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Anonymous 7325

Where do you buy your bras, miners? Any brands you particularly like?

I definitely value comfort over looks when it comes to bra-shopping. My favorite are Maidenform's wireless bras. I hate underwire on bras and I hate clasps on adjustable straps that tend to show through tight-fitting shirts - this one has neither. But I dislike some aspects of the the design. The big bra cups and wide straps sometimes show when I try to wear a lower v-neck.

Anonymous 7326

elomi caitlyn.png

Bare Necessities and Herroom are good sites for bras. I used to really like Bali bras, but I bought an Elomi Caitlyn a year or two back and I'm quite happy with it. It has great support and is really comfortable. Only thing I don't like about it is that the lace on the cups is kind of bumpy. I usually wear a camisole under my tops anyway, so it doesn't really show, but under a thin top it's a bit obvious.

Anonymous 7335

uniqlo! i only wear wireless bras and theirs are the best ones for me. i'm a 30c

Anonymous 7338


Oh, got to check that out! I love their built-in bra dresses, and if they make their bras the same way, sounds really comfy.

Anonymous 7339


I buy them from this great boujie bra place south of where I live. My favorite brands they have are Frey and Natori. Pic related is feathers contour plunge bra by Natori. It's my favorite bra, but I'm in need of buying some new ones.

Anonymous 7345

I wanted to love uniqlo bras but as perfect as they fit on the cups they didn't ever fit on my back (I have a large back/ribcage I guess) and as far as I know the sizes are only in S-XL or something and not cup and band measurements.

Anonymous 7351


A second on Natori bras, I'm wearing a feathers one today. I find them usually at Nordstrom Rack. Calvin Klein is also good for comfort and looking good under clothes without being too plain/ugly. True & Co. also have a good selection but they are not really cheap.

For fun and/or just for myself bras, I have liked Playful Promises, Agent Provocateur, La Fille d'O, etc.

Anonymous 7352

Running I like Moving Comfort, especially the Fiona and the Rebound Racer. I’m somewhat top heavy but have never had back pain running in these, they don’t squash my boobs, they don’t allow any bounce, and they come in fun colors.

Day to day, VS basic demi cup in a handful of neutral colors.

And, yes, I spend a lot of money on bras. But you get what you pay for imo.

Anonymous 15751


Huge cow tits anon here, G but sometimes wear F and H. I wish I was B or C cuz those are cuter sizes, looks nicer in clothes, no back pain, etc.

Learned it's mandatory for me to only wear pricier brands like Triumph, Chantelle, cheapest I buy is Hunkemøller (else if I cheap out, I get chronic back pains). Plan to try Victoria's Secret. When i visit east Europe, thrift stores sell those brands for 20 bucks instead of their normal 60-90 euro price tag.

Idk if it's due to my giant annoying oversized tits, but I avoid any wire-free bras like the plague. My tits slide out of them or aren't as comfortable. I feel I'm the only one who loves wire. Hate padded bras too cuz too lazy to hand wash and dry them. Mainly due to no space in my bedroom for padded bras.

That all said, I am still a noob when it comes to bras. How long has everyone else's bras lasted? I grew up only wearing sports bras because my mother didn't teach me anything, not even about periods.

Anonymous 15766

Are you obese or something??

Anonymous 15814

Calvin Klein and Intimissimi, 34B/32C. CK uses really nice materials and fits my shallow cuppies. Lately though their bra styling looks like moidwear and I hate it. Intimissimi is a good value and has 100% cotton options. Also Italian.

I always get underwire, if your bra fits correctly you should never feel the wire. The point of them is to make the boob round, which I need due to outward sagginess. They are not for support, that is what the band tension is for.

I would love to get more lingerie-ish bras but the husband doesn't like them for some reason :\

Anonymous 15816

My huaband also doesn't like lingerie-type bras… He only likes things in garish neon colors. :/

Anonymous 15819

He's cheating on you. Dump him immediately

Anonymous 15820

garish neon colors damn does he have a stripper fetish or something

btw its pretty normal to look good for the person you love but that doesnt mean you cant have lingerie type of underwear to wear for yourself, it doesnt have to be all for men.

Anonymous 15855


Amazon. I have bought the same bra for over three years (Natori Yogi Underwire Sports Bra) since it is just amazing for me. I keep track of when the price decreases so that I can repurchase.

Anonymous 16408

When I still used to buy bras I would always buy them second hand through reddit. It's incredibly difficult for me to buy bras at a store because I have a very small band and slightly big cup. My favourite brand is probably Ewa Michalak and I only splurge on bras when I really can afford it. Comexim is also a nice brand but has REALLY weird sizing (more affordable than Ewa Michalak tho). The thing I really like about Ewa Michalak bras is that there is not just a big variety in sizing but also the cuts of the cup, meaning they make bras for all sorts of breast shapes also, and for me when I usually buy UK brands (also known for good sizing) the wire is too wide and when it isn't, the cup is too tall.

Anonymous 16410

No, us Slavic girls just have naturally massive knockers

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