommend.

Anonymous 7285

I never considered the nuva ring! glad to hear its working so well for you, I was on the shot for a few months but it fucked up my fat distribution a little, and now that i'm off of it my period is quite wonky. All in all the depo shot was an okay experience. I'd love to just not get a period, on the shot I would have 3 week long periods.

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