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Rant and Rave Thread Anonymous 7283

Wanted to make a separate thread from >>313 for talking about skincare and makeup products specifically. What are you using?What products do you swear by? What do you absolutely avoid?

Anonymous 7284


I went to ULTA the other day and bought some stuff I was really satisfied with.
>Urban Decay Stay Naked foundation
Absolutely amazing. I bought it in shade 30NN and it feels very light and provides good medium coverage. Before I was using Tarte Amazonian Clay, but it's a bit too thick for my liking. I also recently started using tretinoin and noticed that the Tarte foundation would dry out throughout the day; I don't have this problem with UD.
>Tarte Shape Tape
I bought this in light sand, and while the coverage is great, I think the shade might be a little too light. It would be good as a highlighter if I wanted to contour, but I'd have to wear it more to see if I'm comfortable using it just for my dark circles.
>Tarte Busy Gal Brows
I bought this in medium brown. Does a great job of filling in my brows, and looks more natural than the Pixi brow powder I was using before.
>Colourpop BFF volumizing mascara
I bought the red color because I wanted to see how it looks and I wasn't really impressed. The red wasn't as vibrant as I was expecting and it did a meh job of elongating my lashes. I might try using my covergirl clump crusher first next time for longer lashes and than use this for color and see if that works better.

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