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Anonymous 7310

Have some of you considered to dye your hair ? Natural or unatural color ? Is it a disaster ? Was it pretty good ? Share your expreciences !

Anonymous 7311


Back in high school, I’d dye my hair various shades of brown and platinum blonde once. People seemed to like my blonde color best but for the first few weeks it looks almost grey.

I’ve been dying to try Overtone for a subtle tint, but my program bans unnatural hair colors so I’m afraid of it showing through too much.

Anonymous 7316

as a teenager I dyed my hair black (it was naturally dark brown) and I liked the way it looked but the upkeep was too much for me cause I'm lazy. I haven't dyed it in around 10 years now.

It was a home box dye and easy to do. I sometimes watch hair fail videos and they all start with homebox dyes! they usually involve bleaching though which is something I would go to a pro for if I ever wanted that, I doubt I'll dye it again

Anonymous 7317

I bleach my hair. It's fun being blonde, you get a lot more attention. But it's also tiring. I've done platinum blonde, also ombre from my natural light ashy brown color. I have about four inches of my natural color and I'm thinking about just going back to my natural color because I'm tired of the upkeep and chemicals. It's hard to stop being blonde though.

Anonymous 7320


I use henna hair dye (Caca Rouge from Lush) every couple months. I'm a natural brunette and it makes my hair this gorgeous auburn red color. I always wanted to dye my hair red, but most dyes look unnatural. I'm really happy with how the henna looks. Pic isn't me, but is similar to how mine looks.

Anonymous 7342

is that fuckin eric from commentiquette

Anonymous 7353


yes its him

Anonymous 7404

from age 14 to 21 I used to be:

natural (ashy dark blonde)
dark brown
ginger(this was the worst one)
ash blonde
silver (this one was dope)
gray (dope)
baby pink (looked awfull on me)
dark blue
platinum blonde (for 4 years)

from 21. y.o I grew my natural hair and now it's all natural at 23.
I'm in need for some highlights or balayage now but I'm glad I have my own color.

Anonymous 7405

My favorite color to die my hair was blue but I always hated how it faded to green but then I died my hair green. lol I had it orange, green, blue, purple, pink, red, white. Had a fascination with hair dyes since middle school, high school it was never a normal color. I was the only few kids who did it, but when I pass by my high school I can see it is a norm. My father hated how the bathroom had random dye stains.
Now I have it natural and I hate it and I want to die it blue again but I'm lazy.
The worst time was when I had fried my hair trying to go too light at once. I black my hair to white but I didn't oil or condition my hair and tried to lighten it all at once. When I didn't style my hair or tried to wash it is was all gross. It felt like a cheap wig. When it was styled it didn't look bad. I called it a failure and cut all of my hair off. Since then I don't dye it often but I still get the itch too, now since I know my current job doesn't care.

Anonymous 7410

I've had my hair a fair few colours over the years, but i only really ever had it un-naturally bright colours all over one time really because I couldn't stand how straw-like my hair got after the repeat bleaching. I first dyed my hair black from dirty blonde (my natural hair colour) when I was 15, then when I was 17 I had it purple, green, blue, bright orange and bright red. Then I dyed it a permanent red, then brown and then black again to get all of the bleached hair underneath grown out. Then just recently I got an undercut and had that dyed bright green and a portion of my fringe green too. It's much easier to maintain brightly coloured hair when its just a small portion of your hair that gets the brunt of the bleaching.

Anonymous 7419


I have medium brown hair. I've done black before but I will never do it again because it made me look very washed out and sick. I've also dyed my hair red many times which people told me looked good. I just dyed it red for the first time in a few years for a fun change but I think I made a mistake since it's too vibrant and I look like a clown. Thankfully red is one of the colours that fade the quickest.

Growing up I always wished I could be like those scene queens on youtube who would make videos in their bathroom bleaching their hair/hair extensions and using all types of Manic Panic colours to make patterns like rainbow, coontail, cheetah, etc. That era seemed really fun although I'm sure their hair got fried as shit from all the bleach and hairspray and teasing. Unfortunately I was born a little too late to be able to participate in that subculture at it's peak.

Anonymous 7421

◜ ˗ˏˋ

I've become obsessed with split hair which I know is horribly egirl of me but it looks so good. It would be the first time I've changed my hair in a few years so drastically. I've done about every color in the past except yellow, green, and orange and it all turned out fairly well with bright blue being the best of them

Anonymous 7438

Split colors look really good!

Anonymous 7443

im >>7421 and i took the plunge. My hair bleached out nicely to a strawberry blonde color and then toned to a nice and fairly light blonde with a hint of copper ( i do plan to do another toning and then maybe one more round of bleach towards my ends which are a bit dark). I've gotten a lot of compliments and people asking me how i've done it. im very pleased so far

Anonymous 7520

What a legend. [spolier]And a QT ( ° ʖ °)[/spoiler]

Anonymous 11639

he's a fucking cuckold

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