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how to take good outfit pics? Anonymous 7261

i honestly have no idea

Anonymous 7264


Oh I'm 10000% bumping because this is so relevant to me rn. I have no idea how to dress anymore. I used to think colour matching would make it ezclap but apparently that's outdated now.

Atm I'm noticing a lot of "everything one colour" stuff. It looks very luxury. Especially in beiges and creams. I just googled, it's called "one tone" outfit.

Interesting gallery here; https://www.harpersbazaar.com/uk/fashion/style-files/g36775/one-tone-dressing/ Saying that I'm working on my confidence atm but I don't think I'm quite there enough to wear some of this stuff.

Also, from a sustainability POV, this is a good trend for capsule wardrobe gals I think. You could mixy matchy some 70s parisian chic in too if you wanna move away from the trend. Sorry if this post comes across as too much info and weird I've taken a lot of modafinil.

Anonymous 7274


i was actually asking if anyone knew how to take photos of their own outfits like pic i provided.
i like how she specifically takes her outfit photos but i was wondering if full body mirror ones would be better or just do it the way she did in the photo, or would it better to go out and have different nice natural backgrounds?

Anonymous 7277

Lmao fuck I'm so sorry.

You can get phone tipods super cheap online! Use that and find a good "area" to take a photo. Apps to crop and splice etc etc.

Mirror pictures don't look as good as the image you showed tbh, she's also cropped her face so the focus is the outfit. I say replicate this style. Just find a good background (or make one, you can get semi-permanent wallpaper for a mini outfit studio)

Sorry again haha

Anonymous 7280

i think you're right about one tone outfits looking luxurious however I think that's only applicable if the individual pieces look expensive as well. otherwise it might look frumpy?
because all the clothing in the article look expensive and designer.

thank you! getting a tripod would definitely help. i plan to crop my face out as well because i want the main focus to be the outfit and if i have head accessories i'll just take a separate headshot photo and post that as well.
any app recommendations? for outfit shoots?

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